Red Shirts Rally: PM Wants Probe On Petaling Street Fiasco

Women's Print Evening Glow Short Sleeve T-ShirtGet up-to-the-minute reports on the goings-on in downtown Kuala Lumpur today as the Red Shirts rally, demanding the restoration of Malay dignity, goes into full swing.

9.10pm: Kuala Lumpur police chief Tajuddin Md Isa issues a press statement saying the situation in Kuala Lumpur after the Red Shirts rally is under control as the 35,000 rally goers who attended have gradually dispersed. He said however that there will still be a police presence in the city.

The fiasco that erupted earlier when rally goers insisted on marching through Petaling Street resulted in the arrests of two Malay males, aged 24 and 30, under Section 143 of the Penal Code.

It also resulted in two police officers sustaining light injuries. The situation in the city has returned to calm and is under control.

8.18pm: Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock is open to traffic with only 30 police officers manning the streets. Good night.

8.00pm: Police has asked rally goers and the media to vacate Petaling Street to allow for the smooth flow of traffic. Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock from Central Market leading to Kota Raya is now open but police are on stand by on the other side. The FRU team is now on stand down mode and are boarding their transport and will leave soon.

7.05pm: Prime Minister Najib Razak in a tweet asks police to investigate the violence at Petaling Street. He said he was informed that the rally in KL ended peacefully except for the incident which should not have happened.

6.50pm: Jamal says he has asked the government to take action against traders in Petaling Street and says that if none is taken, he will lead a demonstration there.

He does not specify what action he expects the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism to take against the traders.

He then asks everybody to disperse peacefully and suggests he will buy them a meal.

6.42pm: Jamal Yunos is seen trying to persuade rally goers to disperse but many among them, the youth in particular, refuse to budge and start shouting their disagreement instead.

6.39pm: One rally goer is heard shouting, teady lah Datuk (Razlan Rafii)! Participants are already covered in sweat and you only show your face now.?/p>

6.34pm: Mohd Razlan Rafii, FT Umno Youth chief is seen talking to police, still negotiating with them to let rally goers march down Petaling Street.

6.32pm: About 10 rally goers are seen shaking hands with FRU personnel as a sign they have agreed to disperse. However other rally goers are staying put.

6.30pm: Security is tight.

6.21pm: FRU personnel form a human barricade in front of Kota Raya in the event rally goers attempt to barge into Petaling Street again.

6.12pm: Umno Supreme Council member and Mara Chairman Annuar Musa says, e have already told the protesters to not touch Petaling Street. Action must be taken against them.

e have 30 lawyers here today, but these people wont be getting their services (of the lawyers) because they have disobeyed the law.

urge the police to take stern action against them.?/h2>

According to Malaysiakini, Gabungan NGO-NGO president Jamal Yunos says the situation in Petaling Street is caused by the Opposition. hey are out to sabotage our programme and not part of us.?/p>

6.02pm: Police form a human barricade against the rally goers in Petaling Street.

6.00pm: Rally organiser Mohamad Ali Rustam says those who have provoked police at Petaling Street must be responsible for their own actions.

5.59pm: Rally goers insist on being allowed to march down Petaling Street against instructions from the police.

5.49pm: Calm returns to Petaling Street but number of FRU trucks increase in presence.

5.42pm: Rally goers leave Petaling Street but leave a trail of litter behind.

5.30pm: Two rally goers and one police officer are injured in the head and have been taken to the hospital by an ambulance on standby.

5.22pm: Mohd Razlan Rafii, FT Umno Youth chief alleges that outside parties who were paid, provoked the crowd by throwing stones at the crowd and letting off firecrackers. He says this angered rally goers but that heeding the advice of the police, he would ask the crowd to disperse.

5.17pm: Three members of silat group arrested. Haji Azmin, a representative from Pesaka, said rally goers only wanted to march through Petaling Street and wants police to release the three who were arrested.

5.12pm: Rally goers are leaving Padang Merbok in large numbers.

5.07pm: Police say they resorted to using the water cannons on the Red Shirts protesters because they were provoking the FRU personnel present.

5.05pm: Over at Padang Merbok, former federal minister and head of Umno Selangor Noh Omar says the 200,000 people gathered, ee shown Bersih that we too can gather and demonstrate but without causing a ruckus.?/p>

He also told Bersih to stop holding rallies to topple the government and added,on be like Egypt and Syria. If you want to bring down the government, then do it in the general elections.?/p>

5.00pm: Umno Supreme Council member and Mara Chairman Annuar Musa addresses the crowd at Padang Merbok.

