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Ray Of Dope

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A soft hum prevailed within the silence of a weathered down shack he called his “summer season retreat”.Rhythmic chopping of onions on a wooden board adopted by the blender’s whirl drowned the pure orchestra in his backyard.Wind gushing by means of the leaves, the ripples of the nearby stream as its chorus. Scooby tugged on the frayed, unfastened ends of his shabby t shirt.

He would have missed them had he not tripped over the pixel elephant milk bowl.

They were operating across the poplar tree, making merry within the flicker of sunlight that bathed the grass from blinds of the foliage. A nubile couple, untouched by the qualms of a modern world, they jumped over the low wall and disappeared behind it. His squint eyes kept searching for them until they reappeared, this time, with a bundle of mulberry and nuts in their arms. He did not need to overlook nailing pixel elephant them down, not this time. So he pulled down his gear from the cabinet within the kitchen. Like a camouflaged soldier in his personal backyard, he ambushed an assault from the appropriate facet of the wall they were perched on, now devouring their produce. Not eager to waste one other second, straight away he pulled on the set off, took an purpose and shot them.

That evening, he toasted with Scooby and seemed up at the rack in the foyer.
Magpies, robins, bee hive, love birds, ducks. And next to them stood the squirrels, a 4×4 completely fitted into the orange frame.
He had been a wildlife photographer for two years now.
He puzzled the place he would find some house sparrows next.

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pixel elephant

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