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Creative Sessions With Six Considering Hats

Men's holding hands lapel Print Long Sleeve T-ShirtPondering hats provide a protected setting for everybody in a meeting to offer concepts, express positive/detrimental elements, and share feelings. The idea of using six different hats was developed by Edward DeBono as a approach to get individuals thinking each creatively and logically about producing and assessing ideas. Beneath is a prompt process sequence for using hats in a inventive session.

Blue hat worn by the meeting facilitator to make sure an effective “Six Considering Hats” course of is adopted. Open the meeting with goal assertion of what meeting is for. Then define each hat and the perfect order to progress by way of them.
White hat opinions any information that is offered on the subject being discussed. Everybody that has real information to contribute, whether or not good or unhealthy related to five element symbols subject should current the information without any bias or interpretation.
Inexperienced hat begins to generate workable and out-of-the box concepts. Use artistic thought technology methods like brainstorming or artistic pondering methods comparable to random word to start the method. Remind everybody to only provide concepts and never to specific any opinions about the concepts till the appropriate hats that comply with.
Yellow hat evaluation requires everyone to see the constructive in objects from the green hat process. Be constructive when discussing the advantages and opportunities that each concept might current.
Black hat assessment permits every particular person to express their detrimental assessment of an concept in a non-argumentative method. Focus on faults, errors, or five element symbols dangers associated to the objects being discussed. Be at liberty to ask inquiries to clarify concepts or potential processes that may be pursued.
Green hat follows to determine finest ideas to pursue from yellow hat and artistic options to issues recognized in black hat.
Crimson hat gives a possibility to precise emotions or feelings tied to the very best choice(s) chosen. This emotional discussion of what every individual within the room feels or reactions they consider others could have helps to work out points. This may lead to good plans for numerous contingencies.
Blue hat assures the group that progress has been made by restating the purpose of the session. The meeting course of and final results needs to be summarized. Then the facilitator gets actions assigned or tells the group what occurs subsequent with their outcomes.

Using this hat sequence in a artistic session will permit all meeting members to feel comfy sharing. It will probably forestall anyone from feeling as in the event that they or their ideas are being picked on. Use DeBono’s six pondering hats when holding an idea generating session the place the ideas will even have to be checked out for both positive and detrimental potential.

five element symbols

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