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Feliz Cinco De Mayo, A Phineas And Ferb Fanfic

Thanks for walking me home, Phineas.” Isabella mentioned to him after they reached her home.

Men's Cat with Umbrella Print Long Sleeve Tee Shirt“No prob!” Phineas told her. “It is convenient that you solely stay across the road from us.”

“Very convenient.” Isabella agreed. The door opened and Isabella’s mother was on the other facet. She smiled at Phineas.

“Hola Phineas.” She greeted.

“Hola Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro!” The boy greeted again. Pinky barked and ran to his little mistress. Isabella petted her canine.

“Hey, Pinky, the way you doing?” Pinky let out a bark. “That’s good.” She scooped him up in her arms. Isabella’s mom looked at her daughter.

“Your father is on video chat.” She advised her. “Along with Alicia and her family. Come and chat with them.”

“I’ll Mom!” Her mother then left. Isabella turned to Phineas. “I higher go.”

“Yeah, you higher go! He is your dad and you have not talked to him or your Mexican good friend in a while. If my dad moved again to England, I might want to speak to him as a lot as I can.”

“Okay, adios! Say adios, Pinky.” Isabella made Pinky wave his paw.

“Adios! Adios, Pinky!” They had been about to part ways when Isabella remembered one thing.

“Oh and Phineas?” Phineas turned to her.

“What’s it?”

“My mother want to know for those who and your loved ones want to go together with my mom and that i to Feliz Comiendo for dinner tomorrow?”

“Positive! I’ll ask them. Any particular reason we’re eating Mexican?”

“For Cinco de Mayo.” Phineas did a face palm.

“That’s tomorrow? How could I overlook? Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of Could.” Isabella giggled.

“Tell me in school tomorrow if you can also make it.”

“Will do, Isabella. Now, Feliz Comiendo. What does that mean? You advised me last time once we had been there, however I forgot.”

“It means Glad Eating.”

“Joyful eating! How might I forget that?” Isabella giggled once more. “What an acceptable title for a restaurant.”

“Yes. Sure it is.”

“Well, adios!”

“Adios!” Isabella made Pinky wave along with his paw once more. And with that, they parted methods. Isabella, to her house, and Phineas, to his house.

“Mom!” Phineas stated to his mother as quickly as he entered the home. “Isabella invited us to Feliz Comiendo tomorrow for Cinco de Mayo.”

“Oh, that’s tomorrow?” Lawrence asked. He thought a bit. “Is not tomorrow the fifth of Could?”

“That’s Cinco de Mayo, Dad.”

“Hmmm, I suppose it’s.”

“What does Feliz Comiendo even imply?” Candace wished to know.

“Glad eating.” Phineas instructed his sister.


Phineas then went by his pet and petted him.

“Good day, Perry. We now have to find your sombrero from Leap Day for tomorrow.” He checked out Ferb. “Ferb, are you able to assist me look?” Ferb nodded. This made Phineas smile. “Thanks, Ferb. I can at all times depend on a stepbrother such as you.” This made Ferb smile. And with that, the boys went off to search out Perry’s sombrero.

“Gosh Ferb!” Phineas mentioned to his stepbrother as they searched a number of containers

in the basement. “Cinco de Mayo, I am unable to consider I virtually forgot it. I like the

fact that Isabella invited us to eat with her and her family at that Mexican restaurant

tomorrow, however we should do one thing else than simply eat. I imply, it is a special

day to people like Isabella and her mother.” He then hatched an thought. “That is it! We must always do a Cinco de Mayo festival! Rent a Mariachi band, and other Mexican stuff.” Ferb was about to say something, when Phineas spoke again. “I do know, we have college tomorrow, however after college.” Ferb was going to say one thing again. “Oh hopefully we cannot have an excessive amount of homework. I really want to pull this off. I want it to be a surprise for Isabella, so do not inform her. Man, she shall be surprised!” Ferb tapped his brother on the shoulder. Phineas looked at him and saw the Sombrero in his hand.

