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Cool Tie Dye Designs

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Cool Tie Dye Designs
Updated on April 25, 2013 GratefulDeadTieD more The original Tie Dye Shirt
Tie-dye methods have additionally been used for hundreds of years around the globe. Starting presumably, with the usage of indigo dyes that came from the indigo pits positioned in Kano, Nigeria. For 500 years the people of Kano have dipped and dyed over pits plunging pure fabrics into indigo infused colored water, resulting in lovely purple and blue hues.

The earliest pieces of surviving ‘cool tie dye designs’ come from some pre-Columbian tie-dye found in Peru courting again all of the approach to 500 to 810 Ad. Their tie dye type designs include small circles with traces, made with bright colored dyes together with purple, yellow, blue, and green.

(Shirt above courtesy of the web site of Courtenay Pollock- Unique Courtenay Tie Dye Shirts)

Shibori is one other somewhat historic artwork type of tie dye practiced in Japan since a minimum of the 8th century.

Shibori consists of quite a few labor-intensive resistance dying strategies which is able to include a form of stitching elaborate, tiny patterns and tightly sewing in and gathering of the stitching before dyeing, forming intricate designs for kimonos, and shirts.

The tie dye shirts worn again then of course had been nothing like we’ve at present. This tie dye clothing from the African Tribes have been also similar in approach to the Japanese Shibori – These Tie Dyes were embroidered and sewn into intricate designs of their traditional indigenous patterns.

It has been said that these authentic strategies were the inspiration for the tie-dyed garments recognized with hippie fashion that started in the 60’s and has grown right into a growing grass roots industry at present. Though tie dye first got here to America in 1909 when a Professor of Columbia University, Charles E. Pellow used some samples of some tie-dyed fabrics he had obtained and gave a lecture and reside demonstration of the tie dye method from the culture he was lecturing on on the time.

Tie dye additionally became worn and in style with the counter culture in the roaring 20’s as effectively, however really didn’t take off until the late 1960s.

There are some amazing Tie Dye Artists and really cool designs out there in the present trends. It has change into a real art kind creating lovely tie dyed fabric.

I have seen some high end Tie Dye Artwork and have been trying out all the different types on the net at present. This article is about a few of these designs and the artists creating them.

This piece below as effectively because the tie dye shirt above is by tie dye artist Courtenay Pollock, who is without doubt one of the “grandfathers’ of the tie dye movement of in the present day.

Courtenay Tie Dye
Courtenay Pollock arrived on the Grateful Lifeless household scene in 1970 with tie dye portfolio in hand. He met Bob Weir at his dwelling in Nicasio Valley on the time and was shortly thereafter commissioned to do all of the speaker fronts for the band.

He was the Grateful Useless Family ‘tie dye artist extraordinaire’ ‘for a number of years within the early days. He did Mandalas for the Band members properties, and tie dye shirts for everyone in the family and catered to the followers to start with days of his i’m with cocoa work on the Grateful Useless scene.

He started getting more into his art pieces later- and did the Greek Theater backdrops within the early 80’s. He still does tie dye shirts, Mandalas, and art work today, being of of the first to really popularize the fashionable tie dye of the occasions to the Grateful Lifeless scene, he remains to be acknowledged as the place all of it started by most of the tie dye artists at this time.

This pic to the correct is considered one of his pieces- called ‘Galactic Queen’ a chunk about 44″ x 44″ you may see more of his work here on his website:

Go to Courtenay Tie Dye -Click on Here

It’s a Hugo
Hugo started making tie dyes 27 years in the past. He would sell them to support his travels with the Grateful Useless.

By the top of the Dead years his artwork had grow to be pretty famous within the parking lot and live music touring scene. It’s not uncommon to have a number of random people say “Nice Hugo” referring to your shirt, at your favorite live concert.

I do know many deadheads sported a Hugo whereas twirling to Sugar Magnolia over the years!

Hugo would not seem to have a website to function his work, but you can take a look at his web page on fb. Go to It’s a Hugo!

EZ Dye Tie – Quote from Ez Up Dyes Man!
“When followers of my artwork ask me so usually where I get my inspiration and imaginative and prescient, I know they expect me to say it comes from some shaman-like expertise I’ve had on some kind of weird medication. …however it’s not. What most conjures up me each day is what I see my first hour of being awake.

The best way the sunshine creates shadow, the symmetry in a butterfly’s wingspan, or the completely different tones of greens and blues or golds and browns when i see the tall grass blow. It is the i’m with cocoa magnificence in nature and the celebration of my very own imaginative and prescient which gets me high. …makes me need to go deep into my creating and uncover something within myself…and to let it shine… I feel a lot of people like feeling this fashion.

We’re all related in many different ways to shapes, and colours.

We all have deep connections to these items from early in our lives. Once we personally connect to shapes and colours, we’ve got discovered one thing about ourselves and about each other, ..and inevitably about the universe we stay in”.

Check em out right here: https://www.fb.com/EzUpDyes

Boykin Tie dyes
Charles Boykin is another superb Tie Dye Artist. I’ve seen some very artistic designs and intricate work coming from Charles.

He says he does two different kinds: sinew (batik type) and string (old school)- See extra right here at his facebook page here-

Go to Boykin Fb Web page!

Star Nova by Courtenay
Benjammin Dyes
Visionary artist Benjammin, His tie-dye clothes and tapestries have been worn by many all time favorites such because the Grateful Useless, Ken Kesey, Willie Nelson, Dave Mathews, Wavy Gravy, Dark Star, Robbie Krieger, Ben Harper, The Allman Brothers Band, String Cheese Incident, 7 Walkers, George Porter Jr., and The Meters.

His cool tie dye designs are being used by Croakies for their cool line of sunglass straps and superior belts.

After peddling his amazing tie dye designs out of the again of his van at Dead shows, several of his items ultimately were seen by the members of the Grateful Useless, and the rest is history.

His work was loved by the band members and he was supported by Jerry Garcia to showcase his work.

Kudos to Benjammin!!

Brad Branum Tie Dye
“The one below is considered one of my earthy colored shirts which is the sort I prefer to make and put on myself. The folds are simple, however I mix the colours to match nature during the completely different seasons right here in Missouri. This explicit shirt was made throughout a dry part of last summer season.

The shirt to the left with the guts in the center was carried out with stitching for a distinct look. I used a lot brighter colours in this one. It was made as a present for a lady who tie-dyes with me.” See more of his designs at his fb web page: https://www.fb.com/brad.branum

Another Brad Branum – T-Shirt Design
Tie Dye Mandala – Courtesy of Courtenay Pollock
Get an Unique Courtenay Tie Dye Shirt – Everyone seems to be a singular design- no two alike!
See more of Courtenay’s work at:Grateful Lifeless Tie Dye Shirts

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