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The Bare Olympics – A Fun Look at How Our Athletes Would Cope Right this moment!

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The Bare Olympics – A Enjoyable Take a look at How Our Athletes Would Cope At this time!
Up to date on September 5, 2014 Nell Rose moreContact Author Long ago in historic Greece, when men were men and women had been grateful, the Olympics have been the highlight of the 12 months. There have been lots of men competing, however no ladies, which was probably a great factor, as a result of all the sports heats had been finished fully within the nude. Buff, butt naked, or as my friend used to say, nekked as a sparrow on a roof. Whatever that meant. The games had been taken seriously, yeah how? Um, sorry lets get again to the point and show a bit of little bit of history for you to show that I do know what I am talking about. Okay right here goes.

Men's Custom BioMech-hive Short Sleeve Tee ShirtThe historical greek word for exercise literally means stark bare. So each time you go swimmng, take time out within the gym and so on you are not exercising, oh no. You might be butt. Bare butt.

The Olympic games had been a religious festival in honor of Zeus, and the demands had been out of the unusual and carried out with a lot grovelling and bowing. Not a reasonably sight when you find yourself naked. Girls were not even allowed to look at, that will need to have been a blessing in disguise, however then once more maybe not. I am unable to assume of higher strategy to spend the afternoon myself, but there you go. The good thing was that girls might compete sometimes in the equestrian occasions, however only by proxy. The first girl to win was a spartan Princess.

However we’re getting off the subject. I digress. What the heck does that imply? Anyway, bare Olympics. Um.

Back in the day they used to do all method of various sporting events, but as of late there are an entire lot more. For a start they did not have bicycles. Now that would be so painful its really humorous. I ponder how lengthy you could trip the bike for before you began to get butt burn?

I suppose you possibly can mix the cycling with the old fashioned joust like we used to do in England. Carry a protracted pole and simply knock the person off the bike. As a substitute of being offended at your opponent you’d simply be grateful that the ache was solely in your shoulder. And the cool grass will assist with saddle soreness!

Nude Rugby
Now it is a sight to behold. Loads of men dashing round a rugby subject clutching the ball stark butt nekked. Evidently its quite in style in certain places around the globe! This picture was taken in New Zealand.

Now, I do not learn about you, but rugby? Absolutely tackling one another to attempt to grab the ball has bought to be harmful! The principles of rugby are, you get the ball, get able to kick it over the poles and that’s how you rating. Its known as a Try to a Conversion. Seems to me that in the event that they get a bit too shut there can be extra Tries and Conversions than was vital!

Good ‘ol American Soccer!
Now see? Look how safety acutely aware this man is. He’s sporting a helmet. So that’s okay then. Did someone overlook to scrub his clothes? Perhaps he overheard somebody say nude is the brand new coloration! I don’t assume that working bare up a pitch with just a helmet on is definitely going to provide him any sort of safety, however hey who is aware of?

So I am planning on writing to the Olympic committee and stating that this could definitely be in our Olympics. We try to get again to the historical games, do as they do and so on and so on. And i consider that is the way in which. One question though, what about streakers? That is a part of the enjoyable watching any football sport and even rugby. At one stage there is all the time a streaker that comes working onto the pitch. What’s the angle with this recreation? Are they going to invade wearing full physique armour or perhaps a go well with? I’m positive that everyone will go mad taking a look at those tight pants!

Now this one appears to be like very civilised. Individuals swimming around in the pool tapping a ball over the web. Like fishes swimming in a fish tank. No I’m not going to say sort out, put that thought away! I really assume this one will catch on. Simply suppose how much you’ll save on electric, you would use this as your each day bath. Simply get out the soap and shampoo and you might be properly away. Simply hope it stays good and heat in any other case they might just catch greater than a ball. I hear unusual things happen once you sit too lengthy in chilly water!

Naked pole Vault
Now in case you haven’t seen, I have given this guy a bit of dignity. Imagine me, you would not have wanted to see the original! Oh there are such a lot of remarks I might make about this, grab the pole, run alongside and soar as high as you may. Simply make sure that for goodness sake that you simply seize the fitting pole! The mind boggles on the thought of creating that mistake!

What I need to know is, what occurs when you land in a mistaken position? I mean, it may very well be really painful couldn’t it? Enough stated!

Bare Tennis
The Wobbles of Wimbledon!
Long sizzling summer time days, the sound of tennis balls on the court docket, strawberries and cream and oh, what’s that? Look out Ethel it’s a nekked man on the court docket! Now if Wimbledon was like this it would be packed out to the rafters! Recreation Set and Match, Fifteen Love and Deuce! I wonder if the Royals would sit by means of this?

