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On The Sublimation Switch Printing, Textile Printing

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Sublimation Transfer Also called “air pollution”, mainly used for clothes, footwear, hats, advertising, handicrafts and construction decoration, the method is quite simple. It could switch off-site off-site manufacturing, short production cycle, in the textile Printing Industry thriving.

By high temperature in order that strong substances without directly into a gasoline liquefaction process of change is named “sublimation.” Sublimation transfer printing is used with dye sublimation inks, by lithography, display printing, embossing printing and printing on paper (we name it “sublimation switch paper”), then its application to transfer to the sublimation heat and pressure with the substrate paper, sublimation switch paper to ink gas to heat adjustments however on the substrates to air after the completion of dyeing, is a meaningful methodology of fabric dyeing. Its essential function is the use of flexible small paper, the printing of straightforward graphic high quality lifelike, excessive shade fastness, can actually put Picture transfer on the fabric, the fabric graphic coloration fastness, breathability Sturdy, beautiful coloration. The next two separate sublimation transfer production to speak in regards to the production process of issues needing attention.

1, the normal mode of manufacturing

Pre-press work: sublimation transfer paper of the pre-press manufacturing work is essential, because the manufacturing of dye sublimation switch paper-based inks used in prepress and after the switch was in flip the coloration varies significantly. Sublimation Transfer Ink CMYK four-colour prepress flip darkish and looked dull (no white sublimation ink switch printing ink), which is about 200 high temperature by decreasing true shade, so color to our college manufacturing of transfer paper and printing to be tough. Solutions: (1) start with a small sampling; (2) adjusted in line with customer necessities; (Three) to verify and then mass production.

Printing tools: sublimation switch paper version of the final excessive-quantity use of concave and convex (concave printing machine) or offset printing (offset) printing, small portions of used screen (guide, semi-computerized, fully automated display screen printer) printing, Use bump printing and screen printing, then to the ink quantity, the best choice for non-proliferation of pure ink Solvent , Offset printing ink with skinny after the corresponding color of mild switch. Sublimation switch paper base paper typically used within the 60g-100g Offset.

Transfer Equipment: Basic sub-batch (stage structure and surface type) and steady (sizzling roll) two types of Scorching Press. Intermittent (stage format) used for ceramics of the transfer fabric or flat, intermittent (floor sort) for the shaped ceramic or footwear, hat the switch, steady (heat roller) for high volume, giant-scale swap fabrics India.

Second, digital production Digital sublimation switch paper manufacturing compared with the normal mode of manufacturing extra flexible and workable, no plate and the benefits of unlimited quantity from India, their tools than the standard transfer gear and the remainder are the same absolutely geared up with the digital, small, quick and easy operation.

(1) MAC or Apple G3 or extra highly effective high-pace Laptop pc configuration. Host Pentium4, CPU2.4, memory at the least 512MB, exhausting disk house 80G. System software program Windows200/WindowsXP.

(2) high decision colour Desktop Inkjet Giant excessive-decision inkjet printer or printer-specific.

(3) frequent software program has Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Freehand, Photoshop.

Its sublimation inkjet printing provides have Ink And unusual paper. Operators ought to have proficiency in working a variety of graphics associated software program and some fundamental artwork, in a position to repair defective design and enhancing.

Three, Conclusion Each the traditional forms of manufacturing of sublimation switch or sublimation transfer printing is now in digital type, though it has many benefits, but there are some limitations and shortcomings.

Instance: used for transfer printing on fabrics, only excessive-temperature a part of the white or light-colored artificial fiber fabrics akin to: polyester, acrylic, etc., used for other fabrics reminiscent of: polyamide and acrylic fabrics The product is always shiny and fastness fly within the ointment, after all cannot be utilized on cotton fabric. Arduous substrate material additionally is restricted to: the treated ceramic and glass. Additionally eat a considerable amount of paper, although less by way of observe and arduous to make use of, upkeep, reuse and other means, however not superb. Creator Field gaga has 1 articles on-line

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