ReaD IT OuT FasT: Wearing Being Human T

That was nice to read and loved those small incident you have mentioned in there.

Fashion Cotton Summer Taste Me, Drink Me Children's T-shirthmm reality!

Nice post.Donning a being human T- shirt doesn’t make you human,if you are immune to the sufferings of others whether animal or human.

Nice one ARB u write the blog so fast cool this is also one great blog 🙂

Hey nice one ARB this is also ur one of the best being human is nt being a human iota a nice name 🙂

Agree. Not many people are fortunate to have parents who can give them a handful to eat, and an education to help them in making a living.

Most of the times we neglect the people or take them for granted if they are good. Whereas, if a doctor asks us to give 500 rupees for just going through the previous prescription, we give it without asking even once. We take things for granted. Thanks for reminding us.


Thanks samyrrr

Thanks Dharanee

Thanks Anonymous for agreeing.

Mahesh, I love doing this buddy. 🙂

Indiawilds 🙂

Wat an analysis n wat a grt thought !! I too got a real defination of a Social Animal..Its all abt being a good human being…

Great thought..loved ur writing..very nicely executed and that small incidents u mentioned r the best parts abt dis blogs..Stay blessed..:):):)

Yes Anamika… Exactly what u have understood.

Thanks a lot Mamandeep bhai.. its always good to see u on my blog space.. Twitter pe toh tum ho hi.. idhar dekh k dil khush ho jata hai.

I agreed with your post. I am totally appreciate with you and your thoughts. Hat’s off to you great thinking. Nice sharing

Thanks a lot 🙂

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