To be fair, I believe the guys would get away with it, however the ladies? Nah! Bit to much wobbling and bobbling! I am unable to see Andy Murray our British hope from Scotland doing it. He appears to be like miserable on the best of times, let alone being requested to do a streak on centre courtroom! But hey who is aware of? Possibly it can put a smile on his face!

So get out the chairs, lay the tablecloth on the ground and get your self prepared for the Wimbledon you have got at all times wanted to see!

So, which one do you fancy taking on? I believe that naked Olympics should undoubtedly make a comeback. Just think of the cash you’ll save for those who did not have to purchase all that package! No shorts, no T shirts and definitely no socks. We might all afford to do this. I personally think that butt nekked trampolining could be greatest but hey ho that’s just me.

Not a fairly sight although! So if you end up sitting down watching these boring people race across the observe, trying to beat their very own information and thoroughly doing our heads in because they’ve taken off all the nice programs on television, simply suppose, it could have been so far more attention-grabbing!

copyright nell rose

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sendingAuthorNell Rose 5 years ago from England

Thanks IOwn, glad you favored it, nell

IOwn 5 years ago from My laptop within the UK

Haha, humorous Hub you have here Nell, I enjoyed it!

Hello mary, lol! which will do it! I just couldn’t resist penning this one with all the hoo ha about the Olympics! I assumed this might be more enjoyable! lol! thanks a lot for studying, nell

Hi richard, sorry! haha! I simply thought womens wobbly bits have been a bit an excessive amount of to cowl up on right here! guys? straightforward peasy! lol! thanks for studying, or wanting or…..!

Hi greatstuff, not sure if you are being tongue in cheek? lol? no they don’t exist it was a joke, and sure they do put on sneakers! lol! thanks for reading, nell

Mazlan 5 years in the past from Malaysia

I did not know that these games exist. Something that firm like Nike will not endorse. No business alternative for them; no clothes to sell except maybe shoes. Do they put on sneakers?

Rich 5 years in the past from Kentucky


How come solely male athletes have been pictured? lol I might be trying ahead to seeing a women’s volleyball group right here, or, even the Lady Godiva’s im groot t shirt of the day on horseback. But noooooo! Present the guys solely! Wager the price of tickets would skyrocket!

Nice hub! Funny as they come. But, where are the ladies? lol

Mary Hyatt 5 years ago from Florida

This was SO humorous. My imagination just ran wild!

I voted this Hub up and funny, I am going to share tweet and attempt to pin, but I don’t know which board I can pin it to: ha,ha. I’ve one “well being and effectively being”, would that do, suppose????

Hello Gordon, lol! sure that volleyball would have been quite crowded! lol! the olympics did begin like that, again in good old Greece, now I do know why I really like Greece! thanks for reading, nell

Hi Suzie, lol! would not or not it’s great? that would be a day out for certain! thoughts you if it was tennis I was wondering the place they rub the tennis ball! haha! thanks so much for reading, cheers nell

Gordon Hamilton 5 years in the past from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

Effectively – what an fascinating concept, Nell. Actually, I think I could have heard earlier than (years ago) that the Olympics was initially a bare occasion and forgotten about it. As things im groot t shirt stand, I am not a giant Olympics fan however that could change… I might by no means have believed that women’s beach volleyball may probably be improved upon! 🙂

Suzanne Ridgeway 5 years in the past from Dublin, Eire

Hi Nell,

Oh wow, what a riot – Must say I missed out on the bare rugger bugger’s in NZ when I was there!! What a shame! Would positively pay triple to see Roger v Raffael in the naked Tennis!! Oh convey on the Bare Olympics I say!! Excellent hub, voted up, +++++ and shared!!!

Haha! I simply want the Olympics were nonetheless like this! sooo way more enjoyable! thanks Deborah.

This must be my favourite. hub…I showed my husband ..he loves it too…Debbie

lol! Thanks Deborah, I simply couldn’t resist it, what with all the Olympic hoo ha! it was enjoyable to analysis! lol!

Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years in the past from Brownsville,TX

Nell what a great hub.. I like it… How did you find this out?.. I’m amazed.



Hi DzyM, lol! yes that is so true! I by no means considered that! lol! thanks so much for reading, nell

Liz Elias 5 years in the past from Oakley, CA

Oh, my! Laughing my (not so nekkid) butt off right here! Pole vaulting–ouch! Baseball, possibly? Oh, watch out for that line drive! This was hilarious–brilliantly so!

