Common Cancun Myths Part 1

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word 渕yth?has two definitions. The first relates to the telling of a traditional story of the early human history, and often involving supernatural beings. Oxford second definition of 渕yth?is more in line with the topic of our discussion here: widely held but false belief or idea? Especially in modern society, stereotypes can often evolve from myths, and vice versa. Each phenomenon has a grain of truth at its center; a truth that has been moulded and shaped according to spiritual beliefs, ego, greed, politics, or genuine misunderstanding.

Climate Myth

Men's Print 3 Stacked Birds DEUX by dotsofpaint Short Sleeve T ShirtsThere is a common myth that Mexico is a dessert, an arid landscape with nothing but sand, tumbleweeds and cacti right up to the water edge. The idea that money buys happiness is a similarly silly notion. Let consider the facts. Out of 250 counterparts, Mexico is the 14th largest independent state in the world spanning more than 761,000 square miles. Mexico borders stretch from the United States in the north to the Caribbean Sea and Central America in the south, the Pacific Ocean in the west, and the Gulf of Mexico in the east..

There are four major mountain ranges within the borders of Mexico, crisscrossing the country from north to south and east to west. As a result, central and northern Mexico are high in altitude. The Tropic of Cancer is an imaginary line of latitude marking the position in which the sun appears directly overhead and at its zenith in the New Design Cotton Design She is beautiful Children’s T-shirt southern hemisphere. The sun is at its closest in relation to the earth in this region and at its most intense feeling. Yet we already know Mexico has three major bodies of water lapping at its shores.

The climate of Mexico is diverse and complicated, which is the point here. Sure, there are arid regions, but there are also tropical rainforests, low-lying wetlands, and even some snow-covered mountains! Cancun happens offers warm summer nights without the intensity of desert-like dryness, due to its subtropical environment. Mexico has an extremely varied landscape, and so the characterization of it as being 榟ot and dry?isn strictly accurate.

You definitely want to dress for a warm climate when in Cancun, so pack appropriately. Shorts, t-shirts with short sleeves, sandals, hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, light blouses and so on. Pack your best walking shoes if you plan to explore Cancun city or check out the forested areas. Include a light sweater or jacket as well, those ocean breezes are refreshing but they can make some bodies feel chilly.

We will dispel another typical Cancun myth in part two of this series, so stay tuned: all Mexican food is spicy.

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