6 Cake T-Shirts Designed For Cake Decorators

Women's Cotton Fudo Myoo   Acala  Candarosana Short Sleeve T-ShirtBaking is totally sweet, and your apparel should be, too. If youe a cake decorator, wear it loud and proud with apparel that broadcasts your passion to the world.

Wee assembled this collection of totally sweet (pun intended) T-shirts that are perfect for cake decorators. Whether youe looking for something cool to wear while you decorate your next masterpiece or youe on the lookout for a thoughtful gift for the cake decorator in your life, youe bound to find something just right in this collection of clever and cute t-shirts.

6 must-buy T-Shirts for cake decorators

Photo via BoredWalk

This classic Julia Child quote is funny ?and true! With a beautiful typographic treatment, this tee is quippy but also makes a great point: it definitely not a party without a cake! No cake decorator ?no human, really ?would disagree with that logic. Available in multiple colors and sizes on BoredWak.

Photo via Sneaky Bacon

Who needs therapy when you have baking? This tongue-in-cheek T-shirt proudly touts the psychological benefits of baking (and eating) cake with the sloganupcakes are cheaper than therapy.?The better and more beautifully decorated the cupcake, the more therapeutic, right? Available in multiple colors and sizes from Sneaky Bacon Tees on Etsy.

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A simple typographic layout of the basic ingredients of a cake (and some of the most-used items in the cake decorator pantry) ?Butter & Flour & Eggs & Sugar & Milk ?shows off your love for cake Inspired by a classic design featuring the names of The Beatles, this T-shirt will satisfy design freaks, fans of the fab four, and baking enthusiasts alike. Available in multiple colors and sizes on Redbubble.

Photo via Evil Cake Genius

Of course a T-rex despises cake decorating: his arms just aren built for delicate piping work! This T-shirt is a cheeky reminder to be thankful that you have hands instead of claws the next time youe creating an intricately decorated cake. It perfect for the cake geek with a sense of humor. Available in multiple T-shirt styles and sizes from Evil Cake Genius.

Photo via Society6

Displayed cleverly within a cake slice, there wisdom to this saying: 淕ood things come to those who bake.?Surrounded by cake decorating accoutrements like a fondant roller, sprinkles and luster dust, this is a sweet graphic tee for a cake decorating enthusiast. Available in multiple T-shirt styles and sizes on Society6.

Pssst: This design is also available as a free coloring book page download via the Craftsy blog!

Photo via WhyNotStopNShop

Decorating cakes is an awesome superpower and talent to possess. Let mere mortals know of your amazing talents with this tee, which simultaneously shares your favorite hobby and indicates your high level of awesomeness. This humor will keep your favorite cake decorator smiling as they whip up their latest batch of buttercream or cake batter. Available in multiple colors and sizes from WhyNotStopNShop on Etsy.

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