Shopping Was Fun Till The Day We Launched Smart..

Men's City Of Dix Print Long Sleeve T-ShirtLife was simple, few people say its still simple but I doubt. Few decades back if someone wanted a t-shirt they just go to nearby showroom and buy something, side by side enjoying shopping, meeting people, If someone wants to gift something people spend 2-3 hours enjoying the selection. These are small little pieces of happiness and life was simple and straightforward.

Time of online shopping

Inspired by west we bring online shopping in India and it made life much easier. If we want something then we go online and select from few trending and awesome options showcased to us. Life was good, we got few options to shop online and if we didn’t find one we go to retails stores. But that was not enough we want to convert whole offline shopping into online, so it grew.
It grew so exponentially now we have thousands stores from where we can shop online and millions of product out which we can select anything. Isn’t its awesome we go so many choices? No its not because we were given so so so many options by thousands players we end up spending non-entertaining long hours and days searching for the what we want. What we wanted is an online showroom but what we got is an online warehouse.

Time of Mobile shopping

The day we launched smartphone, life changed. Now if I want to buy t-shirt or looking for a gift I need to spend. As it was getting very difficult to browse through vast warehouses via different websites, with help of mobile phone now we need dedicated apps to access those big warehouses. In the race of converting real setup showrooms in online showrooms we are successfully able to convert sales but in the race we forgot one very important thing, which is “Human assistant” or “feeling of being individual human” we get while shopping in any real setup showroom.

How we are treated today and how should we be?

As a participant of a group of users and treated as a part of group. We are different individual and should be treated as one human, not a mobile phone owner having traits like some x,y,z set of customers.

What is needed

Someone on whom we can trust, believe and share. Someone we can call ours, Someone who understands us, Someone who know us top to bottom, Someone to guide us, Someone who will suggest me right thing irrespective of what world says. We don’t need ASSISTANCE, we need something we can call PERSONAL.

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