However, oh gosh–they couldn’t put it on Television…they’d have so many censored blackout stripes that the entire display could be blacked might flip right into a radio broadcast! What a bummer!

Voted up, humorous, and shared!

Lol! I know just what you imply! did you see the judo? there was one particular lady who would have frightened the life out of me in a darkish alley! not saying who! shush! lol! lets just say the ‘regular trying’ woman beat her!

Actually I used to be watching the women’s weightlifting this afternoon. Most of them regarded like what we use to call “big sonsie lassies” you understand, the farmer’s lass, powerful as boots, however nonetheless feminine. But the Russian girl – attempt as I’d, I couldn’t see her as anything however a man: options, hair-type, physique – Only your naked olympics might verify. . .

Hi Paraglider, thanks for reading, haha! now theres an image I can not get out of my mind! lol!

Dave McClure 5 years in the past from Kyle, Scotland

I feel the weightlifting may show probably the most revealing – full frontal with the whole physique pressurised. Possibly not 😉

Hi Sally, lol! simply thought I might go for the laugh for a change! haha! I did not realise that the hub gods took my adverts! oh pullease! oh effectively by no means mind, glad you thought it was funny, I loved writing it, thanks nell

Sherri 5 years in the past from Southeastern Pennsylvania

What a treat! I am Okay with all the nekked Olympians being men, btw. LOL

I like your spirit! I see that none of the advertising gods are permitting advertisements in your page. Ha! Obviously they, in contrast to the Greek Gods, have no sense of humor.

“Simply ensure for goodness sake that you simply grab the correct pole!” I’m laughing so exhausting I might cry.

Up and so, so funny. 🙂

prasetio30 5 years in the past from malang-indonesia

Very upsetting title. I never know that the bare Olympic was existed. I can’t imagine with the viewers watch the bare show….hahaha. But this time they really sweating. Thanks for writing and share with us. Vote up!


Hi Ruchira, lol! sure it actually did! that’s how the Olympics started, yes that is true, not excellent for the youngsters, thanks a lot nell

Ruchira 5 years in the past from United States

critically, Nell that existed? Wow, you enlightened me, my friend 🙂

I dunno IF I might have the ability to see that kinda olympics ’cause my child could be completely banned from seeing it and i can be not amused 😉

voted up as interesting hub!

Sharing it throughout

Hello beth, haha! love it! thanks for making me snicker as normal! cheers nell

Beth Perry 5 years ago from Tennesee

Sigh..oh damn, Nell, you will have me reminiscing about my teenagers and all those delicious fancies I had again then involving Bjorn Borg getting Love within the buff. Shame on you!

But amusing Hub, a lot “food” for thought. Thanks for posting!

Hi tills, lol! I can simply see the CNN crew screaming, they’re all nekked! haha! thanks as all the time, nell

Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

This was hysterical! I can think about CNN protecting those Olympics! What woud the cameras zoom in on?

“I hear unusual issues occur if you sit too lengthy in chilly water!” That one really cracked me up…not to mention the visuals in my thoughts.

This was too funny and original as you all the time are!

Voted up, funny, and attention-grabbing, sure, fascinating!

Hi lyric, lol! yes I might undoubtedly go to watch the Olympics if it was like this! its driving me insane! I will likely be glad when its throughout and executed with, over six years of hype is starting to catch in my throat now! haha! thanks again, nell

Richard Ricky Hale 5 years in the past from West Virginia

Awesome article Nell. This can be fascinating to say the least! It could make it rather more fulfilling to observe then I must say:) It just will get so boring for me. I strive to watch it, but I am easily bored. What can I say? This was clever Nell. Finest needs.

Hello avian, sure precisely! why should we miss out? lol! thanks for reading, cheers nell

Hi b. your sister dates a Nudist? haha! oh my God nude ship voyages, I’ve by no means heard of that before! I suppose after a while it could really feel regular, I would think anyway! lol! thanks as at all times, nell

Hi My Minds, yes they were those that began it off, that’s why I think they need to deliver it back! lol! how funny would that be? thanks a lot, nell

Thanks kikalina!

Hello molo, ski jumping?! haha! sensible! now that can be cold! or possibly invigorating! sure the idea of the trampolining does attraction to me, I like watching individuals bounce, on the trampoline I imply! lol! thanks!

