Hold Your Head High As You Wear Eco Friendly T Shirts

Have you ever stopped and thought about the big difference between a regular t shirt and eco friendly t shirts? One thing that is certain is that you would definitely feel proud whenever you go to the mall, a diner, or other places, wearing these wonderful shirts. Why?

Men's I Want to Break Free Desgin Long Sleeve T ShirtsMany years have passed and man no longer saw the beauty of the environment. Technological advancements were introduced at the expense of the environment. These advancements then ushered higher profits for most entrepreneurs, both small and large scale ones.

The earth has become more polluted than ever. It seems that chemicals have become indispensable in the daily lives of the citizens of this planet. In fact, a great number of those who belong to the clothing industry could not just live without these chemicals.

Most large-scale clothing companies own huge tracts of cotton farms, and they usually utilize a variety of chemicals in order to have better cotton production. These chemicals are found in pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Not all people may know it but cotton plants would require a lot of pesticides and also fertilizers just to be in a healthy and productive state. However, in order to be able to cater to huge plantations, tons of these chemicals are needed. About 140 grams of these chemicals are needed to produce sufficient amounts of cotton just to make a single shirt!

The real bad effect of these chemicals is that they cause undue harm to the environment at the same time human health is affected. You might not know it but most of these chemicals are either suspected or proven carcinogens. They also destroy the good nutrients in soil.

Most regular t shirts are actually made using these environmentally harmful ways, but eco friendly t shirts are not. They are made from cotton that were grown using only natural means like compost for fertilizer and organic pesticides derived from various plants.

So every time that you wear eco friendly t shirts, you could truly be proud of it. Not everyone knows how to care for the environment, and you must hold your head high that you do.

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