On Service Dogs And My Infinite Appreciation Fo..

I went to the grocery store today.

I hate the grocery store, mostly because there are other people and sometimes you need to get to the toothpaste but someone standing in front of it for like twenty minutes and you have to awkwardly pretend to look at the hand soap with great interest so they don think youe waiting on them but you totally are.

Ugh. Public.

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I finally got my food in my oversized cart (it was mostly Ramen?Iin college) and was scanning my food in the self-checkout.

I love self-checkout. I don even have to talk to people and I can bag things poorly and it just a really good time for me.

Plus I love the bloop sound as you scan your groceries; it so satisfying.


As I was walking up to the self checkout area, I saw a puppy.

It was a chihuahua in a rhinestoned t-shirt reading 淧rincess€?it was pretty cute.

The cashier overseeing the self-checkout asked its owner?a younger woman accompanied by a kid no older than 8?to keep an eye on her dog in case it decided to jump out of the cart (and it was eyeballing that direction).

The little boy put a hand on the dog and kept its attention; all was well.

I was scanning my groceries when I heard the situation behind me.

a檃m, next time you bring in your dog, please have him on a leash or with a collar.?/h2>

The woman looked at her with that face.

It a face Ie seen on so many bitchy human beings.

The face of, did you just speak to me that way?

I knew it was about to get real.

I didn want to look but I absolutely did.

淯m, excuse me? Why should I do that??/h2>

淛ust in case the dog runs off?it helps with security.?/p>

淗ow would having my dog on a leash help with that? How would it keep my dog from running off??/h2>

ctually, we have a company policy of not allowing in any dogs that aren service dogs but斺€?/p>

淗e is a service dog. Bitch.?/h2>

The woman pushed around the cashier and stormed out, her bedazzled pooch in tow.

For a busy grocery store, it was surprisingly silent.

Another woman at the self-checkout finally broke the tension:

ow. Woooooooow. I cannot believe that.?/h2>

I felt like I should say something, but before I could form the words, another woman walked by with her groceries.

am so sorry. Isorry she treated you that way. Youe doing a great job.?/h2>

hank you, ma檃m. It just a part of the job.?/p>

hat why youe working here and not me?you maintained your composure. It wouldn have been good had it been me.?/p>

The cashier and the woman laughed and parted ways.

Now, Inot saying that wasn a service dog, but I will say I did not know service dogs can wear bedazzled t-shirts. That was news to me.

Ie also never seen a service dog in a cart without a collar and leash, though I think it fairly obvious why a dog out in public should have a leash on (really, why did you have to ask that?)

Then again?I don know anything about service dogs. I leave that woman with the benefit of the doubt.

But for treating another human like that? A woman who was allowing you to break company policy so that you could get your groceries? A woman that was politely and respectfully informing you of the rules?

That not okay, and I don care if your goddamn dog is a service dog or not. Youe not a nice person.

I get it?people have bad days. Things happen. But that is never okay.

People in service industries are greatly underappreciated. Their jobs are to make our lives easier. Because of people like that woman, the food is on neat shelves for me to choose from. There are carts in the cart area. I have someone to ask when I can find something.

That woman, and all people in service industries, are blessings to us all.

I support you, cashier lady. You handled things in the best way possible and you deserve a hug and our infinite appreciation. You do great work.

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