Being Human Foundation Salman Khan Being Human T Shirts 2017

Is Salman Khan eing Human?propaganda having an impact on Kareena Kapoor Khan? View pics!

it was a pleasant surprise to see his Bajrangi Bhaijaan co-star joining in Not only is Salman Khan blue bracelet an accessory of his which is cherished by die-hard fans all over, but so is the eing Human?T-shirt. In other words, Mr Khan
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Salman Khan: ‘Being Human will be bigger than me’

Men's i search the human Print Long Sleeve T-ShirtSalman is doing all this for society.” Salman’s sister-in-law Malaika Arora Khan described the clothing as “stylish”, saying: “I love wearing Being Human T-shirts. They are stylish, trendy and affordable.” The actor has refuted suggestions that he is using
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The ‘Being Human’ side of Salman Khan

His lawyers will try to play the Being Human card to say he has changed.’ Is Being Human, Salman’s apparel brand, an extension of his persona or is it a move to correct his bad-boy image, asks Ranjita Ganesan. Salman Khan form of T-shirts stocked
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Salman Khan rides a Being Human bike on Mumbai streets like only he can, watch video

Apart from giving interviews, making television appearances, the actor took to roads of Mumbai and rode a bicycle wearing Tubelight T-shirt which is part of Being Human e-cycles. The swag with which Salman rides the cycle is a treat to watch.
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Salman Khan to launch Being Human’s clothing line in UAE tomorrow, to bring it to India next month

“All fashion brands are about looking good. Being Human is also about doing good. And you can do good by the simple act of slipping into a t-shirt or a pair of jeans,” Salman Khan told ET over the phone from Dubai. Being Human: The Salman Khan Foundation
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Salman Khan’s Brand New Look Is His Best One Yet

I’ve always known Salman Khan as a T-shirt clad (Being) human or an A-lister who never really cared about style. He’s always been a real ‘man’ if I may say. But with no rephrases, I’m completely shocked right now. As his look from the movie ‘Tiger Zinda
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Being Human: Salman Khan launches an employment providing website (read more)

New Delhi: Salman Khan, the eing Human’ man has once again shown his benevolent side for his fans. Adding another feather of social betterment in his cap, Salman has launched a eing Human Workshop.’ Salman, who is raving the anticipation of his
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‘Salman Khan has to wear a shirt to go shirtless!’

Ashley Rebello and Alvira Khan-Agnihotri of Ax2 are the fashion force behind Salman Khan. Together When he not shooting, he wears his Being Human tee shirts and cargo shorts.
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Salman Khan: The journey from Bollywood brat to being human

Salman has also set up a production house for this cause called Salman Khan Being Human Productions, which produced the National Award-winning Chillar Party. Professionally also, Salman started a new innings in the industry around the same time.

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