Groove In Style With Nike!!

Have you ever felt anxious? Sad for no reason? Out of place? Out of touch? Too fat? Too skinny? Too ugly? Too all of the above and more?

A whole lot of people feel this way and don bring these feelings up because they don’t want to seem like a bother.

What these people don realize is that it ok to feel this way, most people feel this way.

Feeling this way is exactly what artist, Suki White, bases her work around. Suki artwork is relatable and shines a light on the problems in our society that are not talked about enough. If more people talked about our everyday mental health and body image problems then they would feel less like problems. Talking normalizes and normalizing makes us feel more human.

This is why Suki and I want to raise $500 – to get people talking.

You might be asking yourself?how are they going to get people to start talking with $500??

The answer is simply

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