Know The Difference Between The Regular And Organic Cotton T Shirts Online

Men's Winya No. 76 Cotton Long Sleeve Tee ShirtIf you have already heard about organic cotton, but have not yet completely understood what “organic” really means, then taking a deeper look into organic t shirts online is one good way to make things clearer. Making a comparison between 100% cotton t shirts and 100% organic cotton t shirts, is one sure way of knowing the difference between the two.

When you look at t shirts, isn’t it that one of the things that you tend to take a look at is the material that the shirt is made of? Sometimes you may see 60% cotton and 40% polyester at the label; but most of the time, you would be looking for 100% cotton, right?

While it may sound really good if you would be wearing 100% cotton t shirts but the luster is only superficial. These t shirts that have 100% cotton on their labels are mostly manufactured using cotton that was grown using non-environmental friendly means.

Environmentally-unfriendly cotton farming practices include using harmful chemicals in order to produce a lot of cotton. The chemicals found in various synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are among those chemicals that cause significant harm to the environment and to human health as well. In fact, 7 common pesticides that are used to ward off pests from cotton farms are either confirmed carcinogens or suspected ones.

Majority of clothing manufacturers actually utilize these pesticides and fertilizers in order to increase their yield. Studies have shown that the cotton needed to make one t shirt would require 140 grams of pesticides and fertilizers. So you could just imagine the volume of fertilizers and pesticides needed to manufacture all the “100% cotton” t shirts online that you can see today.

But then, while there may be manufacturing companies that have disregarded the environment in their daily operations, there are those who still give value to the health of the environment. One company is Certton. It is an Australian company that has been manufacturing organic cotton t shirts online.

They do not adhere to non-environmentally friendly practices. They make sure that the farmers who tend the cotton fields are not put at risk by these harmful and even carcinogenic chemicals.

So the next time around that you try to shop for t shirts online, make sure that the shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. It is one way of making the better choice.

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