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Find out how to Sew A Traditional T-Shirt Neckband

The unfinished neckline as you begin…

Fastidiously measure the circumference with a tape measure.

This lovely neckband is straightforward to sew!

If you’ve got ever made a T-shirt, you might have been stumped when the time came to finish the neck. An everyday double-turned hem, like we do on most edges, just does not work on a curved knit neckline. This is how you can make a traditional T-shirt neckband utilizing your trusty dwelling sewing machine.

Manufacturing unit-made tees have neckbands (or generally bindings) made from dyed-to-match wonderful rib. Since it is near not possible to seek out matching rib in the retail fabric market, we’re going to use the same jersey the shirt is made from. This system works best if the jersey has some spandex in it, but it’ll work on all-cotton as nicely. Let’s get began!

Step 1: Here we have now the unfinished neckline of a knit top.

Take your tape measure and decide the circumference of the neckline. Mine is 17 inches round.

Now, we have to make the neckband somewhat shorter than the complete neckline, so that it will lie flat, so we’re going to scale back the measurement by 15%. Multiply the irish shirt circumference by .15, (for me that came to about 2.5 inches) and subtract this number from the original neckline. That gave me 14.5 inches, and I am going so as to add another .5 inch for seam allowance (that is .25 inch on every finish). So 15 inches is the length I’m reducing for my neckband piece. To determine the width, I need 2x[desired neckband width]+.5 inch for seam allowance. I need a .75-inch band, in order that involves 2 inches. Now that you’ve discovered the size and the width, you’ll be able to minimize out your neckband piece.

Step 2: Take your neckband and, with right sides together, seam the 2 quick ends together. You can use a plain old straight stitch for this.

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RhondaS1954 writes: Straightforward to follow tutorial and the images have been very clear. A few of us learn by really seeing the steps and never by just reading them. Thank you a lot.
Posted: 10:21 am on August 8th

justpassingthru writes: When calculating the length of the neckband, I do the subtraction first. The neckband is 15% smaller than the neck opening. A hundred% – 15% = eighty five%. So the neckband ought to be 85% of the neck opening. Merely multiply the neck opening by .Eighty five and you have your neckband size. On this case, 17 x .85 = 14.45, rounded up to 14.5 inch, plus your seam allowance. (By the way in which, this irish shirt additionally works during gross sales, once you get a sure % off, first subtract that % from 100, then multiply occasions the full value to get your sale worth.) And sew on.
Posted: 11:13 pm on December 1st

berean99 writes: Thanks a lot for this tutorial! It does make it look simple. I’m so glad I discovered this. Thanks again!
Posted: 6:35 pm on October 9th

matti07 writes: I like this tutorial so much. Am I secure in guessing that the neckband can be sewn by serger instead of the zig-zag stitch?
Posted: 8:04 pm on September 30th

Tricia73 writes: I simply needed to register on this site so I could thanks for this tutorial! I used to be restyling a t-shirt for my sister-in-law, and minimize too far into the neckline to simply turn the sting over and sew it. I believed the shirt was ruined! Then I came across your methodology, and utilizing a strip of fabric I had lower from the underside of the shirt, I was able to finish the neckline. The shirt seems great! I’m going to do it this manner from now on! Thank you, thank you, thanks!
Posted: 5:02 pm on August tenth

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