Paranormal Or Demonic Experiences – On Being An Empath, And Concerning Warding Off Spirits

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Paranormal or Demonic Experiences – On Being an Empath, and Concerning Warding Off Spirits
Updated on August 3, 2017 Wesman Todd Shaw moreContact Author Paranormal Experiences
Now this story actually starts in 1974, on my date of birth. Somewhere in my teenage years though, I just started having the odd unexplained experience. I’ve had strange problems for a while, and still have them today. It is evidence that I can’t really talk about some things, and this is proved by the exceedingly attractive young female mental health workers that paid me a visit just two days ago.

That’s right – and lets not forget the two armed men with metal badges pinned to their shirts that escorted them here either.

Hell, I’d actually say or do lots of strange things if I could only get the friendlier of the two to start dropping by for visits – the women, that is. . .

But fuck it, right? This is my world – and I’ll tell it just as it happened. That’s just what I do, and if I occasionally get carted off to the state hospital, as I did in 2005, then it’s all shits and giggles in the end, and another web page story that will appear as soon as the author is free again.

Of course here in rural Texas – anyone who “hears voices,” or “sees things” is most likely to be considered to be under the influence of an intoxicant of some kind, or just extremely mentally ill. You can count me down for “mentally ill” if you like, as I had strange and unmentionable experiences long before I’d ever used any sort of illegal substance.

In any case, I’d like you to take a minute to read about one of several Demon possession stories that I could tell – but this is the only one published, and it’s on Info Barrel, and is linked below.

. . .and NO, I couldn’t care less if you believe any of this, or anything discussed in the link below.

Demon Possession

Demon Possession – InfoBarrel
But this is a story that I experienced first hand. I’m not making it up. If one wishes to dismiss it or explain it away due to something said by some arrogant biologist somewhere who can’t seem to comprehend an allegory when he reads one. . .
A Common Shadow Creature
The Occult
I don’t know anything about the occult. I’ve always been halfway interested in learning about some of it, but I’ve also been self aware enough to decide that it just wasn’t a good idea for me to investigate it too thoroughly. I am, however, completely unable to avoid the occult. Occult problems just find me. I do not look for them.

Several months ago a friend came over, looked through my books, and asked if If I had any books about witchcraft. I told her that I didn’t. She came over again a few weeks later, and without telling me about it – she left a book about witchcraft. No, I’ve not read the book.

About a month ago another friend came over and was in a tremendous state of distress. He insisted that people in my hometown were praying to demons, and having demons do “this and that,” and that there was nothing that I could do about it, and that all was hopeless.

Less than a week ago a friend told me that she was fairly sure that I am what is often referred to as an Empath. As I understand it, the term Empath refers to someone that literally receives stimuli from external forces that are not always flesh and blood.

Yes – I just threw all of modern science out the window, with the exception, of course, of all the possibilities and questions that arise from the sub atomic realm of physics, and the properties therein, that also lie in the more common realms. It’s not that I don’t like science – it’s that I hold a lot of contempt for those who live sterile lives, and think that their five senses have the capability to measure and determine the extent of all reality. We’ve a limitless universe – and infinity is completely incongruous with human understanding. I’ve nothing but scorn to offer those who follow the shallow nonsense of the new atheist movement. I’d actually prefer the witches for company, they at least, do have some spirituality and some awe to enjoy.

Evil Spirits
The Dangers of Being “Mentally Ill”

Kelly Thomas: Police beat and taser \’gentle\’ mentally-ill homeless man to death | Mail Online
WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTO: Kelly Thomas, 37, from California, was beaten beyond recognition by police and died a few days later. A YouTube video showing the beating has been released.
Warding Off Malevolent Disembodied Spirits.

How to ward off Evil Spirits – Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums
In this thread we get to discuss ways of banishing or warding off Evil Spirits MINT-wards off evil spirits SALT IN UR POCKET wards off evil spirits
Warding Off Evil Spirits
So the question, naturally, came up – how does one ward off evil spirits? Of course what I’ve always used with great affect is one of the following Christian things, the Lord’s Prayer, or the Twenty Third Psalm.

