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The dancers, led by the drummers, slowly left the mission. With out ceasing their dance, they circled the bonfire. Native male Elders huddled in colorful blankets stood solemnly watching their movements. When the dancing concluded, we had been supplied a choice of hot chocolate or coffee. Residents of town warmly thanked us for coming. An alternate of Merry Christmas with residents and we started kappa alpha theta tshirts our return journey.

Native drummers in the gap started to beat melodies as they approached and entered the mission. The Native dancers entered divided into three teams behind the drummers. Each had a particular dance of thanksgiving to carry out. The magnificence of these dances cannot be described in phrases, solely felt by the heart.

The paved highway ended and Native American tradition began. Keeping with tradition, the plateau city has no electricity or operating water. Luckily, we spotted visitors descending from kappa alpha theta tshirts the tour bus and adopted closely behind. As we passed houses and Kivas, candles and flashlights flickered inside homes.

kappa alpha theta tshirts

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