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September 11, 2018
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Thailand – A Travel Guide With Links To Different Pages About Thailand

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Thailand – A Journey Information with Links to other Pages about Thailand
Up to date on May four, 2017 Greensleeves Hubs moreAlun is a frequent visitor to Thailand and writes private accounts of the nation’s great sights in a sequence of straightforward-to-learn articles

Contact Author Introduction
The author of this web page has visited the nation of Thailand on a lot of occasions, not as a journey expert, but as a vacationer, photographer and writer. During these visits many key attractions have been explored, and a photographic report maintained.

On this page I embody a resume of the important thing info about this nation, I briefly relate its geography and its historical past, I point out some of the necessary tourist sights, and i write about the Thai individuals and tradition.

The web page is at the beginning the home Page to all my articles about Thailand, and therefore includes hyperlinks to every thing I have written. The articles include information about some of the foremost points of interest, and some personal reflections on my many experiences within the country.

All photos have been taken by the writer during his visits to the country.
N.B: Please notice, all of my articles are best read on desktops and laptops

The Geography and Local weather of Thailand
The Kingdom of Thailand lies in the guts of the region of South-East Asia, often called Indochina, sharing borders with the nations of Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia.

The nation, which covers an area of 513,000 sq km (198,000 sq miles), is comparable in dimension to Spain, bigger than the State of California yet slightly smaller than the State of Texas. The peninsula nature of South Thailand creates a very long coastline of greater than three,000 km (2,000 miles), and this has enormously benefited Thailand with benefits for international commerce, as well as fisheries and tourism.

A lot of the land within the north and the excessive west is above 500 metres in height. The very best mountain is Doi Inthanon at 2,565 meters (eight,415 ft). A smaller range of excessive hills runs north-south through the centre of the country dividing the land into two great river basins – the Chao Phraya in the west, and the Mekong within the east. Most of the land in these river basins is way decrease lying, and this land present Thailand with its fertile agricultural plains. The peninsular south of Thailand is bounded on the western facet by the Andaman Sea and on the japanese aspect by the Gulf of Thailand, and is a region of lush forest, stunning limestone karst surroundings and coral islands.

Just north of the equator however mendacity effectively throughout the Tropic of Cancer, and with temperatures various between 19 and 38°C (66-100°F), Thailand’s climate is mostly sizzling and humid, but three seasons could be recognized via a lot of the nation – a ‘scorching’ season from Could to August, a ‘rainy’ season from September to October (in actuality the weather is often high-quality, but heavy monsoon rainstorms are quite common), and a ‘cool’ season from November to April (which isn’t a lot cooler, nevertheless it is way drier and that is due to this fact essentially the most nice time to visit). Temperatures, in fact, present little seasonal variation in most regions of Thailand, however rainfall does.

The Areas of Thailand
From the viewpoint of vacationers, this country could be conveniently divided into 4 areas – town of Bangkok, the northwest and the hill tribes, the Isaan region of the northeast and the beaches and islands to the south. The following sections include temporary descriptions of a few of the key points of interest, the geography and local weather, the history and culture, which convey vacationers to those elements of Thailand.

The capital city of Thailand features prominently in my articles, as a result of whatever a part of Thailand the vacationer intends to visit, Bangkok will often be on the itinerary someplace along the road, because the arrival level into the nation or the departure point to the rest of the world. And the majority of visitors to Thailand will at the least spend a day or two in Bangkok earlier than they head off to other parts. And what a spot to spend a couple of days! Noisy, overpopulated, visitors-jammed, exotic and vibrant – Bangkok is a city not like any other, and i like it. Perhaps not a spot to spend a month, but for a few days, there are essentially the most intricately decorated of temples, there’s road markets the place the town really involves life, and there’s nice shopping and entertainments to cater for all tastes. And never removed from town is the ancient ruined Capital of Ayutthaya, and the seaside at Pattaya is a day journey away.

