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Upgrading The Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker

The paintball sniper stays again out of the main action, typically hiding to take down his opponents one after the other with precision taking pictures. If this is your position of selection, your X7 Phenom makes an excellent sniper paintball gun.

The Frostbite Sniper Equipment is a implausible choice on your X7 Phenom and one in every of the most well-liked packages for this modification. The price of this sniper package runs from $350 to $400, however consists of everything you will need in your marker to be fully battle ready. You possibly can install the Frostbite Sniper Equipment on your X7 Phenom in lower than 5 minutes with a few easy tools (that come with the package).

Men's  Print Trippin Short Sleeve T ShirtsThe 18 inch raptor tactical rifled barrel included with the package will add much needed distance to your shot; it is a key element for a Men’s Custom dear and the nature Short Sleeve Tops Tees sniper. ‘Rifling’ in the barrel means it has tracks and grooves working down its size; this helps information the paintball for straighter, spin-free shots. The rifling additionally provides a bit more distance to your shot as properly, but its primary objective is to add accuracy.

The three-9X40 Rubber Armor Scope included with the Frostbite Sniper Package will will let you see extra details in your opponents than essential. Really its’ range spans a lot farther than what your marker will be capable of shoot, however it’s better to have more than you want than much less. The offset mount is also a crucial piece of this kit because it would mean you can view your scope whereas wearing your paintball mask. The Gemtech silencer included with the Frostbite kit additionally adds 4 inches more size to your barrel, nevertheless is primarily for appears to be like, it does not actually silence your pictures.

The Carbine
Thankfully, this improve might be the cheapest and easiest for the X7 Phenom. The body model of this marker makes a wonderful base for a carbine arrange. Principally, by simply adding a carbine buttstock and a carry handle to the top rail, you’ve got turned your Phenom into a carbine! These parts are cheap, straightforward to return by and may be put in in just a couple of minutes.

Carbine upgrade kits out there for the Tippmann X7 Phenom embrace the essential Carbine package deal and the M4 Carbine Equipment. The essential equipment comes with a carbine buttstock, carry handle and vertical grip; costing less than $100, this package is a quick transformation on your Phenom, nevertheless doesn’t change its authentic look much. The M4 Carbine Package will utterly change the look of your Phenom and is also an excellent deal.

This kit won’t solely change the look of your marker but will improve its performance as well. The M4 Carbine Package features the carbine buttstock and carry handle, but additionally comes with a tactical barrel and M4 handguard. The barrel is 16 inches and has a removable muzzle brake, making it simple to install a thread-on silencer. You may as well attach a rail to the tactical handguard for easy set up of a grenade launcher, flashlight, laser or vertical grip.

The SMG (sub machine gun) Setup
The SMG is flynn lives shirt sometimes used by middlemen, but primarily is known to be a frontman selection of weapon. The SMG model paintball marker is great for conquering tight bunker to bunker spaces frequent in the entrance position. The X7 Phenom basic marker is already in the form of a sub-machine gun; it takes very few accessories to make an ideal tactical SMG!

The Tippmann X7 Phenom RAS CQB Equipment makes an awesome paintball marker solely that significantly better. The retractable inventory adds stability once you want it and the 1×46 Pink Dot Scope is nice for fast however accurate concentrating on. This equipment additionally features the basic three inch barrel for that traditional SMG look. The RAS CQB Package is a good addition to the X7 Phenom for an amazing sub-machine gun transformation.

Beyond an all-inclusive package deal, there are different equipment that add an excellent SMG flare to the Phenom. A Flex-air system buttstock can be nice for this gun because they’ve the choice of housing the gun’s air system fully, making your marker smaller and more compact. A remote line is also useful to free your marker up from a cumbersome air tank; attach your line to a tank you can carry in a harness in your again.

The Tippmann X7 Phenom is a superb marker as a result of it is simple to customize and there are many accessories available to match your individual wants. The options with the X7 Phenom paintball marker are limitless; you flynn lives shirt can create the gun of your dreams easily and for little or no money. Shop at for one of the best choice and the bottom prices!

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