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Tips on how to Develop into A Home Goddess

Learn how to turn out to be a domestic goddess
Up to date on June 22, 2011 Cindy Vine moreContact Creator A lady for each reason and season
Isn’t it superb how issues in life go full circle? In the fifties, girls had been presupposed to be these excellent little housewives. That was adopted by ladies’s lib and the whole ‘burn the bra’ motion, the place women wanted equal rights with males. Scorching on the heels of the braless free love era, came the girl govt period. This was where girls embarked on enormous careers, many turned the breadwinner and lots of males turned emasculated. Recently, ladies have decided to return to the homes. Careers aren’t as rewarding as being stay at dwelling mothers. Who wants acute stress in their lives when you may lead a comparatively stress-free existence at home, your solely fear being what else you can do to make your family glad. The current poor job market has additionally resulted in many girls being pressured to remain at residence, and maybe attempt their fingers at making an online revenue.

Men's  Desgin Belphegor Short Sleeve  Tops TeesNo matter the rationale for a girl staying at residence, they need to learn the historic forgotten art of being a domestic goddess. Most of our mothers had been early child boomers, profession-oriented and definitely not home goddesses. We can’t be taught from them as they spent their complete lives making an attempt not to be domestic goddesses like their mothers earlier than them. With no role-models obtainable, ladies today wanting to be home goddesses have to start out from scratch.

Qualities from four Greek goddesses and one Asian goddess are mixed to create a trendy domestic goddess, as a home goddess needs to be an all-round performer in all elements of the house. Being solely one of them shouldn’t be enough to qualify you as a home goddess.

What is a domestic goddess?
A domestic goddess is a lady who keeps her home ordered, clear, uncluttered and tastefully decorated. As well as, she is an ace in the kitchen, a brilliant baker, ingenious cook and distinctive entertainer. As if this isn’t sufficient, a home goddess at all times appears stunning and sexy. She can work within the backyard, put up shelves in the house, carry her partner’s golf clubs, be a fabulous mom and a nymphomaniac vamp within the bedroom. She understands and meets her companion’s every need. A home goddess could be very knowledgeable and can chat about many topics which could interest her accomplice. She encourages him to observe the footy on Tv and play poker with his pals. In return, a domestic goddess is admired and adored by her companion. As she fulfils his every need, he has no need in anyway to stray.

Penelope was a weaver and probably the most creative of all of the Greek goddesses. She was the spouse of Odysseus and waited loyally and faithfully for over 20 years for him to return.

To develop the Penelope facet of the domestic goddess persona, that you must grow to be loyal, faithful and loving. You have got to seek out your creativity and take up arts and crafts as you wait patiently at house to your accomplice to return. If something in the home needs fixing, it’s a must to become useful with the hammer and repair it yourself. Remember, you can not put undue stress on your adoring accomplice by nagging them to repair it. Additionally, it’s a must to at all times try and look sexy. Outdated torn t-shirts splattered with paint and baggy trackpants are out.

The Penelope a part of you loves shopping for bargains at flea markets, that you would be able to take home and create one thing particular out of it. You experiment with coloration, new ideas and totally different crafts. Your home is funky and warm and inviting. You are generous and giving and a particular individuals-person with a large circle of mates whom you hold out with at espresso mornings whereas your companion is at work earning the moolah.

Kuan Yin
Kuan Yin is the Buddhist goddess of mercy, compassion and understanding. She is commonly depicted as pouring the healing waters of life from a small vase. In some Asian cultures, Kuan Yin is proven as an androgynous male, however for our functions, she’s a female.

To grow to be like Kuan Yin, it’s important to be the shoulder to your partner to cry on. You need to be his refuge he involves when the going will get robust. When you hear his automotive pull into the drive, you have to have his beer able to move him as he comes by the door. Your first phrases should be, “Hey darling, how was your day?” As you get him settled in front of the television along with his ice-chilly beer, remove his socks and footwear and wash his toes and provides him a foot massage. This can ease all his woes and assist remove some of his stress from a tough day at work.

Remember Kuan Yin is the embodiment of loving compassionate kindness. Do not upset your companion with tales of what went flawed in your day. Rather, regale him with amusing anecdotes out of your day to help him calm down and lighten his temper.

Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love. Her two domains the place she excelled was in the bedroom and surprisingly, the garden.

To develop the Aphrodite a part of your home goddess persona, you have to throw away your inhibitions and become a wild sexy pornstar nymphomaniac vamp in the bedroom. Green fingers within the backyard is a bonus as well. Perhaps, you possibly can try and plant your individual vegetables. If you backyard topless or in your bikini, you can work in your tan as nicely. A tanned body all the time seems slimmer than a pasty white one.

Aphrodite was additionally a pure housekeeper and paid consideration to the tiniest element and by no means had muddle but instead had orderly cupboards. To be like Aphrodite, you should have scented candles all through your house, little bowls of flower petals within the bathroom and scented aromatherapy oil burners in the bedroom. In all places, one has to see that you are within the temper for love and romance.

