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2017 New Cotton Design Tamborin Man Children's T-shirtSofia spent almost eight months in selecting her bridal attire and she chose every piece with utmost care. She was in love with Osborne and was marrying this man of her dreams. Like any other bride, she was anxious and excited about the wedding, life as a wife, a life that would be spent being someone’s love and nurturing another human being that would complete the picture. However, the thing that caused most anxiety was her wedding night and her honeymoon!

Sophia chose plus size bridal lingerie and a stunning plus size wedding gown. She had a joyful childhood, an excellent well paying job, enjoyed job satisfaction, and had a great support circle, a wonderful social life and the man of her dreams. What more could a woman ask for? Yet she was worried.

She was worried about how her plus size voluptuous frame would look in plus size bridal wear, her plus size heaving bosom, her distinct cleavage, the paunch that marred her looks and butts that screamed for attention, when in jeans.

Although she had courted Osborne for over 2 years, the intimate details of her body would be revealed on the very first night of her wedding, when she was ready to offer herself to her love. Blinded by passion, even if those were ignored, the honeymoon holidays would be a time to explore each other’s strengths and weaknesses!

After confiding in her designer, the latter cleverly helped the bride with a few good suggestions. Plus size bridal lingerie and plus size bridal gowns were anyway there, but the clever designer suggested that Sophia chose well fitting jeans, suits, T-shirts, slacks, shorts and party wear too.

For the wedding the theme is to look your stunning best, but for the honeymoon, the bride must look dignified yet sensual, carnal yet romantic. Investing time and energy in a pair of good well fitting plus size jeans, decent plus size T-shirts etc will also make any woman look smart, confident and agile! Would you invest your hard earned money in gold bangles smaller than your wrist size? Then why waste hard earned money buying clothes that are smaller in size?

Apart from selecting plus size jeans and T-shirts, it’s wise to choose sober colors too that accentuate your best features and downplay the not so good ones. Plus size T-shirts in dark colors like maroon, purple and black will tone down heavier tops. Taller frames will look smart and feminine in darker shades. Petite women will look smart in lighter shades. It is wise if small petite women dress in smaller prints and long vertical stripes.

Tall, slender frames will look attractive in slightly large prints or horizontal stripes, that will tone down their height.

Women on the plumper side should avoid figure hugging tops. Women who are short must avoid Capri pants or bell bottoms. These suit taller women.

Following this bit of advice, Sophia went ahead with her honeymoon and returned with a radiant glow on her face. Her joy knew no bounds when she realized that Osborne cherished her body as much as he cherished her company.

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