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Display screen Printing Phrases / Jargon

Men's  Custom Unicorn Man Short Sleeve T ShirtsThis handy guide will mean you can rapidly study the fundamental terms and supplies wanted to display screen print.


This may be an image, drawing, cartoon, or words you want to place in your t-shirt. This is the starting shorts clip art black and white point of display screen printing your t-shirt. This can be carried out in many alternative ways utilizing many different software packages. Men’s Desgin Axolotl Short Sleeve Tee Shirt What is vital is that the art have to be executed in vector format. The the primary packages professionals (and amateurs) use are Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.


Once your art is created, each shade must be printed on clear film known as separations. These will be used to burn the pictures for each color into the display screen.

3. THE Screen.

It is a sq. steel (usually aluminum) or wooden body with a display screen product of mesh materials very tightly stretched over it. shorts clip art black and white Will probably be used to burn your seps into and to print on the actual shirt.

4. MESH.

This is the fabric which is stretched over the silk screen frame itself, (as in quantity three above). This mesh material, as its identify suggests, has holes in it that can vary in size. The holes enable ink to movement by means of onto your fabric, in varying quantities depending on your t-shirt design. Totally different screens have different mesh counts. The decrease the number, the more ink it permits in.


This can be a substance that when put into the screen, and dried in a darkish room it blocks the mesh, preventing the ink flowing by means of onto your fabric. In areas the place the emulsion hardens (by exposure to vibrant light), the display is blocked so no ink can move through. This is imperative to ensure that nothing other than the image you intend to print seems on the final print.

6. COAT THE Screen.

This merely means placing the emulsion onto the screen earlier than you start to burn your artwork to the silkscreen. See number 5.

7. BURNING A Display screen.

That is the means of utilizing a halogen mild (or very high wattage gentle bulb) to burn your artwork picture to the silkscreen. In areas the place the emulsion is saved gentle (by your image blocking the light) and is ultimately washed out of the screen, the ink will cross by way of to produce your print.


These lights are used to permanently dry the emulsion onto the display, so no ink can move by to the display. It is used to burn the artwork image onto the screen, so solely holes the place the artwork blocked the hardening of the emulsion as in 7 above, ink can simply stream by onto your t-shirt creating your design.


This is a instrument with a flat rubber blade on one side used to drag ink evenly throughout the display screen mesh.


The type of ink used for display screen printing. The ink has unique properties, for instance, it won’t dry even when left out until it is cured below a heat supply of 320 levels.


A gadget used to dry ink sufficient to print one other coloration on high of it, however not sufficient to completely cure it. It is essential when printing colours on prime of each other.


A chunk of rounded wood that you place the shirt on to be printed. There are numerous sizes to fit various jobs.

Thirteen. AUTO PRESS or “AUTO”.

This screen printing press is a really giant piece of tools that once set up correctly, will print up to 14 colors mechanically. All you need to do is put the shirts on the pallets and take them off.


A big dryer that has a conveyor belt on it so shirts go via it and then out the other finish.

Concerning the Author Michael D’Elena has been the proprietor of Reckless T-shirts since 2006. They specialize in display printing and embroidery in the Phoenix, AZ area.

shorts clip art black and white

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