Happy New Year! Hope you are all handling our record HEATWAVE Australia!!

Please be patient with your orders these next few days as our poor warehouse is reaching well over 55 degrees and we have had to close up the despatching for the safety of our poor despatch team!

With the cooler weather (promised by mr weatherman) approaching, we’ll be back up & running on Monday with no delay 🙂 thanks for your understanding fellow aussies!

Tuesday 24th December 2013

Merry Christmas Everybody! Just another notice to mention, the blankclothing team is on a little chrissy break until 6th Jan 2014! All orders will be dispatched in the new year.
See you all in 2014! woohoo 🙂

Monday 2nd December 2013

WELCOME TO BlankClothing’s NEW Website! We have work very hard to bring you a FRESH, NEW website for easy browsing and ordering.

What matters most is that this new site brings MORE savings to YOU!

How you ask?

Well, as long as you are buying from one product style, doesn’t matter which size or colour combinations you pick, YOU get the BULK price!

E.g. If you buy one red BODHI in size S, one blue BODHI in size M and one white BODHI in size L, you pay at the bulk price of 3+
(not the one off individual price..) Does that make sense? I hope it does 🙂

So anyways, we hope you enjoy the new website. Continue to give us your feedback to improve the site. And we thank you for your patiences as we iron out the kinks in this infantile site.

Friday 27th September 2013 – Hello Sunny Days!

Hi Guys! Guess What! We now have a pinterest account as another form of blogging. It’s gonna be full of picture inspirations, DIY ideas we’re loving and even specials we’re having here at Blank Clothing. Follow us here!

With the weather warming up and we’re shrugging off our doonas and jackets, the desire to get bikini ready kicks into gear. We have some new gear to help you out. Our favourites are the BIKRAM 3/4 leggings (Available up to size 20!) , LELE black leggings and ESCAPE mens trackies.

Wednesday 5th June 2013 – Its Getting Warm in Here!

Introducing our new range of Australian Made merino wool products! The prices are sure to make you happy this winter! Get your hands on these soft, warm thermals! Save up to 55% off retail prices! These awesome products are made to order, so please be patient and expect a week turnover.

Monday 20th May 2013

Introducing two NEW work wear products! We have Barry | safety hi vis sloppy joe | men sweater
and Tazzie | drill pants men 3M tape

UPF 50+ . Available in plus size, from S-5XL, regular drill pants from 77 to 112

Friday 5th April 2013

Looks what been hitting the retail stores this season. It’s a classic and rarely goes out of style but….. it’s the raglan 3/4 sleeve tshirt. We’re just shocked at the prices out there for this simple basic design!

Why pay $34.95 for a branded top, when at Blankclothing, you can get the Marty raglan tshirt from $12.10 !!!

Friday 22nd February 2013

Check Out what’s Back in Stock!!! Baby Zip Hoodies. We’ve named these AIDEN, after a new lil’ member to the blankclothing family. Available in 11 funky bright colours, these zip through hoodies make dressing baby a breeze!

Saturday 17thNovember 2012

Blank Clothing is now on facebook! Visit us there (and like us if you like…) to find the latest news and specials!

Find us here…

Thursday 27th Septmber 2012

What’s your basic accessory that never goes out of style? The old trusty baseball cap! With the sun popping out to say hello these days, here are a few celebrities that love a good baseball cap.

Singer Rihanna, Glee’s Chord Overstreet, Aussie Keith Urban, Singer Ne-yo

Tuesday 17th April 2012

Finally we have added some bling to our range of Make Your Own products. From creating your name in sparkles on clothing, to adding glamour to mobile phones, nails, frames…the list is endless! We now stock genuine Swarovski Crystals Flatback Rhinestones and Crafters Pick Jewel Bond Glue. Perfect for making your own creations with BlankClothing clothing.

Monday 2nd April 2012

What’s all the fuss with Bamboo?

Bamboo clothing is exceptionally light and soft, with almost a silky feel. This makes it breathable and cool compared to cotton. It wicks away moisture as well as absorb more water than cotton and polyester. It is anti-static as well as antibacterial, meaning that bacteria does not breed on the fabric. This helps bamboo clothing to have a natural deodorising property. And finally to top it all off, bamboo fibre is hypoallergenic, meaning it is great for people with allergies, eczema or other skin irritations.

