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27 Intelligent Ways To use Everyday Stuff In the Package..

All the boring outdated junk you’ve obtained lying around the house secretly yearns to be the place the meals is.

1. Turn empty baby food jars into magnetic spice containers.

2. Use a magazine rack to organize pesky pot and pan lids.

Three. Curtain rods additionally make handy lid holders.

Four. Identical goes for adhesive plastic Command hooks.

5. Keep painter’s tape and a Sharpie round so you’ll be able to label all the pieces.

Men's Heart of the Wild Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt6. Use empty Tic Tac boxes to store small quantities of spices.

7. Take the handle off an outdated rake and switch it right into a wineglass rack.

8. This kind of journal rack works nice for storing plastic wrap, and so forth.

9. Flip an old button-down shirt into a cute apron.


10. Flower pots make great utensil holders.

11. Clean out an previous software box to use as a caddy for silverware or dishes.

12. Use a file organizer to store pans, dishes, and chopping boards.

13. Build simple, colorful containers out of Legos.

14. Use dental floss to chop soft foods like cheese.

15. Refill empty baking powder containers with other components so you’ll be able to easily level spoonfuls.

Sixteen. You can too add a strip of masking tape to any jar to make measuring easy.

17. Use empty tissue containers to corral plastic bags.

18. CD holders might be reborn as bagel caddies.

19. dtg custom shirts Use shoe bins to prepare foods in your freezer.

20. Use a pants hanger to hold up a journal recipe while you cook.

21. Save the clips from low cost hangers to shut chip bags.

22. Give tinfoil bins a makeover and use them for cookie gifting or storage.

23. Flip a pill case right into a useful travel spice kit.

24. Or you possibly can simply carry a contact lens case with you to ensure you’re by no means salt- or pepper-less.

25. Cling up a shoe organizer to retailer little snacks and food packages.

26. Mouse pads can dwell a second life as jar openers.

27. A hair dryer is a brilliant badass option to melt chocolate and marshmallows straight onto your dtg custom shirts graham.

dtg custom shirts

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