The Northwest and the Hilltribes
For many who wish for a extra adventurous or cultural vacation in Thailand, the northwest of the country affords a very completely different experience. The northwest is dwelling to the historic kingdoms of Sukhothai and Lanna, and the fashionable metropolis of Chiang Mai – by all accounts a way more relaxed, much less hectic, extra beautiful city than Bangkok. However the main appeal for the vacationers who head to the forested mountains, the deep valleys and cooler climate of the northwest is culture. Here there is the opportunity to reside as a visitor of the hill tribes of the area – distinct, indigenous tribes who to a large extent have preserved their traditional lifestyles, their own native language, colourful dress and farming techniques. That is authentic Thailand, and a visit to those elements generally is a rewarding expertise for many. To this point I have not visited the northwest (therefore no pictures), however perhaps in the future

The Northeast
The country between Bangkok and Laos to the north, and between Bangkok and Cambodia to the east, is the least touristy in the nation. It’s essentially the most rural, and is mostly speaking, the least affluent. A lot of this land lies in a region often called ‘Isaan’, a culturally distinct space with its personal dialect, cuisine and traditions. The principle cities are Udon Thani and Khon Kaen. Not so many Western guests travel to this space, until they’re backpackers who want to see rural life in Thailand while passing by means of to Laos or Cambodia. However there are lots of little known sights, each historic and fashionable, to attract in the area, and a few of these are to be found in my pages, as I have been fortunate sufficient to spend quite a few weeks on this a part of the country as visitor of a Thai family.

The Islands to the South
The vast majority of vacationers who come to Thailand flock to the south, to seaside resorts resembling Krabi and Khao Lak, and to the attractive limestone karst islands. The preferred tourist destinations embody the islands of Koh Samui and Phuket. And within the Andaman Sea there lies the famously exotic Phi Phi Islands as well as many others to choose from. Whatever your personal choice, there’s an island or a resort for you – whether it be the family resort and beach resort, the energetic water sports haven, the hippie mecca, or the peaceful and unspoilt pure paradise.

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History of Thailand
The history of the Thai individuals earlier than the thirteenth century is unfortunately not clear today. There were certainly Stone Age settlements in Thailand, whilst Bronze Age civilisation in Ban Chiang in northern Thailand has left many relics. However little else is known for certain. Over the following millennium, a sequence of migrations and invasions by numerous groups including southern Chinese language and Burmese tribes passed off, and through this period Indian settlers brought with them Hinduism and Buddhism.

Many rival tribes and local cultures competed for affect and regional supremacy, but step by step two great kingdoms would develop – Lanna in the north west, and Sukhothai, just a little additional south. Lanna was a robust state for a whole bunch of years, but by the 13th century, Sukhothai had established a interval of in depth dominance, and during this time the distinctive Thai alphabet was established, and Buddhism became the state religion. However the borders of each Lanna and Sukhothai had been removed from secure they usually had been vulnerable to fixed incursions from neighbouring states. Lanna progressively declined after lengthy intervals of inside and exterior conflict, whereas Sukhothai’s dominance was brief-lived. The stays of the capital of Sukhothai which date from 1238 Ad can nonetheless be seen at present, and are regarded because the ruins of the primary major metropolis in Thailand.

A robust new kingdom was developing in the south, and this was quickly to absorb Sukhothai into its boundaries. This kingdom was Ayutthaya, and its capital metropolis was established in 1350. Ayutthaya quickly spread its influence to include much of modern day Thailand in addition to components of neighbouring Laos and Cambodia, and its emergence signalled the beginnings of a united Thailand, which survived largely with out severe challenge for four hundred years. During this time, Thailand prospered, and trade with the rest of the world including the good European powers started.

Nonetheless, in 1767 the capital of Ayutthaya fell under the assault of Burmese forces, and was nearly completely destroyed, and theThais had to regroup and start once more below King Rama I, the first ruler of the Chakri dynasty which nonetheless prevails to this day. They constructed a brand new capital eighty kilometres south in a area known as Thonburi on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. Progressively this settlement developed across the river, and it was on the East bank that an awesome metropolis later burgeoned to turn out to be modern-day Bangkok.

