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The Historical past Of The Handmade Apron

Aprons of Today and Long ago… Were aprons of yesteryear actually made from bags of seeds and flour?

When most of us hear the word apron we image our grand mom in the kitchen wearing an apron and baking away, or we visualize a middle aged mother from a television present of the 1950’s – 1960’s like June Cleaver from “Leave it to Beaver”, or Alice, the maid on the “The Brady Bunch” carrying a half apron made with lace and a feminine print fabric. The actual fact is aprons took place long before the tv was even invented.

The apron got here into part of trend due to sensible necessity when times were exhausting and money was scarce. Back in the early 1800’s on a regular basis folks did not have the luxury of owning many items of clothes. Nor did they have washers and dryers, therefore washing clothes was not achieved that usually, so people had to put on the identical clothes for a few days in a row. It was not unusual for a lady to put on the identical gown everyday for every week earlier than it was washed.

Hence, geology t shirt the apron happened. An aprons purpose was to cover up the costume beneath and protect it from getting dirty. This made washing much easier for ladies. The apron would be washed every couple of days, and the costume is perhaps washed once a week. This left extra time for other many chores that the women needed to attend to.

Aprons weren’t just worn by housewives. School teachers, kids, store keepers, and even secretaries wore different types of aprons on a regular basis over their clothing. The apron served one goal; to protect the dress and clothes beneath it.

By the 1920’s and 1930’s handmade aprons were made from feed sack. Feed sack is a big bag that farmers would buy which held their seeds or flour. It was made from a heavy cotton fabric with different floral and plaid prints. Nothing was wasted again then, so when the feed sack bag was empty, it was never thrown away. Handmade aprons have been made from the feed sack bag. It was a sturdy heavy fabric which was excellent for an apron! Once the feed sack apron was used up and ready to be thrown away, components of the apron were saved for use for making a quilt. Not one inch of geology t shirt fabric was wasted!

By the 1940’s and 1950’s the half apron became in style. Many had been made with stunning prints of different kinds of cotton fabrics with completely different coloration pockets and backside borders. The fancy aprons had been trimmed in lace and rick-rack and have been made to look very pretty identical to those you’ll see on television at the moment.

Men's holding hands 2 Cotton Long Sleeve T-ShirtThese days people wear aprons for not only sensible use, but in addition as part of style. Right now you’ll find an artist, a gardener, a baker, and plenty of more every day individuals and professionals wearing aprons.

geology t shirt

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