Environmentally, the high growth rate and the fact that bamboo can grow in such diverse climates and in such high density probably makes bamboo, the most sustainable crop in the world. Additionally, a huge benefit of using bamboo is that there is no need for pesticides or fertilisers when growing bamboo, meaning a happier earth!

Some of our bamboo range are made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. 70% is fine to have all the benefits of bamboo whilst gaining the robustness of cotton.

We have bamboo clothing for kids, adults; men & women, bamboo towels and bathrobes.

Wednesday 29th February 2012

Happy Leap Year! We have introduced a new catergory “WHAT’S NEW” so you can easily check out the latest arrivals to Blank Clothing.
Here’s a sample of some of the new arrivals…
We have some great quality singlets for basketball, training or triathlon, etc.
There’s the SUNNY visor, the DEAKIN bag and the staple item of any rockstars wardrobe, the GRUNGE marl tshirt – available in mens and womens.

Tuesday 10th January 2012

WELCOME TO 2012 PEEPS!! And to celebrate the new year, we have 100% Bamboo Tshirts
for men and women. Hypo-allergenic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static and most importantly, soft and friendly to mother nature!

Wednesday 15th December 2011

Order Now! Last shipping Day on 21st December.
Don’t worry though! We are taking orders throughout the festive period for shipment commencing after the New Year 2012.

We wish everybody a fun and happy Christmas and New Year!
Thanks for all your love and support. Enjoy the festivities and keep safe!

-Love the Blank Clothing Team

Monday 7 November 2011: NEW Products just in time for Summer!…

After trying to stuff everything into the one little gym bag, we have sourced a great sports bag with separate compartments for wet clothes and shoes! We’re calling this bag the ARENA. Or a simple alternative is the new LIBBY, a great nylon bag for putting your swim gear or shoes in.

Protect your head in total street style, with the STREET trucker hat, available in a range of colours!

Grab the latest trend for 2011, a la Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga or Kanye West,
with the ACE Varsity Jacket. Save over 36% off the RRP with our Varsity Jacket in a range of funky colour combos!

Fancy a picnic? You’re gonna need the PENGUIN cooler bag to keep all your drinks nice and cool as a..penguin!
With all these products, there are savings from 15%-61% off RRP!!!!

Think Pink for October

Thanks for helping BlankClothing raise money for Pink Ribbon Day!

Your support has helped raise needed funds to support ground breaking research, prevention, awareness and patient support. You will be supporting other Australians who fight this disease every day.

Wednesday 20 June 2011: cleaner, greener, kinder t-shirt manufacturing…

Do you know what Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is all about? Just for starters, it’s great news for people (and parents) with sensitive skin or allergies. No harmful residues on the fabric, no toxins involved in the manufacturing process.

Tuesday 31 May 2011: man-made fibres making huge comeback…

Global clothing manufacturers are on-trend, on-ecology and on-economy by turning more to the new generation of man-made fibres to make clever blends to reduce the fashion industry’s reliance on cotton fibres. Viscose is the basis for one of these alternatives, this mix of natural and man-made components producing a silky-feeling, softly-draping and breathable fabric. Our new batwing t-shirts for women are a great example of viscose in action. Check them out.

Wednesday 12 January 2011: Aussie cotton wipe-out…

While the human cost of flooding in Queensland and Northern NSW is the most heart-rending, the commercial cost of the loss of cotton crops will be hugely felt and further add to the global cotton crisis. Again we stress: if you can, assess future needs and buy stock now.

Tuesday 28 December 2010: global cotton crisis…

It’s official, there is now a global cotton crisis. Extreme weather conditions and related devastation in China and Pakistan is causing a global cotton shortage that will last for many years. The price of raw cotton material is already starting to shoot up – 80% higher now than six months ago – and in countries like India there is now hoarding to further restrict supply and raise prices even further. Mills have been shut down due to the lack of cotton fibre to process. Combined with problems caused by nature, we are faced with labour strikes in India causing factory shut-downs, rocketing wages for factory workers in China and increased value in the Chinese dollar versus the US dollar. Conditions are like a “perfect storm” for turning the world’s greatest “cheap” natural fibre into a luxury-priced item. As more manufacturers have started turning to polyester, demand has quickly outstripped supply and now polyester prices are following cotton skywards. We have done everything we possibly can to reduce our costs and keep prices to our customers as low as possible. Beyond that, all we can advise is to plan for future needs, buy soon and save!