During the 19th century, many neighbouring states have been colonised by the nice powers of Britain and France, but Thailand, because of cautious diplomacy by its rulers, remained unbiased and the country started to prosper once extra.

In 1932, absolutely the monarchy which had dominated Thailand for therefore lengthy came to an end with a bloodless coup by the navy, however the King was very soon re-put in as a constitutional monarch. All through much of this history from concerning the thirteenth century, the name of ‘Siam’ was used for the region, step by step being adopted by each the indigenous folks and by European traders because the official name of the nation. However on twenty fourth June 1939, the nation – the only one in south east Asia to remain ceaselessly freed from European colonisation – officially modified its identify to ‘Thailand’, which means ‘Free Land’. Immediately Thailand stays pleased with its claim by no means to have come under the control of a Western empire.

The Economy
The economy is the second largest in S.E Asia, and Thailand’s exports are of very important importance. Principal trade is in fish and agricultural foods – Thailand is without doubt one of the world’s largest exporters of rice. Different major commodities embrace textiles and rubber, jewellery, computer goods and electrical appliances. This export market additionally implies that regardless of its appeal as a trip vacation spot, Thailand relies on tourism for only 7% of its gross domestic product.

The federal government
Thailand has been a constitutional hereditary monarchy since 1932. The present Head of State is King Rama IX, Bhumibol Adulyadej*. As a constitutional monarch he takes no direct position in the day to day politics of the nation, however remains a a lot revered and liked determine throughout all political divides. Following the ending of absolute monarchy, a collection of army dictatorships alternated with civilian prime ministers within the mid to late 20th century, however regularly the nation has been stabilising into democracy. Democracy continues to be not solely secure, and rifts between the 2 main parties and between the city and rural populations have led to sporadic civil disturbances and army interventions. It should nonetheless, be made clear that these actions are often very quick-lived and localised – it appears the military has no want to dominate political affairs, and when such incidents have occurred, energy has been shortly returned to civilian authorities. Basically the nation is peaceful. In the present day there’s an elected Prime Minister as the top of a government which consists of two Homes of Parliament – a Senate and a Home of Representatives. The judiciary is independent of government.

* In 2016 the King, the longest reigning monarch on the earth, died. Presently also, the country is once again under army rule, and yet remains basically peaceful.

The Thai People – Ethnicity and Religion
Roughly 65 million individuals dwell in Thailand, of which greater than 80% might be described as ethnically Thai – the descendants of the peoples who’ve lived all through the area or settled right here over many of the past 2000 years. All of them broadly speak the same language, although there are regional dialects and differences in vocabulary, most notably in the Isaan region of North East Thailand.

Of the remaining 15 to 20% of the inhabitants, the majority are newer Chinese arrivals, with smaller numbers of immigrants from other neighbouring international locations, as well as Western settlers. Lastly there are the ethnically distinct hill tribes of the North West such because the Hmong and Karen – peoples who’ve never totally built-in into the Thai tradition of the remainder of the nation.

95% of Thais belong to the Theravada Faculty of the Buddhist religion, the expression of Buddhism most prevalent in Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, and most closely allied to the Buddha’s original teachings. Other schools of Buddhism – Mahayana, and its more diverse variations together with Vajrayana and Zen Buddhism – are predominant in the far east, in China, Japan and Vietnam, and likewise within the Dalai Lama’s Tibet. In practice, the variations between the schools aren’t large, and perhaps most obvious to vacationers is the colour of the robes of the monks – unlike the maroon robes so familiarly worn by the Dalai Lama, Thai monks put on saffron orange-yellow or ochre-brown.

The one different faith of significance in Thailand is Islam, which kinds the majority religion in three extreme southern provinces. Sadly, as is so often the case in the world at present, religious and cultural tensions have led to separatist movements here, and increasing incidents of violence. It should be pressured however, that these tensions not often impinge upon the areas of the south which most vacationers frequent.