He says 250,000 people have attended the rally but that there are some among them who are instigating trouble and advises everyone to adhere to the instructions from the authorities.

He says the prime minister conveys his regards to all who have attended and that both he and the deputy prime minister have expressed surprise at the huge and peaceful turnout.

4.55pm: Water cannons being used to make the crowds disperse after warning bell was rung three times.

4.50pm: Police on standby as more trouble is expected in Petaling Street. One rally goer is hurt on the head from a stone that was thrown in his direction by another in the group.

4.48pm: One reporter was insulted and called a pig after asking a rally goer why she was carrying a May 13 poster.

4.30pm: The situation in Petaling Street is controlled but tense. According to Malaysiakini, rally goers have been trying to push through the barricades to enter the street although police and FRU personnel have refused them entry.

The crowd however keeps shouting, asuk. Masuk. Masuk.?(Enter. Enter. Enter.)

Media are asked to stay away from the entrance while 40 anti-riot and 80 police personnel are on standby as are five FRU trucks stationed at Jalan Tun Cheng Lock.

4.15pm: Rally goers seen leaving Padang Merbok. Many look tired.

4.00pm: Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali delivers speech calling DAP racists and blaming them for stoking racial sentiments. He also blames the DAP for poor race relations.

3.55pm: Nordin Razak reads poetry.

3.50pm: Trouble brewing in Petaling Street. Malaysiakini reports FRU brought in to help disperse 800-strong crowd. Situation has been declared as ense?

3.36pm: Pesaka president and former Malacca chief minister Mohamad Ali Rustam addresses the crowd. He says, he Malays are tired of being stepped on by the other communities especially the DAP Chinese who insult and ridicule us.

e don know what else to do. We can take it anymore with Bersih having their rallies already four times.

hey insult our race. They insult Islam. They step on the pictures of Prime Minister Najib Razak and PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang.?/p>

Ali also urges the government to bring back the abolished Internal Security Act to safeguard the country.

Also seen at Padang Merbok are former federal minister and current MARA chairman Annuar Musa.

3.35pm: Jalan Conlay is all quiet again after rally goers marched through it to Padang Merbok while everything is back to normal in Jalan Bukit Bintang with tourists spotted back on the streets.

3.10pm: Abdul Rani Kulup Abdullah, 60 of Martabat Jalinan Muhibbah Malaysia (MJMM), is spotted on stage at Padang Merbok.

2.53pm: It is estimated some 50,000 rally goers have gathered at Padang Merbok turning it into a sea of red.

2.41pm: An old Chinese couple in Jalan Hang Lekiu is seen wearing the red T-shirts they were given as they enjoy a free meal.

2.40pm: The song nilah Barisan Kita?is playing.

2.35pm: About 2,000 rally goers have already arrived at Padang Merbok. The shouts ofidup Melayu?ring in the air.

2.15pm: About 5,000 rally goers are now marching past Istana Hotel on their way to Padang Merbok.

2.08pm: Some rally goers have rushed into Jalan Bukit Bintang defying police orders not to do so and are chantingong Live the Malays!?as they march towards Padang Merbok.

2.06pm: About 500 rally goers in front of Masjid Albukhary in Jalan Hang Tuah start marching to Padang Merbok.

2.00pm: Some of the organisers are in discussion with police to allow them to walk through Jalan Bukit Bintang towards Padang Merbok. They start walking chantingancur DAP?(Down with DAP).

1.48pm: Some rally goers are causing a disturbance around the KLCC area. More disturbance is reported around Jalan Bukit Bintang.

1.38pm: FRU are moving towards the Jalan Bukit Bintang area to get the chaotic situation there under control.

13.17pm: Rally goers want to march into Jalan Bukit Bintang but police stay firm and disallow them entry. They are ordered to march to Padang Merbok instead although some refuse.

1.35pm: Ahmad Maslan says he is sure Padang Merbok will not be able to accommodate all rally supporters once all of them reach here.

Based on his observations at all five locations he visited, the number of rally goers is overwhelming.

can estimate the exact number but by 4pm when everyone reaches here, Padang Merbok cannot accommodate us all.

e want to show the difference between two groups who rallied – one which received permission and the other which did not. I would not have come here if we did not get the permission.?/p>

He said another reason why the rally was held was for the public to show they were suffering due to the fall of the ringgit and for the government to take immediate action.

e are not here to provoke racial hatred – those are just rumours. Anyone from any race can join this rally. We just do not want participants who are shallow minded.?/p>

1.30pm: Malaysiakini reports that police stop a group of 200 rally goers from entering Petaling Street. The march from PWTC to Padang Merbok has started and among them is Rural and Regional Development Minister Ismail Yaacob and Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Tajuddin Abdul Rahman.