Deb Hirt 5 years in the past from Stillwater, Ok

very amusing piece, however in all seriousness, I did hear that the unique games have been executed within the nude and no ladies allowed. strive that at present, and there would have been a lawsuit, eh?

b. Malin 5 years in the past

You NEVE stop to Amaze Nell, what a Totally Fun, Instructional (Ha, Ha,) read. Who knew? And wouldn’t you’ve Beloved to have been a Fly on the…WALL! My sister dates a Nudist, and he goes on Nude Ship Voyages…the Crew should want Glasses when they get dwelling…All that EYE pressure!

My Minds Eye53 5 years ago from Tennessee

Very humorous! Did not the Greeks also fight within the nude?

Voted up and shared

kikalina 5 years ago from Europe

Hillarious! Ty!

molometer 5 years in the past from United Kingdom

Well Nell,

after virtually pmsl studying this brilliantly funny hub.

I bought to pondering. How about nekked ski jumping? it could be enjoyable.

The cool breeze blowing through the nether areas. Could be invigorating.

I like your concept for nekked trampolining… excuse me whereas I ‘crack up’ again. lol

All the buttons and sharing. Thanks Nell for this lovely rib tickler.

Thats a terrific idea christopher! I did marvel the place to place the logos! lol! thanks and glad you liked it, cheers nell

Christopher Antony Meade 5 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

That’s such a good suggestion, I think I will contact the Olympic committee to ask them to adapt it for this years games. The athletes could possibly be tattooed with the varied logos.

Good fun. Thanks Nell.

Hello Vinaya, sure similar to Woodstock! lol! and sure on a severe word as of late nudity is at all times seen like that. its a shame actually as a result of our our bodies are the same as everybody elses and nothing to be ashamed off, thanks a lot for studying, cheers nell

Hi Jools, sure that took a little bit of doing, couldn’t get the dangle of paint in gallery! haha! thanks as at all times, nell

Hi Rema, yes those footage definitely made me chortle when on the lookout for them, these were the least offensive? I feel that is the word, but they only made me snort! my buddies name me the clown as a result of I at all times make them snicker, not a choice I might have favored however hey! haha! thanks for reading, cheers nell

Hello lily, lol! glad it introduced a smile, love ya back!

Hi josh, thanks! lol! could not resist it! now I can watch the silly adverts for the Olympics with a smile on my face! haha!

Hello A.A. unsure about that? probably is on the market, in some nations it still takes place, and of course there isn’t a stigma on the model of preventing, thanks!

Hi Alicia, glad it made you snicker, and thanks as always, nell

Hello effer, hee hee! typo me? lol! could not resist it! I was so fed up with the flippin’ Olympics that I simply wished a different slant on it! I knew that they did it au pure back in the day, so I puzzled what it could be like now! haha! I wish! perhaps it could generate a bit extra interest! Over a million tickets have not been offered! Thoughts you for 400 pounds, approx seven hundred dollars to observe the second charge video games I’m not stunned! thanks as always, and glad you had a snicker! lol!

Vinaya Ghimire 5 years ago from Nepal

Historical past says athletes who performed on the Olympics had been at all times youth, who always competed nude, attracted spectators of many varieties. Married women were not allowed to take pleasure in this feast. Girls, however, had been invited to ogle and fantasize about future husbands. Then wars had been suspended, clothes have been stripped off and wine was devoured in what was the pre fashionable equal of Woodstock, the Tremendous Bowl and a suburban key get together. Now, athletes depicting skimpy bikinis, exposing portion of their breast and buttocks is about glamor or tender porn to be exact.

Jools99 5 years in the past from North-East UK

Nell, what a hoot! Nicely executed on covering up their extra delicate parts.

Voted up and many others.

Rema T V 5 years in the past from Chennai, India

WOW Nell, I really didn’t know that you simply had such a superb sense of humor. Implausible hub. Stored me reading from top to backside at one go. Lovely hub.

You must have spent fairly a little bit of time getting applicable pictures. Sharing it throughout to unfold laughter among the many hub community. Cheers, Rema

Lillian Okay. Staats 5 years in the past from Wasilla, Alaska

Just an enormous uplift! Yo0u have the video games in your own court docket!!! love yaz, lily

Joshua Zerbini 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

That is superior Nell, I used to be cracking up with all the pictures and hilarious pictures going through my mind! I echo Invoice’s remark about paying to see this, hahaha LOl Great job Nell! 🙂

For the file, I’ve heard that there is naked males and womens wrestling on the web, however I don’t know if it’s Olympic model. Perhaps Greco-Roman?

Linda Crampton 5 years in the past from British Columbia, Canada

This may be very entertaining and funny, Nell! The photographs are nice, too. Thanks for the amusement.