The Thai People – Culture and Etiquette
A well-liked description for Thailand which the nation likes to encourage, is ‘The Land of Smiles’. Although after all Thais will be as miserable as the remainder of us, there is a few small degree of fact to the nickname. Thai people do tend to have a comparatively peaceful contented means of viewing the world, and they’re often not aggressive by nature. Customs and etiquette are observed but not usually fanatically so, as befits a pacific religion like Buddhism.

For the traveller there are nevertheless, some features of Thai tradition and etiquette which ought to be observed out of respect for the individuals. Any information ebook will listing the do’s and don’ts of how to conduct oneself as a tourist on holiday in Thailand. The next checklist is a basic guide to key requirements:

The wai is, for me, one of the vital enchanting elements of Thai culture. It’s the greeting by which arms are held collectively prayer-like in front of the physique, and it is so way more graceful than a handshake. Thais will, after all fortunately accept a handshake from a foreigner, however a wai might be especially appreciated.

By tradition, the head – the top of the body – is taken into account sacred, and the ft – the lowest a part of the body – are additionally considered the lowest in other respects. Subsequently, one shouldn’t actually touch the head of a stranger, or sit with bare toes pointed in direction of one other particular person. (Having mentioned this, I have never yet seen any apparent distaste when Thais are confronted with such a sight).

Talking of the toes, one customized which appears to be almost universally noticed is the removing of footwear when getting into private houses. It also tends to be noticed by locals in resort rooms. Most importantly, it is certainly required upon coming into essentially the most sacred of the temple buildings.

Religion is the establishment on which Thai etiquette is most essential. Monks, who are familiar figures on the streets of their orange robes, ought to be handled with some respect, and should not be touched by ladies – if a feminine wishes to supply gifts to a monk, the present should positioned in front, for the monk to choose up.

If respect for religion is an apparent requirement, the necessity of respecting a king is probably not so obvious. But in Thailand, photographs of the King are in every single place, and he’s revered. Anybody displaying gross disrespect might find themselves in hassle. And when the nationwide anthem is played, for instance in cinemas, the general public stand.

No country in South Eastern Asia receives more tourists than Thailand, and with good reason. Nice sandy beaches and coral islands, great historic and religious sights, and distinctive trendy culture, cuisine and night life, all imply that this nation has plenty to offer. Coupled with this, Thailand is relatively secure and welcoming for the vacationer with average attitudes and tolerance of foreign customs. Finally, the local weather is tropical and the character is exotic. Any time of the yr can be a great time to visit, although the ‘cool’ season of December to February is the preferred and most expensive period of the 12 months. Off peak is May to August black stone island crew neck jumper when Thailand is kind of humid.

The individuals who travel are of every kind:
1) For those who need comfort and relaxation, Thailand boasts a few of the finest of hotels including luxurious spa resorts in the south, and five star properties in Bangkok.

2) For many who want solar, sea and sand, Thailand’s enormous coastline and many islands gives all the pieces one could hope for.

Three) For many who want Asia on a price range, Thailand has a magnetic draw for backpackers and carefree teenagers, and many cheap rooms by which to deposit their rucksacks!

4) For those who want exotic, lively and generally dubious evening life, Bangkok has it all – enough said!

5) For individuals who need tradition within the uncooked, trekking holidays, and living as guests of a hill tribe family, there are actually options readily accessible to the extra adventurous traveller.

“lat”:13.661559,”lng”:98.72979,”zoom”:Four,”mapType”:”HYBRID”,”markers”:[] Thailand – a country to go to and Take pleasure in
Thailand means different things to totally different individuals. To some it means a lazy seashore vacation on Phuket Island or snorkeling round the gorgeous limestone islands of the south. To others it means cultural adventures and hill trekking among the tribes of the north west. And to but others it means colourful temples, and exotic nightlife and world famous cuisine in bustling Bangkok. But to all who visit, Thailand ought to mean an pleasurable expertise amongst pleasant individuals – a richly memorable trip.

