[NP] The Snapdeal “quality Check” Scam

Been a regular user of Snapdeal for quite a while. Bought my first piece of apparel after years of buying non apparel. I usually wear size L T shirts. This Nike that I ordered would be tight even for those who wear size M. Looked suspicious that the fit was so tight, so decided to return it. In the very same packaging. Next I know is that I’m sent an email. Your return was rejected because it “failed quality check”, and here’s the interesting part: it is being sent back to me. I immediately try to speak to a customer service executive. I now find that it’s impossible to. The phone has a pre-recorded message: “the product returned has failed quality check”. Even more strange: there is no means to email them. There is never an engagement with the customer other than snapdeal calling the customer, always a one sided means of communication.

Men's Hidden face in flame Print Long Sleeve T-ShirtI then get on Twitter. They have a dedicated Twitter account to deal with issues. @snapdeal_help. I request a call back. When they finally do I ask them what failed the “quality check”. What I heard next was astounding: I had not packed it the “right way”, there was no damage to the product in itself. I asked them in what manner should a T shirt be packed? In a box? In a carton? In a container? My questions are met with silence. So I told them that even though they had been through some tough times because of their brand ambassadors’ views, this form of malicious fraud will shut them down. No other e-tailer, be it Myntra, Amazon, or Flipkart has ever engaged in such fraud.

So I decided to have a look at the other people who were engaging with snapdeals twitter help ID. What I read was shocking. The account was active 24 hours a day. Most people had the same failed “quality checks”. In one case a person was sent a wrong book by the seller, when returned, it failed “quality check”. It obviously would, as it was the wrong book. He had been in discussions back and forth for two weeks. No sign of him getting his payment returned. Another person had a magsafe adapter box sent in place of his iPhone 7, he had no choice but to get on Twitter and send pictures of the adapter box. Snapdeal airs it’s customers issues for the world to see.

It is astounding that they have gotten this far without even having a manned telephone number where a customer could speak to an executive, no means of even emailing them.

This in itself constitutes fraud. No customer should be asked to get to them via twitter without having the chance to interact with a human.

Please upvote this post so that it hits MSM. One way or the other Snapdeal has to face its own undoing. They are maliciously anti consumer but it’s only when the shit hits the fan that the customer knows that he has no means of getting to them.

Please spread the news far and wide. Shop with Snapdeal and you will get fucked if shit hits the fan. If not, consider yourself extremely lucky.

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