Christian T-shirts As A Testimony

New Design 100% Cotton Printed On Sensual Lady 333 Children's T-shirtThe human person has been interpreted in various ways by some great philosophers. Plato believed that the human person consists not only of body but also of immortal soul. Not diverting to this belief is St. Thomas Aquinas. However, he offered a much deeper meaning to our existence; that is the human person is an Imago Dei. This means that we are not just embodied souls; we are God creation. We are created in His goodness and His image. This idea of Imago Dei by St. Thomas actually inspired the creation of Christian t-shirts. Christian t-shirt designs help produce several insights about human morality. And more than that, Christian t-shirt designs help develop the morality of happiness.

According to St. Thomas, all of us have the inclination to goodness. Doing good acts is our human nature, mainly because our Creator is the Ultimate Good. And by following this inclination, we become closer to our true self and to God. And by being closer to God, we achieve true happiness. In short, by doing good, we become truly happy. But these good acts are not just acts in themselves. They are composed of our intentions and means of doing the act, the consequences of the act, and the act in itself. And helping us do some good acts is our fellow Christians, who creatively developed Christian t-shirts. Christian t-shirts are worn for the sake of gentle spiritual conversion, and thus, the intentions, means and the consequences of the act are good in themselves. Also, the act of wearing Christian t-shirt itself doesn violate or remove goodness; hence, is considered good.

St. Thomas believed that if all the conditions stated above are good, then the total act is good. Since it was already proved that all the conditions of wearing Christian t-shirts are good, then the act is good. Also, we are in the right circumstance of wearing Christian t-shirts. This is because the world we live in is in a state of moral chaos that we need to spread the meaning of an authentic and fulfilling life through these Christian t-shirts, just as God has planned it.

As a summary, we should be a good example to our fellowmen. We should show them how to live a life guided by God love. And how do we do this? Jesus himself said that we should follow the Ten Commandments and to come follow him. Simply put, we should not only follow God words but also spread them. And Christians, in this modern time, have successfully made way for spreading God word in the easiest and most effective way possible; that is, by making a statement through Christian t-shirts. By wearing these Christian t-shirts, we testify that all of us really are Imago Dei. By wearing these Christian t-shirts, we testify that all of us deserve a happy life, just as God has planned it.

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