1.20pm: About 5,000 have already gathered at Padang Merbok. Malaysiakini reports crowds are estimated at over 20,000 – PWTC 10,000; Jalan Conlay 5,000; Masjid Negara 5,000.

Federal Territory Umno Youth chief Razlan Rafii addresses supporters from Johor. Malaysiakini quotes him as saying, e are here to show the Chinese DAP that Malays are in power. The other day they stomped on a picture of Malay leaders but I don see any stomping today. We must not behave in such a way. Let paint the mosque red.?/p>

1.17pm: About 2,000 from Jalan Conlay have started to march to Padang Merbok, led by Sungai Besar Umno division chief, Jamal Yunos.

1.10pm: Mohamed Ismail, patron of Perkida Penang says there are about 80 buses carrying supporters coming from Penang.

e are peaceful. We are not racists. We came here to show solidarity as Malays for the leaders of our country. We don want other groups to disrespect our leaders.

ur leaders were elected democratically. These groups should wait for the next general elections if they want to change leaders.?/p>

12.53pm: Rally goers at Jalan Sultan Ismail are starting to march, led by the president of Jaringan Melayu Malaysia, Azwanddin Hamzan.

12.50pm: An estimated 600-700 supporters have gathered at Padang Merbok. Over at Jalan Conlay, the numbers are gathering outside the Kompleks Kraftangan.

12.30pm: Some Chinese reporters from Astro were chased away from the Kompleks Kraftangan in Jalan Conlay by rally goers.

12.25pm: Dataran Merdeka is closed to the public

12.20pm: Rally goer from Johor is heard expressing her unhappiness with the DAP leadership.

Around 5,000 have gathered at PWTC. The numbers are also increasing at Jalan Conlay.

12.15pm: All quiet in Petaling Street with a visible police presence.

12.13pm: About 500 rally goers are seeing gathering at Jalan Sultan Ismail and chantingidup Melayu?(Long live the Malays).

12.05pm: Guy Fawkes masks sold at Padang Merbok although these masks are normally worn at anti-government rallies.

At Jalan Conlay, crowds are gathering for the march to Padang Merbok at 2pm that will be led by Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Yunos.

Some rally goers are carrying very strongly worded placards critical of the DAP leadership.

12.00pm: Police already establishing roadblocks at Petaling Street. Stall owner Mr Tan who opened for business as usual at 9.00am had to pack up and close shop by 12pm.

Malaysiakini reports that at Masjid Negara, special affairs department officer (JASA) Lokman Adam was seen instructing rally goers to walk to Padang Merbok in an orderly manner. He also urges rally goers to perform their Solat Hajat before leaving for Padang Merbok.

Rally goers are also told to refrain from stomping on pictures of leaders.

11.50am: Haji Ahmad, part of Otai Reformasi, was at Padang Merbok since 9am to sell a few goods.

am not selling mineral water this time (he was at past rallies) because these (Red Shirts) rally participants received mineral water from donors while during rallies with Pakatan Rakyat, we did not have anything, which is why I had to sell mineral water to the participants,?said Ahmad.

Ahmad said, he will stay on at Padang Merbok until 6pm.

11.43am: Ahmad Maslan, here because I believe in peaceful assembly and this rally has been given the necessary police approval. We are here today to ensure that the country economic issues can be resolved.

he people are together in rejecting foreign interference like from The Wall Street Journal and the Sarawak Report.

e are here together united to progress with the other races in the country.

am not a chauvinist and I am here in the spirit of 1Malaysia.?/p>

11.40am: At Low Yat Plaza traders expect business to drop drastically today with one business owner Dickson Wong saying that he expects business to be down by at least 50 per cent and another Adwin Francis saying very much the same.

11.36am: 1 Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) truck and six police trucks arrive at Bukit Bintang.

11.30am: Umno Information chief Ahmad Maslan stops supporters from raising their fists and tells them to raise their one finger instead and chant 1Malaysia.

11.26am: Rally goers gathered at the Putra Terminal carry banners saying, akyat bersatu menolak politic ala DAP?(The people are united against DAP-style politics); and akyat bersatu menolak Campurtangan Asing Dalam Hal Ehwal Negara?(The people are united against foreign interference in the nation affairs).