I hope that these pages of mine that are linked to here, help to provide a flavour of the country, the places to go to, and the experiences to take pleasure in. And above all, I hope that should you do select to go there, you’ll take pleasure in your trip to Thailand – the Land of Smiles.

All My Other Pages …
I have written articles on many subjects including science and historical past, politics and philosophy, film evaluations and journey guides, as well as poems and tales. All can be accessed by clicking on my name at the highest of this page

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Express10; Thanks a lot. I very a lot appreciate your feedback about both the textual content and the images. It was a pleasure to introduce this nation to readers and to hopefully encourage just a few to go to and take pleasure in its various sights. Cheers Alun.

H C Palting four years in the past from East Coast
This is a very informative and helpful hub. I’m comfortable that you mentioned the off peak seasons along with the tradition and etiquette. The pictures are additionally lovely, I actually just like the one in every of Bang-Pa In and the boat within the Andaman Sea. It’s also good to know that tourism solely makes up a small portion of GDP.

Thanks Jools99; so happy you liked the hub and my photos. Bangkok actually is a metropolis of extremes, and most vacationers do not spend more than just a few days within the capital, though there is lots to see, both in the city and in the encompassing area. I like Bangkok, because the negatives (noise, visitors jams and so on) for me are outweighed by the positives (attractions, colour, culture and many others). But it makes a very good distinction for tourists to mix two or three days in Bangkok with a week or two in one of the extra peaceful parts of the country. Alun.

mary615; my thanks in your good comment and for the shares! I’m grateful. I wasn’t aware of that within the Southern States. In Thailand it is actually customary, even when there aren’t any carpets on the floor, and in accommodations the maids will take their shoes off after they enter a room to scrub it. Alun.

Jools99 four years in the past from North-East UK
Fantastic hub, liked all your photos and there’s a lot data right here. I’ve by no means visited Thailand because the thought of staying in Bangkok all the time put me off, this hub has given me a brand new perspective.

Mary Hyatt four years in the past from Florida
Thailand is a country that I knew very little about, but due to your informational Hub, I really feel like I certainly have discovered more.

We’ve got a custom within the South (U.S.) that we remove our footwear earlier than entering a home, too.
You did a high quality job on this Hub. I voted it UP, and until share.

Thanks AliciaC. I very a lot appreciate your visit and really nice comment. It’s a pleasure to put in writing about Thailand, and hopefully introduce a couple of more people to its potential as a vacationer vacation spot. Alun.

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Thanks for all of the great and detailed data, Alun! Studying your hub was a lovely strategy to study Thailand.

Thanks a lot Rema. It is gratifying to read your phrases. Thailand is actually particular to me, and I have been there six times. However I have been lucky enough previously decade to visit many international locations all over the world (including India for a week), and i’ve not been upset by any. Every has its personal beauty and attractions, which have made the visit an enriching expertise.

Thanks a lot for sharing. Alun.
Rema T V four years ago from Chennai, India

Hi Alun,
Along with the detailed description in regards to the historical past, geography and the tradition of this stunning nation, you may have created an curiosity in me to search out out extra about different nations of the world which might be lovely in their own ways. Thank you very much for this excellent knowledge. Voted up and sharing all over.

Cheers, Rema.
Pavlo; Thanks very a lot. I’ve all the time loved my visits to Thailand, and photographing the nation. So happy you just like the images, and thanks for the votes! Alun.

AuthorGreensleeves Hubs four years in the past from Essex, UK
carol7777; I very much appreciate your go to and remark. Thanks masses. Thailand is a lovely nation to go to, so I hope you get the chance someday. My gratitude for the votes too. Alun.

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Modern Design Mens Stone Island Sweater With Floral PrintI knew little about Thailand..and Now I do know loads. What an important hub and crammed with so much info. I really like the pictures. Nice job in sharing all about this wonderful place. I would love to visit. Voting UP+++

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