“I found it.” He stated. Phineas smiled.

“Nice! Let’s go and put it on Perry!” After cleaning up, the 2 boys went upstairs.

“Feliz Cinco de Mayo!” Isabella informed Phineas at the bus stop the next morning.

“What the heck does that mean?” Buford wished to know.

“I was nearly to ask the identical factor.” Phineas mentioned.

“Yeah, however I beat you to it.” He looked at Isabella. “So, what does that mean Girly-Girl?”

“It means Pleased Fifth of Might.” Baljeet defined. Buford looked at him.

“I believe I was talking to the woman.” Baljeet smiled nervously.

“Right, sorry.” Buford turned to Isabella again.

“So, what does it imply?” He requested.

“Comfortable Fifth of Might.” Isabella replied.

“Oh! So, ‘Feliz’ in ‘Feliz Navidad’ means ‘comfortable Navidad’.”

“And have you learnt what ‘Navidad’ means?” Baljeet quizzed.

“Well, duh! It is a Christmas music, so I will assume it means ‘Christmas’. I’m not an idiot.”

“After all you are not. I used to be just asking.”

“And that question was silly. Now, I do not wish to learn the rest till we get to school, okay?”

“As you wish. Oh, and like St. Patrick Day, solely people in America with that heritage rejoice it. Only a select few in Mexico have a good time Cinco de Mayo due to The Battle of Pue,…” Buford eyed Baljeet. “Yes, wait until faculty to start learning. Sorry.”

The school bus came into view and stopped earlier than them. After the youngsters acquired on, the bus closed its door, and drove off.

In Isabella’s room, Pinky’s wristwatch beeped. The canine woke up and stood on all fours. He pushed on an invisible button on his pillow together with his paw and an entrance to his lair opened. He went inside and it closed after the Chihuahua.

Once in his lair, the dog jumped to his chair and turned on the monitor. Admiral Acronym flashed onto the screen.

“Comfortable Cinco de Mayo, Agent P.” Wanda told the canine.

“You mean ‘feliz Cinco de Mayo!'” Her assistant, Carla, advised her. “It means ‘blissful Could the Fifth.’ I had to take some Spanish in elementary, so that’s how I know.”

“Yeah, feliz Cinco de Mayo, Agent P. Anywho, onto your mission. Professor Poofenplotz has a number of dresses in her house, and they all look Mexican. Discover out what she’s as much as and you recognize what to do then.” Pinky barked because the monitor turned off. The dog then leapt from his char and went to his hover automobile. He hopped in, strapped himself, and flew out of his liar.

The dog kicked down Poofenplotz’s door. He scanned the area for his nemesis.

“Is that you just, Pinky the Chihuahua?” Pinky heard Poofenplotz ask. “Bark if it is you!” Pinky let out a bark. “I am out on the balcony.” Pinky went to the balcony where his nemesis was sitting at a table. Poofenplotz, who was dipping a churro in chocolate sauce, stood up, and went to the canine. She waved the churro under the canine’s nose. “Want it?” She then took a chew. “Nicely, I hate to let you know however, too bad! Besides, it was dipped in chocolate, and much as I am aware, canines aren’t alleged to have it. You can have this though.” She pulled out a distant and pressed the button. A large plush churro fell on the dog. Poofenplotz laughed as Pinky struggled in it. She took a sombrero from behind her again and put it on the Chihuahua’s head.

“Awww, Pinky the Chihuahua, you look adorable in that!” The hat was too huge for him. Poofenplotz leveled it for him. “Sorry, it’s too big for you.” When she acquired it straightened, she stood back to admire her work. “You are so cute that I can simply eat you up.” She then talked to him like he was an infant. “Yes you’re; yes you are!” Pinky rolled his eyes. Poofenplotz squealed. “Wait, I want an image. Keep right there.” She went off. ‘Do I have a selection?’

