An Open Letter To The Fashion Industry. A Genui..

I, a successful, fashion loving, highly educated woman of modern India wants to voice a very genuine concern that has been frequenting my mind from quite some time now. I implore you, the great Designers and Retailers, the individuals who are Consumers as well in their day to day lives, to give my concern a thought!

Fashion Cotton Casual Scream Queen Children's T-shirtDay by day it is becoming practically impossible to find short-sleeved tops for women/girls for a normal day-to-day wear that actually “have sleeves” and not just “show-piece, name-sake” sleeves! If you/your designers are so talented, why haven’t they tried cutting short on the cloth and making these fancy cut-sleeves for men’s T-shirts? Why have their T-shirts sleeve sizes not reduced since the day stitched clothes came into being while women’s tops’ sleeves are now on the verge of extinction!!!

Why are majority of all the in-house brand clothes have so unwanted deep-cut-sleeves that girls/ladies cannot even think of wearing them without getting underarms waxed even for nominal day-to-day wear? If you so want to make sleeveless tops, give some “attached sleeves” that people who want to wear with sleeves can get them stitched!

I am not against fashion or designer trendy clothes. But that does not mean that the proper sleeved dresses should become non-existent! Till you are providing sleeves, I genuinely hope that your tailors and designers know how to cut proper length sleeves and not “show-case” ones only. For right now it seems it has become a lost-art for one can practically not find any proper short sleeved tops any more in girls section! This is really outrageous! I never thought such a necessity of life would be this difficult to fulfill despite possessing all resources at my end! I strongly decry this act that big brands like yours are trying to push down our throats in the name of fashion and trend!

Are your designers so uneducated about biology of Human Body? For if they are, let me remind them! Human beings are mammals and they are warm blooded with a characteristic “hairy skin” AND that WOMEN do as well belong to this category!
One may go and browse any of the online stores as well and in the women’s tops section for short sleeved tops and confirm my claim. Do women not travel by any public transport? Do we not need to hold up our arms whenever we feel like it without getting too much self-conscious? Should we run to the parlor the day the “biological growth” starts showing?

I would really appreciate if you could amend this malpractice at your end!

It may be some of you might not be directly be the reason for the issue I am raising but being the best in the field of fashion designing and clothing your voices and actions will have immense effects.I apologize for the sarcastic tone, but I do not think a mother of school going daughter should be more focused on finding her daughter proper clothes than paying attention to her studies, for I think this is not the age to introduce school going girls to beauty parlors Or that a college going young girl should be more focused on her charms than putting up her 100% to career building Or even an office going lady should always be over-cautious on a normal day for her looks! For this kinds of maybe “small change” at your end is wrecking havoc on my life including many! Kindly do not thrust some people’s some days choice on everyone for all days.

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