Men’s Blazers Are A Simple Dresser’s Best Friend

Despite my hours and hours of writing about fashion and clothing, I’m a simple dresser. I like simple outfits that are easy to obtain, assemble and clean. I like t-shirts, casual jeans and solid colored collared shirts but above all else I like being able to look professional without having to sacrifice comfort. My secret method of doing this should come as no surprise. Simply put: I wear whatever makes me feel comfortable and men’s blazers are tool in my fashion toolbox.

Casual blazers are the Swiss army knives of men’s fashion. They’re versatile, effective and always good to have around. You can dress up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or take a collared dress shirt to new fashion heights. It’s all about picking the proper blazer for the particular outfit. Color, style and the fit are all important. You never want to see clashing colors or a blazer that’s too large on a respectable man. The blazer should be close fitting but not tight. How a blazer fits on you shoulders can be interpreted to be a sign of a fashion-challenged man and no one wants to intentionally look like they don’t know how to dress themselves.

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For the most part fashion is subjective. Trends and styles are parsed, interpreted and remixed but what remains constant is that we do it to express ourselves, to separate ourselves from the crowd and to show the world our identity and style. Its a very important element of the human psyche but not the most important.

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