Monday 12 December 2010: a cotton tale…

Yes, as anticipated, overseas manufacturers are already flagging price rises for the new year, due to increasing offshore cotton and labour costs. We’ve been able to hold off the inevitable for longer than we thought possible, given the stronger Aussie dollar, but from the start of January 2011 prices across most of our range – all wholesale imported stocks in Australia – must gradually increase. Stock up now – it could be a long time in future before we see prices as cheap as they have been this year. Blank t-shirts etc will never be cheaper than right now!

Friday 15 October 2010: will prices drop?

Some customers have been wondering if prices on imported blank t-shirts etc will fall soon, now that the Aussie dollar is riding so high. Here’s the inside story. Manufacturers in China have already flagged forthcoming price rises. These increases are being blamed on increases in the cost of cotton production from farming right through to manufacturing, where wages in the maturing Chinese economy have risen 30-40%. With higher import costs from China, even with the Aussie dollar stronger, we could be looking back on this era as “the good old days” for buying blanks in Australia. “$2 t-shirts” no more?

Thursday 7 October 2010: “new blank” launch day

Welcome to our new website! After almost five years on the old steam-driven technology, we’re pleased to have this lovely new online store for the benefit of our customers. So many new features! We’re still catching up with our huge range, so if there is anything that you used to find on our old site, but can’t find yet on our new site, give us a call or send an email. We’ll put the desired item/s at the head of the queue for category listing and should be able to order it again in no time.

Wednesday 4 August 2010: import ups and downs

Well, we can thank this year’s fluctuations in the Aussie dollar for causing some unwelcome price increases. Although the AUD has been faring a bit better lately, most of the stock currently held in Australia was bought from overseas manufacturers several months ago, when the AUD was copping a battering. There is nothing we can do to avoid passing on these manufacturer-imposed price increases, but there is hope for reductions in 2011 if our currency continues its stronger performance through to the end of this year.

Thursday 8 July 2010: the wonders of technology

Being the #1 online store for blank clothing in Australia since 2006, our ginormous website has outgrown the “ancient” technology it was originally built on. After eighteen months of serious creative and technological development spanning three continents, our new blank clothing website is almost ready for launch. It’s a glorious, state-of-the-art online superstore with all our established departments: t-shirts, hoodies, shirts, babies and kids, bags, etc – still offering bulk wholesale prices, of course, and an even bigger range. What’s new will be all the new features to make shopping with us easier, faster and more enjoyable. We can’t wait!

Friday 25 June 2010: the seasons they go round

When summer goes on and on (like it did this year) many people forget to place their orders for hoodies in time for winter. So this year, as usual, we are run off our feet organising “urgent” hoodie deliveries all over Australia. As if winter wasn’t going to arrive eventually! We’ve had some stock issues and called for urgent imports (by sea, that is) to fill the gap. So far, so good. Just a reminder that winter 2011 is likely to arrive in May/June next year, so try getting your hoodie orders in a little earlier!

Thursday 29 April 2010: the growing blank clothing crew

Welcoming our new team members… Pamela in customer support, Giselle in customer service, and Salve in accounts. And now there are six of us “blanks” at your service.

Wednesday 18 February 2010: the Buffy v. Beefy debate

100% Cotton Night Branches Short Sleeve Custom Summer Children's T-shirt

By popular demand we are now representing Hanes® brand blank t-shirts. It’s the first time we’ve flirted with a major brand since giving up on Bonds® (after they stopped manufacturing in Australia). We’re having a little trouble coming to terms with a “Beefy” tee for ladies, and given our way we’d call it a “Buffy”. Nonetheless, Hanes® make good blank tees at good prices, no argument about that.

Friday 29 January 2010: it’s a global village of blanks

What’s good looking, easy to wear, out of Ireland by way of Morocco? Our new range of blank t-shirts… fashion forward, first in value.

Friday 6 November 2009: feel good, do good, be good

At last we have certified organic and fairtrade t-shirts in our range. Fairtrade-certified is a much-awaited addition to our existing range of certified organic cotton and Australian-made merino wool.