Poofenplotz got here back with a digital camera and two maracas. She put the shaking instruments in entrance of Pinky. She stepped again and positioned the digital camera.

“Stay still.” Pinky heard a click from the digital camera. “Obtained it.” Poofenplotz put the digicam on the desk and took the maracas away. “Thank you for standing still.” She smiled wickedly. “As in case you had a choice. Anywho, you might notice the numerous dresses that I’ve laying around my residence.” Pinky nodded. “And also you may also notice that they appear to be they all came from Mexico.” Pinky nodded once more. “Effectively, that’s because they did come from Mexico.” She went to something large lined up in tarps. “And that’s because of this!” She took of the tarp to reveal what looked like a clothes rack. “Behold! My DressTakeificator! It does what the title implies, it takes dresses. Since Mexican dresses are divine and since it’s Cinco de Mayo, I decided to make Mexico my target. It’s taking every gown from each shop in all of Mexico, and teleporting them to my residence.” The dog barked and barked. ‘You better get these dresses again to where they belong! You will not get away with this!’ Poofenplotz laughed. “I’m sure you need me to return all of those dresses to the place they belong, but don’t worry, if I don’t love a costume, I simply return it. But the remainder are mine! Additionally, I’m evil, I do not need to, and it’s onerous to take you critically when you are in that getup.” Poofenplotz laughed as Pinky struggled and struggled.

“Five minutes till the top of the day and i have no homework.” Phineas mentioned in his science class, wanting at the clock on the wall. “Hopefully, it’ll keep that means.” Baljeet was confused.

“Why do not you need any homework?” He needed to know.

“As a result of it is homework, Jeet.” Buford instructed him. “It is like faculty at residence. No person wants that.”

“I do not mind if I get a ton of homework.” Buford eyed him.

“Besides nerds such as you. Why you want homework, I will never perceive”

“Phineas doesn’t want homework as a result of he desires to impress Isabella with a Cinco de Mayo festival in the yard.” Ferb defined to Baljeet.

“Oh.” Baljeet said. “Isabella would love that!”

“Okay kids,” Mr. Mash said to the class. “Take out your planners and I am going to tell you your task.”

“Dang it!” Phineas cursed, a bit too loud. Mr. Mash looked at him.

“What was that, Phineas?” He asked.

“Nothing, Mr. Mash.” Phineas stated to him. The teacher regarded confused.

“Actually, because it sounds like you yelled ‘dang it’ after i stated you are going to have an assignment. Do you want more?”

“No Mr. Mash; it’s superb.”

“Really? As a result of, I might be comfortable to offer you more if you want more.”

“No, actually, I’ll do it.”

“Thanks.” Phineas took out his planner and opened it to the correct day. “Okay, your assignment is to learn the chapter in regards to the water cycle and write a one hundred word essay about it, due tomorrow.” He checked out Buford. “And no, Buford. Writing one phrase over and over, doesn’t depend.”

“Aw, man!” Buford cursed.

“After you write down the assignment, come up front to get your textbooks.” Children wrote of their planners and received up to get their textbooks. The bell rang then. Children acquired their stuff and went to their lockers.

“Oh nicely,” Phineas instructed his buddies. “It’s just one project. No biggie, I can

do it earlier than the thing I have deliberate for Isabella.” Isabella got here up to Phineas.

“What was that every one about, Phineas?” She needed to know. “Mr. Mash provides you homework, and also you completely flip out. I do not get it. That is not such as you. The dinner isn’t until six; you’ll have loads of time. Do you have anything deliberate?”

“You could possibly say that.”

“Nicely, what is it?”

“Uh…” What could he say? He didn’t want to lie to her. He then noticed that her footwear were untied. “Your shoe’s are untied.” Isabella looked at her shoes and bend all the way down to tie them. As soon as she wasn’t looking, Phineas quickly bought his stuff and ran out of the room.

Isabella stood back up when she was carried out.

