Security BSides / BSidesSF2017

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The schedule is live!

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Workshop registration:

Ally Skills:

Introduction to Reverse Engineering Android Applications Training:

Network Forensics Fun: Packet Pillaging Done Right!:

Violent Python:

How To Sell Security Without Selling Your Soul: No pre-reg, just show up.

RSA Conference Access Codes

1U5BSIDESFCD – Full Conference Discount $100, quantity 100, no expiration

1U5BSIDESXPO – Explorer Expo Comp, quantity 100, no expiration

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Volunteer sign-ups are now closed. Thank you to all that volunteered!


We have NO TOLERANCE for physical/verbal/sexual harassment of any human! Our 淐ode of Conduct?is e Excellent to Each Other?AKA the Golden Rule. Failing that, it iso not be an Ass,* or we will kick your ass out!?Asking questions of a speaker during their talk, to get clarity or debate a point is NOT being an ass – heckling or haranguing the speaker IS. If you are not sure, ask, or err on the side of basic decency and common courtesy. If what they are doing would not be acceptable to have done to you, your best friend, your worst enemy, your sister, niece, daughter, brother, nephew, son, mother, father, or any human being, do not let them treat anyone else that way – whether you know them or not. If you are having an issue with a BSidesSF participant of ANY badge type, find a radioed member of our Safety & Security Team in the red BSidesSF t-shirts (or any staff member). They will call our Harassment Response Team, who will take an official incident report and determine next steps.

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