Dog Clothing Can Provide Cool, Comfortable Protection From The Sun For Your Dog

100% Cotton STAY ON TARGET V2 Short Sleeve Customized Autumn Children's T-shirtAs a dog owner, you constantly strive to protect your pets and show your love to them. Dogs love to play outside and explore their surroundings and you enjoy seeing our furry friend happy and playful. Play time outdoors is important for both your dogs physical as well as emotional health. Dogs need to run, play and interact with other people and dogs.

While you want them to be able to enjoy their play time outdoors it is also important that you think about how sensitive they are to the effects of the sun. Protecting your dog from the sun is a critical part of your pet’s care. The sun’s UV rays are extremely dangerous for your dog when they are not properly protected. Just like you, your dog’s eyes and skin are susceptible to being damaged and burned when they are not shielded from Cheap 100% Cotton Summer Spring Walk a landscape painting with colors of spring Children’s T-shirt the sun. Dr. Louise Murray Director of Medicine at the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital says “Dogs can suffer multiple ill effects of sun exposure, including sunburn, skin inflammation, and several kinds of skin cancer, skin cancers caused by sun exposure in dogs include squamous cell carcinoma and hemangiosarcoma.”

Some dogs, like Short-haired dogs, are more susceptible to the effects of the sun, because their skin is more exposed. However, all breeds of dogs and of course puppies, if not protected will suffer painful sun burns, and potential long term health issues. It is your job as a dog owner to make sure that your pet is properly protected. You cannot just take human sunscreen and use it on a dog. Their hair and its oils prevent the sunscreen from being absorbed. There is sunscreen made for dogs however, it can be hard to find and is fairly expensive, not to mention this does nothing to protect their eyes. A simple cost effective and cute solution is dog clothes and hats.

Dog clothes provide the best protection from the sun and will prevent your dog from burning and developing skin cancers caused by the sun. Dog clothes for sun protection need to be lightweight and comfortable. Bulky clothes during the summer can cause even more problems in the heat. Light t-shirts and vests are great. So are lightweight dog dresses for female dogs. Dog dresses, shirts and vests are certainly cool, cute and stylish, but more importantly provide protection they need from sun.

Dog hats are really the only way to protect your dog’s eyes. Good luck trying to get them to wear sunglasses. When looking at hats for sun protection you need a hat that will securely fasten under their chin. Dog hats without chin straps will fall off as soon as they start to run and play. You will spend more time running after your dog trying to put their hat back on than they will spend with it on.

On top of the light summer clothes and hats with chin straps for protection on hot summer days make sure that you keep them hydrated. With their fur, protective hat, shirt and all of their running around, they are going to get hot and need a drink.

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