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Fluorescent Ink Features, And Screen Printing Application

Fluorescent ink As a Special Ink , Mainly used in anti-counterfeiting and packaging Print Areas (such as used in bank notes, bank checks, stamps, card, and advanced smoke, oil, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other name brand security products and packaging and printing, etc.), by gravure printing, offset printing, flexo printing method, etc.. But in recent years in research and development with the fluorescent ink is more comprehensive, thorough and complete, and continuously developed for precision screen printing of fluorescent ink, fluorescent ink so that the screen printing application is more extensive, such as the display window for printing , decal, bumper protection gear, industrial insurance, equipment, body and Outdoor advertising , Posters, magazine covers, invitations, and other cloth standard. As the fluorescent ink is a special ink, the use of technology and there are some differences between the general ink, therefore, must be familiar with its features and various printability can print out the fine print products.

Men's Custom Fashionable Giraffe Short Sleeve T-ShirtFluorescent ink is often called hidden-color ink is to UV (200 ~ 400nm), etc. issued under the visible light irradiation (400 ~ 800nm) of the special ink. The main components of fluorescent ink fluorescent Yen (dye) material, which is the functional light-emitting paints, pigments and the general difference is that when the external light (including UV) irradiation, with certain forms of energy, not transformed into heat energy, but photons to visible light energy absorbed form of release, resulting in different hues of the fluorescence phenomenon. Unusual shade combine to form different bright colors, and when the light to stop light, the light phenomena will disappear. This is sometimes invisible ink or infrared light in the UV luminescence, because of its convertible and hidden features, and color copier can not be replicated on the precise characteristics of their application is becoming increasingly popular. Fluorescent ink is the use of fluorescent pigments by adding a certain percentage of resin binders, fillers, stabilizers, and drying, grinding or three roll ink Grinding machine Processed. Fluorescent pigment is the main raw material manufacturing fluorescent ink, UV light exposure can be excited and show color. According to their molecular structure can be divided into inorganic and organic fluorescent pigments fluorescent pigments, inorganic fluorescent pigment fluorescent pigment, also known as ultraviolet light, which is made of metal (zinc, chromium, etc.) or rare earth oxide and sulfide trace with the active agent by calcine, colored or light-colored, rendered in different colors under ultraviolet light. Its stability is good, but difficult to disperse in the oil medium, water resistance is poor, the plate has some wear and corrosion. Organic fluorescent pigment, also known as daylight fluorescent pigments, mainly synthetic resin containing fluorescent dye solid solution, is a fluorescent dye (fluorescent) to be dispersed in a transparent, brittle resin vector made of, the date of irradiation, the emission is different from the ordinary color high-brightness visible light, accompanied by the appropriate amount of blended or non-fluorescent pigments, available in different colors of fluorescent paint. Characteristics of organic fluorescent pigment is easily synthesized, dispersed in the oily medium is good, but most of sunlight excitation, the current majority of bad stability. In addition, rare earth fluorescence complex, it has prepared a simple, easy to refine, the dispersion in the oily medium, soluble, colorless in visible light, ultraviolet excitation fluorescence showed strong results, and stability of the many advantages, but costly, and because of rare earth fluorescence complex organic fluorescent ink viscosity is small, easily caused in the printing resulting emulsion floating dirty or ink roller inking, especially in a colorless, transparent ink, need regular checks to prevent leakage arising as deinking printed phenomenon, therefore, this type of fluorescent ink is generally not suitable for lithography.

Ink or paint through the reflected light to display color, but the common ink colors and the reflection characteristics of fluorescent inks of different colors. Fluorescent ink can convert short wavelength light superposed on growth and fluorescence wavelengths of light, through the conversion and stacking to form a special brightness and visibility fluorescent colors. If the red fluorescent red with some reflection, and the other colors (green, blue and purple) into the red as the red comes out of the wavelength, as is the internal radiation from objects out of colors, the use of fluorescent ink printing available 4 times ordinary ink brightness and visibility. Fluorescent ink in the dim light, such as dusk and dawn, it is very bright.

Fluorescent ink manufacturing process requires the production and printing of a special treatment process. We know that fluorescent particles will produce a range of light and special clean colors such as yellow, orange, red, crystal red, green and blue and so on. In a dark environment, the fluorescent ink will send the light. The key is to have the effect of this special color ink contains pigments that can absorb ultraviolet energy and convert that energy into longer wavelengths of visible light.

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