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The Artwork Of Doing StuffThe Art Of Doing Stuff

Wayyyy again round Christmas I took a while off to partake in my latest journey.


As lots of chances are you’ll remember, stress-free consisted of knitting a sweater, perfecting homemade pizzas, reading and … teaching myself to display screen print these tea towels. I additionally spent slightly time trying up the *precise* definition of stress-free. I’ve always been a bit iffy on it.

On the time, I promised I might, when the time was proper, train you the right way to display screen print at house.

That point is now.

If you’re something like me, and I do know you’re, you thought screen printing (in any other case often known as silkscreening though they’re kindda different) was really hard. Something only magical hippies might do with the help of marijuana and an unemployment cheque. Not true! Seems it’s really fairly simple.

When i first began this little nod to the 60’s journey, I was going to get all arrange skilled type. Build a mild box, use all skilled materials, perhaps even get stoned and sell my wares out of the back of a Volkswagon camper van.

Then I didn’t. I figure I tend to go a bit excessive at occasions, and chances are .. you may not be keen to go to the sting with me. To your credit score.

So I discovered a approach to screen print (silkscreen) that pretty much anybody can do with largely stuff from round your own home. Offering you’ve a 250v generator and 17 taxidermied squirrels in your home.

Just kidding.

So let me explain the kind of display printing I’ll be showing you. It is display screen printing with a photograph emulsion. Generally phrases, you paint a display with light sensitive paint, let it cure, put your picture on top of the paint when it’s dried and cure it beneath lights. The realm of the display screen that’s coated up by your image won’t get cured because it won’t be exposed to mild. Subsequently after your display is “exposed”, all the area beneath your image will just wash away underneath water. This clear space in the shape of your image or textual content … is your screen printing pattern, where you will drag ink across to create your display screen printed tee shirt, bag, or tea towel.

Perceive? No? Kay. Let’s strive once more with footage …

Women's Print Polygon dissolve Short Sleeve T-ShirtThe very first thing you’ll want to do is resolve on an image you want to print. I drew up this tree for instance for you. For your first display screen printing topic don’t do anything with very fine traces. Something like this tree or lettering is perfect.

You may both print your image out on common paper and cut it out, or print it onto transparency paper. Staples carries transparency paper for inkjet printers but it’s costly. Around $50 for 50 sheets. If you’re doing just a primary image just like the tree beneath, you may get away with just printing it onto regular paper and chopping it out. If you get into more detailed pictures you’ll need to invest within the transparency paper. No matter you do the image needs to be OPAQUE. If you’re uncertain as to whether or not it’s dark enough, hold your image as much as the sunshine. If mild comes by means of it isn’t dark sufficient. Both print one other copy and double them up on high of one another, or colour in your paper with a black marker.

You’ll also want a frame with “silk” on it. The silk is definitely polyester. You should purchase it in craft or art provide shops. Ensure you’re shopping for “110” mesh.

You’ve gotten a few options right here. You may either buy a body that already has the silk on it for round $20 or you should buy the frame and a few yards of the silk and staple it on your self. If you’re actually crafty you can construct the frame out of 2×2’s. I did all of the above.

To use your personal silk just use a regular staple gun. Pull it tight, but not so tight the silk rips by way of the staples. You can too fold the silk beneath so it isn’t as prone to rip. Be sure your staples are pressed right in as a result of your screen needs to lay flat once you flip it over. Staples that aren’t pushed right in will make the display wobble.

Once your display is stapled, cut the edges off.

Tape the outside and inside of the silk so paint can’t drip through. I’m using duct tape as a result of that’s what I had in my workshop. There’s particular papery tape you are supposed to use. Subsequent time I am going to the artwork store I’ll buy it, however the duct tape works advantageous for now. After greater than just a few washings of the display screen it’ll unstick though.

(replace: since taking a complicated display screen printing course I’ve discovered that painters tape works great for this)

Though I did, you shouldn’t need to tape the inside of your body. Because I made the frame alone and the silk wasn’t as tight because it could have been, I taped the inside to forestall ink from leaking. Once more, if you buy your body or simply do a greater job than I did making mine, you won’t need to do this.

Now that your display screen is prepared, it’s time to coat it with Picture Emulsion. This is the stuff that reacts to gentle, so you may have to do this half in a darkish room, near where you’ll be storing it to dry. It have to be stored until dry in a very dark room. Black. If you set it in a closet to dry, be sure that mild isn’t getting via the cracks of the door. Hold a towel, or housecoat or flat monster on the door to block the cracks if you have to.

Your photo emulsion is available in 2 parts. The container you see right here, plus a little bit bottle of stuff you might have so as to add to it to activate it. No huge deal. Instructions are on the bottle. You simply shake it up.

The picture emulsion is applied with a squeegee. You can both use a squeegee you personal, or purchase one at the craft retailer. They’re low-cost. Coincidentally, so am I.

In your darkish room, run a bead of emulsion throughout the top of your screen. Apply the emulsion to the “bottom” of the display screen. The a part of the screen that isn’t recessed in the body.