Okay, in the myths Aphrodite wasn’t very faithful, however when you intiate kinky costume-up intercourse games, then it’ll be like you might be having many various lovers. Be inventive in the garden and in the bedroom.

Artemis was the Greek goddess of looking, the wilderness and wild animals. She was additionally the goddess of childhood and proctectress of ladies up till they obtained married.

To develop your Artemis facet of your home goddess persona, you’ll want to turn out to be adept at multi-tasking, fetching youngsters from faculty, taking them to soccer apply, taking your companion’s clothes to the dry-cleaner, baking, cooking and cleansing, as well as building an online enterprise.

Low maintenance and easy to wash is your decorating type, with brilliant colors and rooms with loads of sunlight. That is where you possibly can deliver out your unconventional aspect and develop your personal distinctive tastes. Remember, you can multi-process in the bedroom as effectively, planning the subsequent evening’s meal or the weekend BBQ while succumbing to the orgasmic delights offered by your accomplice.

You possibly can further develop your Artemis aspect, by making your associate and his buddies scrumptious snacks whereas they watch the footy on Tv. Avoid dusting the Television set in the midst of the footy game although, as that spotlight to detail may not be welcomed by your associate. Alternatively, you can cook up an incredible BBQ for them to take pleasure in when the game bitch 1 bitch 2 shirts is over.

Hestia is the last word earth mother and is the Greek goddess of the hearth. She was type and nurturing, had really well-developed maternal instincts and was wonderful at cooking and baking. In Greek households of outdated, the residing flame of Hestia burnt continuously and was never allowed to exit. As towns and suburbs expanded, the fire was taken from the city’s hearth to mild the fires of the new subdivision. Most individuals are unaware that the Olympic flame is an example of Hestia’s dwelling flame that has continued to trendy times. Hestia is commonly referred to because the ‘forgotten’ goddess and is now associated with hospitality.

The previous adage, ‘barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen’ completely describes the Hestia side of your home goddess persona. As Hestia, your own home will be your castle and your kitchen will be your throne room. Your private home might be snug and very livable, a veritable refuge in your laborious-working accomplice. As he returns residence, he’ll savour the aromas of simmering stews and different delights conjured up by you within the kitchen.

Hestia will mother the neighbours and the neighbour’s kids. She’ll go out of her approach to make her companion’s uninvited company really feel welcome in her home and will don’t have any issues making her delicious meals stretch further if he forgets to inform her that he’s bringing his mates dwelling.

Which goddess are you most like?
Whereas the perfect domestic goddess is a mix of all of the 5 goddesses talked about above, the reality is that the majority of us are stronger in some areas and weaker in others. We have to work onerous to develop the areas we’re weak in, in order that we is usually a dutiful and loving accomplice, that is very valued by our hardworking spouses and envied by his mates.

We will become a Jill of all trades, useful with a hammer, an iron, a spade and a sexual animal in the bedroom. We are able to serve our companion, making his happiness our mission, his pleasure our pleasure. We will be his golf caddy and his finest good friend. We’re domestic goddesses, we are able to do all of it.

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Kuan Yin



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sendingJulie 5 years in the past

What’s with these roles for females? Just be an individual, male or feminine or? and don’t let biological/cultural gender roles dictate your actions,

your sexual practices, career pursuits or your housecleaning model.

Your hubby must be ecstatic, Mix the Minx!

Combine 6 years in the past

I feel I’m a combine between Hestia as a result of I really like being a mom but I’m additionally a intercourse kitten like Aphrodite. I guess I get pleasure from making the infants as much as caring for them. 😉

AuthorCindy Vine 6 years in the past from Cape City

Angelcakes, you are so right, f%$#@k the fifties dream! Mrs stepford, it is a pity nowadays people are inclined to look down at mothers who elect to stay at dwelling to boost their kids1

Mrs Stepford 6 years ago

Attempting onerous at cracking this ‘career’ too. Solely ever wished to be a stay at home Mother and spouse, and there definitely aren’t function models nowadays. Its a sad disgrace that being a spouse/mother/domestic goddess isn’t extra celebrated.

angelcakes 6 years ago

on first thoughts I might like to be a home godess, and you’ve hit the nail on the top with the lack of position models there for girls, however after studying this article I really feel reasonably differently about all of it. I’m simply coming to the end of my maternity depart from college with our third child (ages 5, three and eight months) and let me let you know something, I am never extra demeneted and mentally unstable than when I have had all three children to care for by myself for a full day let a lone a week or even longer!! I could not watch for scholl to begin once more for my eldest! Maybe it is the pressures I’ve put upon myself which might be making me greater than a little bit loopy, must have an ideal home, should be the perfect mom, have to be the right wife but it surely simply is not potential… can anybody handle it?? I slightly assume this text simply provides to the unrealistic pressures. And in addition, simply because you are all of those ‘Godesses’ doesn’t suggest your man wont stray, actually you’ll be able to grow to be a bore to him, so readily available, predictable, attainable….they dont like that, they like a challenge! I agree with the poster beneath “fuck this fifties housewife bullshit”, what a couple of modern day housewife?? somebody you’ll be able to have true respect for, somebody who would not just exist for someone elses pleasure?

acer laptop computer eight years ago

Great Hub you have got right here 🙂 Please take a look at my webpage would love to network!

lol, now ensure to study your mother and get some suggestions! Or, you can let her relaxation and also you turn into the home goddess!