You know, I was raised on of of those hard core and often idiotic fundamentalist churches that teaches that the world was created in six days. . . .cause “God said so.” Well, anyone with time to think more than half a second about anything can see right through that bullshit – most folks, however, should be able to see an allegory when they read one. It’s just a damned shame, in my no so humble opinion, that literary devices and reading comprehension aren’t so valued in Rockefeller affected America; but whatever.

No, there is no magical bath that can permanently guarantee someone a trip to harps and clouds land. I sort of wonder what other sort of “magick” those folks believe in, and just where in the cracker jack box is the super secret Bible decoder pen found? Basically, if you are going to a church where the fear of sex is preached because it might lead to dancing, and that magical dips in water reserve eternal spots in Jesus land is the defining principle. I advise you stop going to that congregation – they can’t read.

Back to the WARDING thing:

From talking to folks on the net and from researching things on the net – salt is always a warder off of the evil spirits, and the other major thing used is the herb Sage. Now, what I’d read on the net is that Sage and Pine Needles should be burned in your home to ward off evil spirits. But I asked another Lady friend (yes, I love my homeboys – but I’ll always prefer women) told me that that could be correct; but that according to a book that I do own and have read – that the Native Americans, and especially the Sioux, used Sage and Cedar to burn together to ward off evil spirits, and to otherwise purify their environment, and especially before turning in for the night.

Casting Out Demons Buy Now The Warding
And so as it happened the female friend who’d left me the book on witchcraft a few months ago came back over for a visit. We were talking about this and about that, and the discussion came up about the evil spirits, the sage, the cedar, the pine needles, and even the salt. All this time my ten thousand mp3 strong media player, forever on random, played in the background.

I asked her what she knew about the warding off of spirits, and she asked,

Do you want me to cast the demons out of your trailer?

Well, hell to the yes, I thought ,

Go for it, please!

. . . Is what I told her, and so she then asked if I had any olive oil, and of course I did and I do, and so she got the olive oil out, and proceeded to smear some above each and every door and window in my tiny travel trailer home. When she was done with that, she came to me, and I’m a bit of a chatter box and she told me to be quite. I did what I was asked. At this very moment in that point in time she smeared some olive oil on my forehead, and The Grateful Dead tune Friend Of The Devil just so happened to be playing on my computer. With her finger and some oil on my forehead, she prayed. The power suddenly went out not just in my trailer, but in the entire area.

She’d cast out every demon on the block.

Friend Of The Devil.
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sendingRebecca 4 years ago from USA

I know it’s a bit annoying to post a hub on a hub, but consider reading this……

RowanRiver 4 years ago

…an empath, yep. That is to say, and by whatever means, you “notice” a lot more about what is going on around you than is normal (as in “average,” not as in “right”).

As for paranormal stuffs, I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other. Like asking whether or not God actually exists, the question is just a bit beside the point, isn’t it? 🙂

I don’t mind tripping else where, mail me the where and I may just drop in,


AuthorWesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

Hey thanks, Dusty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I’ll get around to telling stories over here again, the people that run this joint seem to dislike everything that I do unless it has a guitar for a thumbnail, LOL!

50 Caliber 5 years ago from Arizona

Wesman mi Amigo poqueto, this was a great hub and still is, I got your back maybe sometime you’ll look over your shoulder and see me standing there, with the power to bring you to the safe side, where you can only loose this life on this plane…..

Peace and Blessings,



This is one of those oddball hubs that I sometimes wonder why I ever even published – but the responses that I’ve got to it makes me believe that it was well worth my time and effort!

Kelly Kline Burnett 6 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

Wesman Todd Shaw,

Powerful – very powerful. The forces here on earth, the unseen forces are very powerful but your writing is moving. Very well done – you touched me and reminded me to look for the unseen – we need this reminder. Thank you.

and Thank you.