Friday 18 September 2009: amazing pure merino wool

We have added the Hikenbiker® range to our store. Hikenbiker® is designed and made in Australia from pure Australian superfine Merino wool. We’ve got fantastic thermal underwear items including long john leggings and singlets, plus the lightest and most breathable t-shirts on the planet. Perfect for cyclists and bikers, hikers and climbers, packers and trekkers all over the world (yes, we’ll ship almost anywhere). Unique and marvellous, you’ll love Hikenbiker®.

Thursday 12 March 2009: getting into the great outdoors

This month we welcome the Harvest® label to Harvest® t-shirts, shorts, polos, and outerwear are stylish, high-quality classics with European design influences. Their range of jackets and hoodies in particular are exclusive and highly desired around the world. Sailors and outdoor types rave about their high-tech innovations such as laminated fabrics for warmth and weatherproofing without weight. Harvest® joins Identitee® at the upper end of our online range.

Thursday 5 February 2009: starting out as a fashion designer

The question we are often asked is: “How can I get started in the fashion industry?” The wait may be over for your designs to take their turn on the runway. Project Runway Australia is searching for the “next big thing in fashion” and Australia’s most talented designers. WANTED: raw talent and untapped potential. Design must be your passion and your skills up to the task. This is a fantastic opportunity to launch your fashion career. The 2008 winner, Julie Grbac, went from her backyard operation in Brisbane to launching her own line at Melbourne Fashion Week. Next it could be you! Applications close 6 March 2009, so if you’re a budding designer, don’t delay. Visit to bookmark this page before leaving).

Tuesday 27 January 2009: celebrity t-shirt watch

Here’s the answer to an FAQ: “Is that Nick Littlemore from PNAU modelling your t-shirts?” The answer is: “Yes.” True that we Blank Clothing people are fans of Nick’s music, and in the office we play the album by Nick’s other project, Empire of the Sun, all the time. Love it! More about PNAU?

Yes, this is Nick Littlemore from the bands PNAU and Empire Of The Sun (EOTS) wearing our “Breeze” designer-style t-shirts. Cool.

Wednesday 6 August 2008: oh baby, baby… ooh baby, baby

Where to buy organic baby clothing ready to print or decorate – so many people have been wanting to know. At last we’ve got great designs in certified organic cotton. Rompers, bibs, caps, and t-shirts for baby, and organic t-shirts for grown-ups as well. Going organic does not have to be expensive, as these styles show. First shipment due in early September 2008, so get ready to order. More styles coming.

Friday 18 July 2008: getting started in the baby fashion business

How to start a baby clothing business? Here’s a great article on getting started – and why to keep going. Read about three success stories: Oobi Baby, Dew Drop and Petit Maison here

Wednesday 12 February 2008: the long and the short of it

Lots of exciting new offerings this month. There are new colours in popular styles, and long-awaited long sleeve t-shirts for children.

Friday 25 January 2008: light as a feather

The big news this summer is definitely ultralight fabric for t-shirts. Our hottest lines are Ladies Ibiza Featherweight Designer Tee, and Mens/Ladies American Style T-Shirts, and the Breeze Ultralight. Our regular t-shirts are available in ultralight fabric at a bargain price, if you can live with black or white only. The more generous cut of regular tees suits the current oversize t-shirt look.

Wednesday 29 August 2007: baby on the way

We’ve got new blank baby clothing lines arriving. Australian made. Too beautiful an idea for baby shower gifts, boutique items, craft stalls, funky custom decoration.

Monday 16 July 2007: jackets are us

We’ve just added a whole new range to our store. We’re loving the quality of these new garments, and the way they arrive individually bagged and swing-tagged ready for pricing. This added value is sure to interest some of our boutique customers. And we’ve ventured into whole new areas of blank world with things like roadie jackets. Ours have a heavy fleece lining with a nylon outer, and aside from being very durable and practical they are also really stylish in that authentic roadie-looking way (apologies to Frank Zappa).

Tuesday 15 May 2007: manufacturing blanks in Australia

At last we can manufacture small quantities of custom made clothing in Australia at reasonable prices. This is a real breakthrough for customers wanting to produce a range of maternity t-shirts; schools, sports teams and companies needing raglans or hoodies in custom colour combinations; and boutique customers wanting that authentic designer look under their own label. More info on custom manufactured t-shirts and hoodies contact us.

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