Paula 5 years in the past from Stunning Upstate New York

Nell Rose…..I have tried for 10 minutes to comprise myself and management my fits of laughter. You might be an absolute HOOT, GF!!! What SHALL we do with you???

This is the funniest stuff all month! I Adore it! What I wouldn’t give to cling out with you for a day….especially at the OLYMPICS!!

I’ll say I’m so relieved you’re impeccable at putting your hubs together and have PERFECTED keyboarding. I’d hate to have seen a TYPO in the sentence…”Certain, tackling one another to try to grab the… ball….. has bought to be dangerous…” OH! disgrace on each of us??! lmao….

Hello Larry, lol! thanks! I did try and find a number of ladies photos but they have been a bit to risque! so I stuck to the easy pics, thought I had higher! lol!

Larry Fields 5 years ago from Northern California

Wow, Nell! You’ve got really outdone yourself. Talk about pushing the envelope!

Like Will Starr and A.A. Zavala, I have a small quibble about gender stability. This was principally about men’s nekked olympic sporting occasions.

How about ladies’s nekked olympic softball? That may have some nice prospects.

Here’s what a sportscaster would possibly say:

“When the next batter stepped as much as the plate, the entire male eyes were glued on the pitcher’s mound.”

Or is that too far out in left field?

Voted up, shared and more.

Hi Polly, lol! no I would not have done that! the secret service would have been knocking on my door! you want bare tennis? you shock me! haha! thanks as always Polly, cheers nell

Sorry Will, the pictures of the ladies were a bit to racy! haha! I did strive, trustworthy! thanks for reading, cheers nell

Hello alocsin, sure the tickets would fly wouldn’t they? haha! thanks as all the time, nell

Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

Oops, I thought the primary one was Obama at first! Guess even another country couldn’t get by with that…oh well, still a hoot. I form of like bare tennis….

Got you up and over.

WillStarr 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Leave it to Nell to miss lady’s sports activities!

alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

How racy and amusing, Nell. I think about this could make Olympic tickets even tougher to get. Voting this Up and Funny.

Hello Victoria, I want they’d carry it again, they might promote all the tickets then! haha! glad you appreciated it and thanks!

Hello JK, lol! can you imagine Andy Murray? Oh what a sight that could be! he is so miserable! Now if that had been John McEnroe then that can be humorous! thanks so much, glad you appreciated it, cheers nell

Victoria Lynn 5 years ago from Arkansas, USA

So that is the place “stark bare” got here from! Awesome hub. Naked Olympics–what an idea. This was so entertaining from begin to finish. Thanks for that!

James Kenny 5 years in the past from Birmingham, England

Awesome Nell, completely superior, could not stop laughing at the bare tennis bit hehehe…Then once more, I find watching Andy Murray arduous sufficient as it’s, do not think I could standing seeing him au naturel! Great stuff. Voted up and so forth.

Hi A.A. maybe if you happen to go to the Olympics they may have a volleyball match that you’ll like? especially if its the nekked version! lol! thanks as all the time, nell

Hi linda, yes a fig leaf can be nice, as lengthy as the weather was calm! haha! glad you appreciated it, I simply received so fed up with the Olympics, its driving me mad and it hasn’t even started yet! thanks as all the time, nell

Hello billy, yep me too! lol! I feel the pole vault would be essentially the most fascinating though, don’t you? lol! thanks as at all times billy, nell

AuthorNell Rose 5 years ago from England

Hello Qudsia, I tried to keep it first rate, lol! I do know the bounds on here, but it did make me snicker when I was on the lookout for photos! on a serious notice its unusual how we took it for granted hundreds of years ago, and yet lately we’re embarrassed by it, funny isn’t it? thanks a lot and good to see you, nell

Augustine A Zavala 5 years ago from Texas

I did not see the bare ladies volleyball team. I can wait…

Linda Bilyeu 5 years in the past from Orlando, FL

Effectively this hub is a refreshing athletic deal with. I will need to read again on my laptop since my telephone doesn’t do justice to your pictures! I say bring back the naked Olympics…perhaps even simply sporting a fig leaf!:)

I had a tough time ending the hub; I was laughing too exhausting on the wobbles and bobbles part. Great, great fun my buddy! I would pay to see these events….I might pay double….oh hell, triple not less than!

QudsiaP1 5 years in the past

Oh God Nell! You have left me absolutely amused and speechless! I do not know whether or not to snort or cringe. Glorious but once more!

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