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How To use Shot Glasses For Wedding Favors

Couples are all the time searching for something more exciting and enjoyable for his or her wedding ceremony favors and a few couples want to present their visitors small, yet useful and elegant favors. One way to provide one thing exciting and fun but small and elegant is to make use of shot glasses for wedding ceremony favors.

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Shot glasses make perfect wedding favors since they can be customized by having them engraved and they are not one thing the visitors are more likely to throw or give away later on. Just just like the little souvenirs from anywhere else, they are often customized with the couple’s title, marriage ceremony date and even a short “Thanks” type message.

They’re also an especially versatile sort of marriage ceremony favor because they are often decorated up, wrapped, hold candies or cookies or really something that is small, and they don’t really price quite a bit in case you shop around, particularly on-line, and buy them in bulk.

Fill with Candy and Wrap Them Up
A technique to use shot glasses for marriage ceremony favors is to place small wedding M&M’s inside them and wrap them in decorative tulle that matches the wedding colours. Or you possibly can wrap them in personalized papers for actually distinctive homemade wedding ceremony favors.

To do this, buy coloured development paper in one or more colors that match your wedding ceremony theme, or culture shirts design buy white paper and tie color ribbon round the skin. Lower the paper to slightly larger than the size of the glass, then wrap the paper across the glass.

This offers you a kind of decorative “bucket” look. Then you fill the glass with candies or a couple of small homemade cookies, or customized matches, really anything that you feel expresses your self to your friends and suits your personality and the tone of the wedding.

Use Them as Candle Holders
One other manner to make use of them for wedding favors is to mix them with small votive candles. Like with the paper, purchase candles that are the colours of the wedding and drop them into the glasses. Then add some ribbon or a tag to the outside to personalize it a bit.

Fill Them with Plantable Seeds or Potpourri
Loads of couples at the moment are giving plantable seeds for marriage ceremony favors and what better solution to package deal the seeds than putting small packets of them into the shot glasses. When the visitors go home and plant the seeds, they’ll still have the decorative shot glass to display as a keepsake of the wedding.

It’s also possible to buy frosted glasses and then have them etched with your names and wedding date. Frosted shot glasses make beautiful small packages for seeds, potpourri or candies.

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