Strange that you refer to yourself as a “pessimist.” I would describe you as quite the contrary. Maybe because I believe a TRUE pessimist throws his hands in the air, scrathes his head and says, “Oh well, that’s just the way it goes.” YOU, Mr. Wesman Todd Shaw, do just the opposite. You have powerful thoughts and feelings about this world of ours….you KNOW it can be better and you share loudly and clearly the songs in your heart. The experience your hubs bring to me is one of reality, wisdom and hope. You have stirred the simmering pot in my soul and turned up the heat so it can boil……in a GOOD way. Your hubs have moved me…caused the dormant feelings to WAKE UP. Ain’t no PESSIMIST can do that, my friend.


Well, things are probably going to get uglier for most – but then again, I’m somewhat of a pessimist.

Men's Blue Chakra Print Long Sleeve T Shirts

I don’t actually think things are going to get worse and worse for ME – but then again I’m not in the same state of mind or being that most persons are in.

I know what an atheist is and I know about “New Age” Is “new Atheist,” a combination of the 2? As for “Materialists,” PULL-EEZ, Wes….we’d never had enough time to get into that. I have devoted the majority of my adult life avoiding, ignoring, and refusing to allow that damned demon into my world. Whatever the unadulterated opposite of GREED is, I wish for it to rain upon the world for 40 days and 40 nights..until every ounce is cleansed from the earth.

Hey fpherj48! I’m finding that mostly persons who doubt such things are “new atheist” or otherwise persons who disbelieve anything that science can not prove.

First of all – that requires faith that humans can even detect everything in the infinite and expanding universe – which is exceedingly arrogant.

I’ve got lots of “new atheist” or “materialist” friends – can’t figure out what all they’ve got going on in their minds – but mostly it’s just fear, I think.

Paula 6 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Wes…There is no reason I can fathom to disbelieve you. I have had several “experiences,” and know numerous people who have as well. It is not “crazy,” nor is it always something that can be EXPLAINED away or excused as a dream, trick or hallucination. Why there are those who will always need proof and rationalization for unusual, uncommon or strange occurrances, is because they THINK anything of this nature is purely negative and/or evil. This creates fear….creates denial…creates ignorance….creates hatred….creates destruction. Most times, things quite simply but I haven’t looked at this hub in a while.

I’m certain that I’ll feel stupid when I figure it out – I know because I always feel stupid.

Rachel 6 years ago

To the Author, In respect of the Discount Cotton Summer Sirena Children’s T-shirt TDO. Your entirely to well written to be withheld that right by our big brother, in the name of your good. Here’s the trick, when they show up, punch the shit out of them. Instead of the TDO, you go to jail. In jail you have internet access, cable TV, and paper. We’ve learned through experience in this house.

Hey thank you poetvix – yes, I know about the hoppers, there’s also something that happens from over exposure to individuals – a “sharing” or “co infection,” if you will.

Things I’ve noticed – but skeered to talk about in polite Texas company! ha!

Yeah, I think atheist are mostly morons, or just going through a bit of a “seeking truth” phase. Been there and done all that – paid a $20 for a t shirt, and burned it when I got home 😀

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God’s country.

Really interesting hub here, Todd. I find it ironic how in western society what is labeled elsewhere as “from the god’s” is labeled insanity or delusional or some other mental health label.

In every society, in every era, man has believed in the other worldly, the mystical, and the spiritual. Our current slant towards the “only what can be scientifically proven is real” attitude does not help us as much as its proponents would have us believe.

Great hub. I can see where it took courage to write this. I applaud you and it.

PS, I might be a little careful about casting out. I think I heard something, somewhere about needing something to cast it into or it just hops… could just be remembering that from some movie though.

Dusty’s right. It would be a very good idea to use Psalm 91 – read it a few times over the next couple of days or so.