“Thanks.” She seemed all around. All the youngsters had left. “Phineas?” She shrugged. “He must need to get on the bus before it leaves.” She collected her issues, and went out of the room.

“Lastly; I’m done!” Phineas mentioned once he was done printing his essay at the computer. He shut it down and hopped off the chair. “Now I can do this thing for Isabella.” Phineas was about to go inside when Candace blocked his path.

“Not so quick, Phineas!” She mentioned. “First, it’s worthwhile to refill Perry’s meals and water bowls.”

“It’s my turn? I believed it is Ferb’s flip.”

“No, remember, Ferb did it twice in a row whenever you were sick. So, you got to do it once more.”

“Can’t I do it later? I type of have a thing planned for Isabella.”

“It’s best to do it now earlier than you neglect.”

“I will not overlook!”

“That’s what anyone says before they forget. Honestly, Phineas. Perry is your and Ferb’s pet and that means he’s your duty too. If you don’t want to do it, I will tell mother you don’t want to care for a mangy pet anymore.”

“No, no. I’ll do it. It won’t take lengthy.” And with that, Phineas went to get Perry’s bag of platypus food. He dumped Perry’s food in his food bowl and went to fill Perry’s water bowl. He set it out for Perry.

“Perr…” Phineas started to call the platypus when Perry zoomed in and started consuming his meals. “Whoa; you have been hungry, weren’t you Perry?” Phineas bent right down to the feeding platypus. “I’m sorry, but I’m in a hurry. You see I’m going to impress Isabella with a Cinco de Mayo festival. So, do not inform her, okay?” Perry stopped eating and went over to lap up the water from his water bowl. “Obtained to go!” With that, the boy was off.

Pinky had escaped from his lure. He let out a bark. Professor Poofenplotz seemed on the Chihuahua.

“How’d you escape, Pinky the Chihuahua?” She questioned. Pinky was about to supply scissors from out of his again, when Poofenplotz spoke again. “Aw, by no means mind about that.” Pinky put the scissors away. “I will quickly have all the dresses I would like in all of Mexico.” The dog let out a bark once more and butted Poofenplotz to the ground.

“Ooh!” Poofenplotz narrowed her eyes on the dog. “What was that every one about, Pinky the Chihuahua?” Pinky barked again and ran to the clothes rack. He was about to ram into it, when Poofenplotz stood up and scooped the dog up. Pinky let out a yip. “Making an attempt to foil my plan, Pinky the Chihuahua? I believe not!” Pinky then bit her on the finger. Poofenplotz gave out a yelp. “Ow! How dare you!” Pinky took off his sombrero and positioned it on over his nemesis’s eyes, blinding her. “Oh; I can’t see!” The canine slapped Poofenplotz on the cheek. Poofenplotz screamed as she dropped the animal. Poofenplotz put down the sombrero and noticed Pinky was running in direction of the clothes rack once more. She shook her head.

“No, no, no!” She stated. She tried to get the Chihuahua again, but each time, Pinky ran away from her, dodging her grasp. Poofenplotz growled in frustration. “Ugh, why do you make things so tough, Pinky the Chihuahua?”

When Poofenplotz was in entrance of the rack, the dog took this opportunity and rammed into his nemesis again.

“Oof!” Pinky had tackled her into the rack, knocking it on its facet. Pinky noticed a ‘reverse’ button on the rack and ran and pressed it before his nemesis may get to it.

“NOOOOOOO!” Poofenplotz screamed. “Do you’ve got any idea what you just did?!” Pinky checked out her, ‘Yeah. I pressed the reverse button. Now, the entire dresses that you’ve stolen will return to the Mexican retailer they belong to.’

The machine began sucking up all of the dresses. “NOOOOOOO!”