Along with your squeegee, draw the emulsion down over the entire display. You need the thinnest coat doable. I only did one side of the display screen, but technically you must do both sides. Make sure that you have a nice even coat, but work rapidly. Immediately put the screen in a dark area to dry. Set it down horizontally, not vertically. Relying on how thick you place your emulsion is on, drying will take 1-3 hours.

(replace: Since taking an advanced screen printing course I’ve discovered you can too turn a fan on low pointed on the display screen to hurry the drying time. With a fan it should take around half an hour to dry)

I interrupt this put up to remind you my “The Art of Doing Extra Stuff” workshop takes place on March 17th.

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Whereas your display is drying, you can arrange your exposure area. Technically you’ll be able to expose your display screen outside in the solar, but it’s dangerous. You see, the display screen needs to be exposed for the precise proper amount of minutes. If you overexpose it, you won’t be able to clean away your picture emulsion. In case you underexpose it your picture won’t present up and all of the photo emulsion will wash away.

The easiest way for you to expose the screen is with a one hundred fifty watt lightbulb. Your picture emulsion package will inform you ways long you should expose your image relying on the scale of your display screen. It can even give you the distance your mild source ought to be from your screen. I’ve rigged up one of my photography lights to use as my light source. It has a dome thingamabob on it, so this helps focus the sunshine where I need it. Should you should not have a dome thingamabob you can both McGyver one out of a tin pie plate, or expose your picture for slightly longer.

You also want something that’s matte black to put your display on for the publicity. I’ve used an old chalkboard. A black piece of cardboard or bristol board would work nicely too.

As soon as your exposure space is set up you possibly can reduce out your image, if you selected to go with that approach versus printing onto transparency. I minimize this picture out with a swivel head X-acto knife, but in case your design is quite simple you could use scissors.

When your display screen is dry, cover it with a towel to stop light from hitting it and carry it to your publicity space.

1. Place the screen on your black matte background. The “back” of the display the place you utilized the emulsion can be facing up.

2. Place your picture onto the screen IN REVERSE. Hold it in your hand so you’re trying at the picture how you need to see it on your tee shirt, then flip it over and place it on the display screen. You’ll discover my picture appears white now, because I’ve flipped it over and the dark portion of it’s now touching the display screen.

Three. Place a clear piece of glass over the image to carry it tight against the display screen.

4. Turn your gentle on.

Because of the display screen dimension my image required 35 minutes of publicity with a a hundred and fifty watt lightbulb set to 18″ away from the image. Yours may be different, but in case your display and picture are around the identical size as mine this publicity time and distance should be just right for you too. From every thing I learn I figured this would be a disaster the first time. Most directions say you’ll fail the primary time and not to be discouraged. It takes a while to determine the precise publicity time for your photos.

Nonetheless, this worked on the primary attempt for me. All the things did really.

Set your timer and depart your picture alone. Don’t push, prod or hassle it. Simply go away and go away it alone. As soon as the time is up, take away your glass and transparency or paper cutout. You’ll see a faint image immediately.

Take your screen to any faucet with high stress. Your shower head or outdoor garden hose work well. Spray the image with luke warm water. Not scorching, not cold. Simply keep spraying and ultimately you’ll see the image begin to appear an increasing number of because the emulsion washes away. You’ve simply made your first silkscreen. You’re very impressive. Eat a cookie.

In your work space (which is my workshop) lay your tee shirt (pre washed) or whatever you’re printing over something you don’t thoughts wrecking. I used a bit of masonite. ‘Cause I wouldn’t wish to mar helicopter t shirts my lovely workbench that I’m clearly very specific about.

Lay your newly created silk display screen over your tee shirt. You’re now laying your body the other of how you’ve laid it before. The again of the display screen will likely be touching the tee shirt and the recess might be facing up.

Run a glug of paint across the highest of your display. My paint/ink is a mix of black and white to make a very, very darkish grey. Your paint will dry A lot darker than it appears when wet. Drag the paint over your image along with your squeegee with out making use of stress to “flood” the picture.

Then, going in the identical direction, run over the picture with the squeegee again with some strain.

Gentle strain will get you a light trying screen print.

More pressure will get you a more strong image.

Grasp your item to dry.

Once it’s dry, it’s worthwhile to set the image by ironing it with a hot iron. Your bottle of display printing paint can have instructions on this.

And that’s it. How one can display screen print. In 742 steps or less. It really isn’t all that tough and for what it takes in energy it more than gives back in enjoyable. Much like Dodgeball. Or shoving a lima bean up your friend’s nose.

The overall funding is as follows:

Squeegee – $9.39

Photograph Emulsion – $10 (good for many, MANY screens)

Ink – $8.00 (good for a lot of, MANY tee shirts)

Body with display – $20 – $forty relying on measurement. (or make your own screen and buy the polyester)

one hundred fifty watt lightbulb – $3

Complete Preliminary Funding for begin up supplies: Roughly $50.

If in case you have any questions feel free to ask me. I probably won’t reply them however I’d chase you down and shove a lima bean up your nostril.

helicopter t shirts

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