Dusty 6 years ago

Wesman, burn that thing, throw the Psalms 91 at the flame and take the ashes and scatter them to the wind somewhere else, where the whole of it will be gone from you and your presence or just burn them elsewhere and split. No good can come from that thing and I agree that there is no telling how and who it was used by and the level of evil in the hands that did. dust

I think the first rule of satanism is that you can never trust a satanist to ever tell the truth about anything – especially in “introduction level” satanism – like Anton’s nonsense.

All he was doing was easing folks into that hardcore shit.

I’ve got that book out now – there’s no front or back cover on it now. It was left here with no front cover, I guess I must have ripped the back cover off.

I think you’re right about satanism-aetheism. If it was just aetheism there wouldn’t be any need for rituals etc. You could simply meditate on any material wants/power you need. But this shit goes way beyond that. In addition if it is only aetheism then I don’t understand all the crap that goes on about abusing holy pictures and hanging crosses and pentagrams upside down and so on. These are all deliberate actions to defile what many people hold sacred and to open up doorways to all manner of negativity.

I think I will do that, and today. I’ve definitely got some house cleaning to do – I certainly don’t have any time to devote to satanism.

What’s half way sad is that most people think that even The Anton LaVey satanism is really just atheism. . . I’m afraid that they’ve not caught on yet. At least the theistic satanist are honest about that part.

Hi Wes,

Have had a good look at the book – looks more like satanism than anything else and very sensationalist. This says one of two things to me – firstly, it’s bullshit (ie when it says that black magic is misunderstood) secondly and unfortunately it is dangerous bullshit.

I agree also with Misbehaved Woman it can always be hard to tell not so much how many hands it has been through but whose hands in particular – it has probably been used by quite a few misguided nutters in its time and they’ll probably have left a lot of negativity with it. Also if the book was near to where any kind of ritual was performed then it is possible to have a very negative spiritual attachment to it. So in a word – burn the book, cleanse your space and start to breath easy.

Maybe the “Devil Red” color should tell people something?

I think I’ll incur the Law Of Burning on it. Maybe I’ll throw it outside for the evening, and burn it in the morning. What do you think?

Ditch that book. I agree with Seeker and the description plainly says it explores ‘black magick’. Any *witch* who claims to dabble in black arts is not a true Witch because to do so violates the creed of Harm None as well as incurs great risk of having the Law of Three come back and slam you into the ground.

It’s junk and who knows how many hands it passed through before it got to you?

Evelyn Anne 6 years ago

Some wise person has said, “All that is behind us and All that is before us, is nothing compared to All that is Within Us”. I believe this is a truth.

Each of us has so much more potential than we use. So many never think about or reckon with the spiritual part of themselves because they rush hurriedly through life without giving a thought to more than who they are, what they want, and what they have. We are indeed much more than that. It is important to slow down, meditate, think deeply, and know oneself from the inside out. No other person can know your thoughts or motivations. You alone know the private, personal YOU.

Keep your heart seeking good, truth, and love. There is hope for the rest of us but we do need input from those who know more and can help us along the way.

Keep growing, thinking, and writing!

Yeah Dusty. I still ain’t even looked for that book. I’m not exactly Lazy, but I guess I get irritated going through my books. I just ain’t read anything in a while.

I don’t know if reading that thing might let me see things going on that maybe I need to know about, or if it’s just garbage. I do intend to set it on fire though if I find it and decide that it’s creepy.

50 Caliber 6 years ago from Arizona

Wesman, I’m not wanting to be argumentative but from my understanding Witch or Wicca, dabbling in the dead as a seer good or bad is a biblical no, dust.

AuthorWesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

Hey Seeker Seven! Here’s the book here:…

Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

As to the psychic vampires – I don’t think that it’s you who are finding them, it’s probably ‘them’ that’s finding you due to your unique energies. If any of them come near imagine a white light surrounding you to reinforce your aura and no matter how close they get you’ll be fine.

MisBehaved Woman 6 years ago from Lost Causes, NM

Sorry it took me so long to get over here to read this width:300px;height:250px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-7547369567510288″ data-page-url=”//” data-ad-slot=”1186173963″>

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