Subsequent weekend is a bank holiday, so I will be luxuriating in home heaven in my parents’ country house (-:

Someday LG, you won’t work so laborious and you will be just like your mother as she’s proven you the way in which and inspired you! You cannot work so onerous without end!

Nah, I’m too busy working to do all that stuff at house.

RB I would say that was probably the Artemis Goddess

Hey LG, your mother seems like a super goddess de luxe and I am positive that you’ll comply with in her footsteps someday. Perhaps you are simply spending too much time on the Aphrodite?

LondonGirl eight years in the past from London

Fantastic hub!

My mom is an actual, honest-to-God, home goddess. She seems to be unbelievable (at the very least a decade youthful than the 60 she is), the home is tasteful and well-furnished, the backyard bursting with each wholesome flowers and organic veggies.

As well as, she makes each (healthy) meal from scratch, brews beer, makes bread, wine, jam, marmalade, each sort of preserves you can think of and some that you can’t, and knits and makes clothes, too.

I can not compete with that (-:

Randy Behavior eight years in the past from Close to the Ocean

Cindy just studying this made me exhausted. Which goddess is the one with a bustier and a laptop computer?

Hey, there are individuals who do foot therapeutic massage here in China as a profession!

I’d need to, rubber gloves, peg for nose etc and so on

Hey Hawkesdream, you should use scented stuff in the foot washing water!

Hawkesdream eight years in the past from Cornwall

Penelope ,for me, not the washing of the ft although ,PHEW Yuch!!

Good you are trying, Fortune!

fortunerep eight years in the past from North Carolina

I try, no one has expectations which is nice as a result of I would hate to let them down.

Hey Chicky, you will have to simply keep practising girl!

mnkychick68 eight years in the past

Cindy, I really loved your article. Looks like I have a long approach to go as I am barely Hestia by a thread! lol

Yeah MM, I like cooking so guess that makes me a bit Hestiaish as well.

BP, how did I do know? lol Possibly because of your super hero weapon

blondepoet eight years ago from australia

Wow Cindy now that is what I name a high quality Hub, woo hooo. I like the Aphrodite, now how did I know you alredy knew I’d say that LMAO.

Susan Reid 8 years in the past from The place Left is true, CA

This is too enjoyable! I aspire to being a home goddess however have an extended, long method to go…

Most like Hestia if I had to choose, tho. MM

TP with triplets you would be a sure fireplace Hestia!

Lol Janetta, as least you’ve a number of the qualities of the domestic goddess, so you are on the observe making a start.

Candie, yeah send the men off and we head to the biker bar, sounds enjoyable.

Triplet Mom 8 years in the past from West Coast

Great hub!! I am far from being a home goddess however that’s cool with me.

Janetta is such a good spouse! “go, sweetie, get outta the house and play along with your little pals” (While i drink margaritas and head over to the biker bar with Candie and Cindy) We totally rock, don’cha’know!

Janetta eight years in the past

LOL Cindy, good one! I think I’ve acquired Penelope down, however the rest are out the window. My husband would scoff on the Aphrodite one LOL I kill plants and I’m sure he would never describe me as nympho vamp LMAO!! I do nonetheless encourage him to play Poker along with his pals though–gets him out of the home!! haha 😀

lol Candie, yeah, certain activities can provde the munchies!

Possibly it was the “nice snacks”, holding some by every flat surface in the house, for emergency nutritional intake..don’cha’know! *wink*

Thanks Candie! Is it the multi-tasking within the bedroom that makes you want Artemis lol

Candie V 8 years ago from Whereever there’s wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We want an journey!

I am extra Artemis with Aphrodite sex drive. there does not appear to be an Aphrotemis in right here, so I shall create my own.. Perhaps I ought to discover a shop that sells “Artemis-wear” and head again to the biker bar.. simply pondering out loud here.. hub problem transferring along, go get em lady!

Diana, finest is to be a combine, then you’re a true domestic goddess!

dianacharles eight years ago from India

Great hub…I believe I’m a combine of some of these, though my Dad did identify me Diana, one other name for Artemis. Beloved the pix.

mmm JJ, somewhat bit of Aphrodite there!

LAmatadora eight years in the past

I believe I’m none of those…I’d somewhat be Calypso (daughter of Titan). Without end younger and lovely and immortal. The goddess or siren who uses sex as a ploy and simply lures males in with my wiles and do shameful things to them!! I assume I’m feeling randy this morning!! LOL~ JJ

but in reality -Possibly I’m like Aphrodite…IDK

AuthorCindy Vine 8 years ago from Cape City

lol Nazishnasim, now that would be telling! I believe Hestia is my strongest one.

nazishnasim 8 years ago


What a artistic and delightful hub! Between I relate most with Artemis :D. What about you?

bitch 1 bitch 2 shirts

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