Poofenplotz grabbed on among the dresses, but they had been sucked away. “No!” She grabbed onto a sparkly velvet gown. “You’re not taking this one!” Pinky butted Poofenplotz to the flooring. Poofenplotz had a tight grip on the costume. “I…am…not…letting…this…go!” Pinky knew what he needed to do. He went between Poofenplotz and the costume and swished his tail in Poofenplotz’s face!
Cease that, Pinky the Chihuahua, stop that!” But Pinky didn’t cease. Having nearly enough of this, Poofenplotz growled in her throat and grabbed Pinky. She stood up. “I mentioned stop!” But as a result of she was now not holding onto the dress as strongly as before, it blew out of her grasp and headed in the direction of the machine.. Poofenplotz regarded at the costume, Her eyes widened in concern. “NOOOOO!” She dropped Pinky onto the flooring and chased after the gown. “Come back!”

She was about to seize for the gown when it too, was sucked into the machine. Poofenplotz glared on the dog, murder in her eyes.

“YOU!” She erupted. She ran after the Chihuahua. The canine ran and ran. “That was the final costume that I stole from Mexico! You messed round with my trend schemes for the final time; don’t think you may get away with this!” Pinky stopped and checked out his nemesis. “Ha! Care to accept your punishment?”

The dog rammed into Poofenplotz once more.

“Oof!” Poofenplotz flew into the machine, breaking it into tiny bits. The canine then dashed off, hopped into his hover automobile, buckled in, and flew off. Poofenplotz stood up and gasped as she saw the stays of her machine.

“My DressTakeificator!” She collapsed and cried in her palms. She then appeared up and stood up. She went to the disembarking dog, and waved her fist again and forth. “OS MALDICAN PINKY DE CHIHUAHUA!”

“Phineas?” A Mariachi band member requested, in his thick Mexican accent, coming over to him. They were in the backyard and every little thing was ready. “We need to be someplace by seven. When can we get began?”

“Don’t worry, Francisco.” Phineas assured him. “Soon. I am going to go get Isabella.” With that, the boy put down his clipboard and dashed out of the backyard.

“This higher be good.” Buford said. “I bought homework to do.” Baljeet looked at Buford.

“You wouldn’t be doing homework anyways.” He identified.

“True, but this still better be good.”

“Whats up, Phineas.” Vivien Shapiro greeted when she opened the door. “Are you looking for Isabella?”

“Yes, please.” The boy answered. “Is she house?”

“Isabella!” Vivien known as for her daughter. “Phineas is right here!” Isabella then appeared.

“Thanks, Mother.” She said.

“Be again by 5:30 so that we will prepare to go to the restaurant.”

“Will do, Mother.” Her mother then left. Isabella checked out Phineas. “What would you like, Phineas?”

“Are you accomplished along with your homework?”

“Yeah, I just finished. What’s up?”

“Then come on; I received to show you something.”

“Okay.” Isabella then followed Phineas. “But I should be again by…”

“I know; I heard. Don’t fret, you may be again by then.” Pinky then trotted up. Isabella looked at her dog.

“Oh, there you’re Pinky.” She scooped him up. “You’re just in time. Come on. Phineas has something to point out us.” She resumed going after the boy.

Earlier than, they entered the yard, Phineas turned to Isabella.

“Shut your eyes.” Phineas said to her.

“Ooh! This should be so thrilling since I am closing my eyes. I can not wait!” And with that, the lady closed her eyes. Phineas took her by the hand and led her into the yard. He looked at Francisco and his band. Pinky barked and barked excitedly.

“Okay, Francisco, as soon as Isabella opens her eyes, you guys can get started.”

“Will do, Phineas!” Franciso advised him with a thumbs up. “Will do!”

“Francisco?” Isabella requested, eyes nonetheless closed. “Who’s Francisco? Pinky’s barking like loopy! Can I open my eyes now?”

“Not yet, Isabella.” Phineas advised her. “Not but.” He known as to Perry. “Perry! You may come out now!” The platypus strolled out of the house, sombrero on his head. Pinky squirmed out of Isabella’s grasp, and hopped down, going over to Perry. Phineas looked back at Isabella. “Okay Isabella, you’ll be able to open your eyes now. He placed on his personal sombrero.

