Expressing Our Faith

Faith is our deep interpersonal relationship with God. It is a gift for not every one of us has it. We, Christians, are blessed for being able to recognize God existence and being able to live our lives according to His call. Contradictory to others?beliefs, faith is actually much deeper than just believing in our Creator and trusting Him. Faith, in itself, is as deep as love. And there are a lot of ways to express our faith such as wearing Christian t-shirts. By wearing Christian t-shirts, we announce that we love God and He loves us too. This message is evident in the designs and verses printed on Christian t-shirts.

New Design Cotton Printed On PAINT Children's T-shirtFaith is not just a deep feeling for God. Men’s Brush Rocket Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirt It is also a response. An act is required for us to be able to say that we really have faith in Him. We can site a lot of examples in the Bible to justify this. One of these is when Moses did his mission for the Israelites in Egypt. After God revealed Himself in the form of a burning bush, Moses did not just kept his faith to himself. He showed it by saving God chosen people from slavery. Just like Moses, we should respond too. And one of these responses is wearing Christian t-shirts to testify God revelation to us. Wearing Christian t-shirts say something like 淕od showed Himself to me, and I recognize His presence. And wearing this Christian t-shirt is my own simple way of testifying to His existence.?/p>

There are various ways of expressing our faith in God. Some people become missionaries, who travel from country to country spreading the word of God. Some people enter to religious vocations, living a selfless and solitary life. And some people go to remote places, dedicating themselves to help and serve the poor, the weak, and the needy. These are great acts but we should recognize the fact that not all of us have these dreams and means of living. That one of the main reasons why Christian t-shirts are developed. For those people who have different callings, they can fulfill their Christian mission by simply wearing Christian t-shirts. They are able to live their own religious and divine life, though in a different way than what was previously stated, with the help of modern Christian t-shirts.

Our faith is not expressed only through great acts; it is also expressed in our small, day-to-day acts. Christians, nowadays, help their fellowmen express their own beliefs and convictions; that is, by creating and selling Christian t-shirts. With the Christian t-shirts?designs, they are able to spread the Christian virus in their own ways. What more is that by doing this, children and youth are given the chance to participate in God mission too by simply following the recent Christian t-shirt fashion trend.

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