100% Cotton Prieel Short Sleeve Customized Printed On Children's T-shirt

I’m heavily into collecting motorcycle memorabilia. Old spark plugs boxes. Tank badges. Speedometers. Vintage pistons. Tools. Sales literature. Manuals. Anything. My life revolves around the stuff that I’m accumulating from autojumbles, or from small ads, or from online auction sites. My dad reckons I’ll grow out of it, but it seems to me that I’m growing more and more into it. It’s one of life’s more enjoyable problems.

I collect T-shirts too, particularly tees from the 1960s and 1970s. And not just motorcycle tees, but hot rod shirts, surfing shirts, and anything with The Beach Boys on it. This Sump T-shirt (main image, left) is one of four or five that I’ve got, and these days it’s the one I’m most likely to wear. It’s simple. Cool. Instantly recognisable. And I’ve got a thing about motorcycle goggles which is why there’s 19 vintage pairs in my collection.

We call this Sump T-shirt the
Type 2 design. It’s simplified and doesn’t have the goggle straps as seen on the earlier Type 1. I’ve got both shirts and can’t decide which one I prefer. It changes from day to day, or from mirror to mirror.

We sell either type for just 拢14.99. But take care; they’re highly addictive. Meanwhile, check out the other tees in the Sump collection. When you decide which one’s right for you, place your order and we’ll get it to you as fast as the postman can run. Good enough?”


Remember how it used to be? Levi jeans? Hair? Acne? A thirty inch waist? Platform boots? A chopper magazine stuffed in your back pocket? Something for the weekend in your wallet? And a cool T-shirt to cover those rippling biceps and chest muscles?

We do.

So okay, many years ago we gave up on the acne, the platform boots, most of the hair and all the chest muscle. But we’re still laying claim to the jeans, the chopper mags and the T-shirts.

And speaking of T-shirts, when we launched Sump, it was obvious that we needed to promote the site beyond the www. Promotion, after all, is the name of the game. But whispering to people on buses and telephoning random strangers didn’t get us far (but brother, believe us, we tried).

So we lit upon the classic bike
T-shirt idea and figured that we’d produce a few of our own and see how many torsos we could turn into human billboards.

We started with a Genuine Sump T-shirt, and that went down okay. And then we tried the Sump “Goggles” T-shirt, and that went down okay too.

Then we figured that we could come up with a few more general classic bike designs, and so we did, and so we sold ’em, and so we’re still selling ’em.

They help keep us in beers, you understand. They help pay for Sump. And, equally importantly, they help us stay young (young at heart, that is, if not necessarily in body).

T-shirt ordering

All Sump classic T-shirts are original designs. We’re adding to them all the time, and we usually despatch the next day攐r the day after that if we get a Saturday order. And if you swivel your eyes a few degrees to the left, you can check ’em out for yourself.

We sell the four main sizes, and extra-extra large shirts on most designs (and even extra-extra-extra large on some).

Unfortunately, we can’t help with the acne, the thirty-inch waist and the platform boots, etc. But maybe we can help you feel a little younger, for a while anyway.

Stay young.

And cool.


We only sell tees we

wear and enjoy. If you have a problem with anything you buy from us, tell us and we’ll

sort it out. Pronto.

No fuss. No arguments.

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