Isabella opened her eyes and her eyes beamed as she appeared in amazement at what was in entrance of her. Francisco looked at his band and the Mariachi band started playing. There were strings of lights connecting pole to pole, a Mexican flag hanging in the middle, and a banner up above the lights with photographs of maracas, saying ‘Feliz Cinco de Mayo’, and faux cacti all around the yard.

“Wow!” Isabella stated. “You did this for me, Phineas?” Phineas went by her facet.

“Sure.” He replied. “Sure, I did. Do you like it?” Isabella shook her head.

“No.” Phineas’ face fell. He thought for certain that Isabella would’ve preferred what he has executed for her. He then noticed Isabella sniffing back tears. Now he felt worse. He did not imply to make her upset.

“Isabella, are you crying? Sorry you don’t like it. I thought for positive that you…” Isabella then did one thing Phineas wasn’t anticipating. She hugged him.

“I find it irresistible!” Phineas blushed and smiled.

“I’m glad you prefer it.” Isabella withdrew herself.

“Come on; let’s get pleasure from my gift till I have to return.” Isabella took Phineas by the hand and led him ahead.

They danced, did the Mexican hat dance, shared some churros with one another, and loved a robot bull combat with Ferb.

“That was lovely, Phineas.” Isabella told him. “I can not imagine that you actually did this for me.” She checked out her watch. “effectively, it’s 5:25. I better be going. Come on, Pinky.” Pinky barked and went after the lady. Isabella appeared again at her associates.

“See you later!”

“See you later!” Phineas mentioned as Isabella left the backyard. He checked out his friends. “Effectively, that was successful. Let’s pack it up.” His associates agreed and began taking stuff down. Francisco and his band went to Phineas.

“Phineas?” He began. “We’ll enable you out, then we must be on our way.” Phineas smiled at him.

“Gracias, Francisco. That’ll be nice!” And with that, everyone pitched in to place the stuff away. Perry strolled again into the home, as he was no longer wanted.

“Phineas, Ferb!” Phineas heard his mom known as after they have finished putting stuff away. “It’s time to go to the restaurant!”

“Okay, Mother!” Phineas referred to as again. “Only a minute!” He went over to Francisco and his band. “Well Francisco, I couldn’t have done this without you guys. Thanks a bunch.” Francisco shook his head.

“No, Phineas. Thank you. We had enjoyable performing in your woman, proper guys?” He checked out his band members and they all agreed.

“Whoa, whoa! Hold it! Isabella’s not my girlfriend. birthday decoration ideas for friend She’s only a pal.”

“I did not say girlfriend. Well, thanks anyway.” He and his band members went in the direction of the exit. “Adios!” Phineas waved after him.


“Adios!” Francisco’s band members all referred to as.

“Adios!” Baljeet known as as properly.

Candace then ran into the backyard, Linda adopted her.

“I virtually forgot, Mom.” Candace instructed her. “Phineas had made a Mexican festival in the yard. See?”

“No.” Linda answered. “No, I don’t.” Candace regarded out to the place the festival once was and did a frustrated growl. Linda looked at Phineas.

“Are you boys ready?”

“Ready, Mother!” Phineas answered her.

“Okay, then I will see you all quickly.” Linda then went into the home. Candace went over to his brother.

“Where’s the festival?” She requested him.

“Oh, sorry Candace.” Phineas said to her. “It is over with, so we took it down. When you needed to come, then you must’ve came. It was improbable.”

“You imply ‘fantastico’.” Ferb told him.

“Yes.” Phineas responded. “Fantastico!” He and Ferb said their goodbyes to their associates and then went into the home, along with their sister.

Phineas was proud of himself of what he had carried out for Isabella. He was secretly glad that he spent a vacation that meant a lot to her and that she had as enjoyable a time as he had spending time together with her. He couldn’t anticipate subsequent year’s Cinco de Mayo. This was a fantastic, no, fantastico day.

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