11.19am: Mohd Yusof Ismail form Batu Gajah, Perak is seen on a heavily decorated motorcycle bearing Malaysia flags of all sizes. He says he has always been an active supporter of Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day and explains he was attending the Red Shirts rally because he has seen division among the Malays as well and the rally is a way of uniting the Malays as one.

11.18am: 50 supporters from Klang arrive at Padang Merbok.

11.15am: A quick look shows retailers at Low Yat Plaza are operating as usual. Over at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), more gather while chantingidup Melayu. Hidup Islam?(Long Live the Malays. Long live Islam).

11.10am: Mohd Mahadi, 53, from Gombak hold a banner bearing Arabic script while chantingidup Melayu. Hidup Islam?(Long Live the Malays. Long live Islam).

Malaysiakini reports several men wearing red T-shirts enter Low Yat Plaza but are stopped by plain clothes security personnel and policemen.

11.00am: Red Shirt supporters from Kelantan are spotted with Che Mohd Alwi, Information chief of Umno Kelantan who will lead the march from the PWTC to Padang Merbok.

11.00am: Red Shirt supporters from Kelantan are spotted with Che Mohd Alwi, Information chief of Umno Kelantan who will lead the march from the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) to Padang Merbok.

10.55am: Some supporters perform silat (martial arts) at the vicinity of the PWTC.

10.51am: A red wave is seen flooding the streets in front of the PWTC numbering approximately 1,000 people. They will gather there until they receive orders to march to Padang Merbok.

10.40am: An estimate crowd of 200 gather at Padang Merbok to the strains of the 1Malaysia song being played in the background.

Malaysiakini reports about 3,000 rally goers from Pekan, Pahang clad in red gather at PWTC. They are carrying banners saying, 淐elaka DAP rasis?(DAP racists are cursed); enolak Perhimpunan Bersih?(We reject the Bersih rally).

10.32am: Supporters from Felda receive free red T-shirts.

10.30am: Government assets in the form of buses for the National Service Training Programme (PLKN), are being used to ferry supporters to the Red Shirts rally.

10.28am: A group of youth from Cheras sing nilah barisan kita?while marching towards Petaling Street.

10.25am: It is learnt traders in front of Dataran Merdeka started selling drinks as early as 6am today. When asked why they came so early, one said, or the Malays?

10.24am: Supporters from Batu Pahat are heard chantingidup Melayu!?(Long live the Malays); akkan Melayu hilang di dunia!?(Malays will never disappear from this world); llahuakhbar!?(God is great).

10.22am: Supporters from Batu Pahat are seen holding placards saying, ni Tanah Melayu?(This is Malay land); 淛angan cabar Melayu?(Don challenge the Malays); angkit Melayu Bangkit?(Rise Malays Rise); 淛angan cabar bangsa dan agama kita?(Do not challenge our race and religion); 淛angan cabar hak Melayu?(Do not challenge Malay rights).

10.15am: Most of those gathered at the National Mosque come from the north i.e. Perak, Kedah, Pulau Pinang and Perlis. When asked by FMT why they were there, they said they came to support the fight to restore Malay dignity.on mock the Malays. We came from afar to show our support for the Malay race,?one rally goer said.

10.13am: Six police trucks and one van are spotted at Low Yat Plaza. Police say over 20 police trucks will be stationed there.

10.06am: Ahmad Maslan says, utstanding response in just this one spot. I want to visit all five gathering points.?/p>

10.05am: Only one stall selling fish and vegetables, owned by Kadir Hussin, stays open at the Petaling Street Market located in a side lane. He however says there are no customers today.

10.00am: Also spotted is Umno Information chief Ahmad Maslan. Groups from Perak and Perlis have also arrived. It is learnt rally goers dressed in red started to gather in the vicinity of Masjid Wilayah from as early at 7.00am. There are almost 50 buses parked there.

9.57am: Malay rights group Perkida has arrived.

9.39am: One trader defies orders to close shop today and lays out his merchandise in anticipation of customers.

9.33am: Only one hotel has its doors open for business – the Radius Chinatown Hotel.

9.19am: Petaling Street resembles a ghost town with all shops closed for business today. There is however a strong police presence.

9.00am: Police also take up position at Petaling Street.

8.59am: Police have already gathered in front of Padang Merbok and are taking a briefing by their superiors.

8.58am: A stage dressed in red at Padang Merbok is ready to receive rally goers. All quiet as there are only traders at the moment taking their place along the empty roads selling red T-shirts, drinks and snacks in anticipation of rally goers later in the day.

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