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Crochet Amigurumi Doll W/ Gown Sample

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Crafts little lady, bunny, fox, wolf, alien, no matter you want!

Men's Give me a kiss Print Long Sleeve T-ShirtI’m all for sharing so if you want to alter this pattern and share it with others to create other issues, you do not should ask for permission (although I’d like to see what you create so please present me!). You may additionally promote whatever you make utilizing this patterns, but please don’t promote the pattern itself…that would make me soooo sad. D:

For this challenge I used Medium Weight (four) Pink Coronary heart Tremendous Saver yarn for the body and I am not fairly sure what the model of the gown is but it is the identical weight, and a US H8/5.00mm hook, although you may go a hook smaller for tighter stitches. I additionally used a US D3/3.25 mm for the skirt.

Work over tail if doable if you begin items so you do not have to deal with weaving in your ends later.

If you’re sewing a dress or clothes directly on to the doll start with the costume or shirt color you want to make use of. If you’re going to sew or make clothes separate from the doll or you are making an animal or something, just ignore my colour notes.

Beginning with the underwear/pants colour or dress/shirt color if you do not need a separate underwear/pants colour, sloth t-shirt Ch 2.

1. SC 6 in second chain from the hook. (6)

2. 2 SC in each stitch around. (12)

3. SC round (12)

four. SC, SC, SC 2 in subsequent stitch, repeat around. (16)

In case you began with an underwear/pants colour you may swap at any level during the next few rounds.

5 – 12. SC round. (16)

Begin adding stuffing and continue as wanted as you shut off the physique, or add it by way of the opening at the top later.

Thirteen. SC-2-TOG, SC, SC, repeat round. (12)

14. SC-2-TOG, SC, repeat around. (Eight)

15. SC-2-TOG, SC-2-TOG, SC-2-TOG, SC-2-TOG, SC-2-TOG, slip stitch and fasten off. Use your hook to tug tail into physique. (5)

Reverse SC Edging
I went about this similarly to how I made the skirt in my Crochet Baby Outfit.

Discover a row where you want your skirt to start and crochet a single stitch around. It is going to be too much simpler for you if you utilize a smaller hook.

Or you possibly can chain a row simply long enough to wrap across the body of the piece and sew it down. Do no matter works best for you.

I’m not going so as to add various stitches as a result of it might range for you, but here’s how I made my skirt.

1. SC around physique, slip stitch in first stitch.

2. 2 HDC in each stitch around.

Three. HDC, HDC, 2 HDC in subsequent stich, round.

4 – ?. HDC round till skirt is desired size.

SC around, fasten off and weave in ends. Add trim if desired.

Beginning with skintone (or gloves in order for you), Ch 2

1. SC 6 in second ch from the hook. (6)

2. SC, SC, SC 2 in subsequent stitch, repeat around. (8)

Switch colours at any point if you’d like so as to add sleeves.

3 – 8. SC around (eight)

You may make them longer if you wish, otherwise add stuffing.

9. SC-2-TOG, SC, SC, repeat round. (6)

10. SC round. (6)

Crochet closed (unless you want arms to stay out and never transfer), then fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing on later.

Repeat steps to make the other arm.

Designs in Crochet
Start with shoe colour if you want.

Ch 2

1. SC 8 in second ch from the hook. (8)

2. SC, SC, SC 2 in subsequent stitch, repeat round. (10)

Switch to sock/stocking, skintone, pants, or bloomer coloration at any point during the next few rounds.

3 – 18. SC around. (10)

Add stuffing.

19. SC-2-TOG, SC, SC, repeat around. (Eight)

20. SC around. (Eight)

Crochet closed (except you want legs to stick out and not move), then fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing on later.

Repeat steps to make the other leg.

Ch 2 or make a magic ring in case you choose.

1. SC 6 in second ch from the hook/magic ring. (6)

2. SC 2 in every stitch around. (12)

3. SC 1, SC 2 in next stitch, repeat around. (18)

4. SC 1, SC 1, SC 2 in subsequent stitch, repeat around. (24)

5. SC 1, SC 1, SC 1, SC 2 in next stitch, repeat around. (30)

6. SC 1, SC 1, SC 1, SC 1, SC 2 in subsequent stitch, repeat around. (36)

7 – 17. SC around. (36)

18. SC-2-TOG, SC 1, SC 1, SC 1, SC 1, repeat round. (30)

19. SC-2-TOG, SC 1, SC 1, SC 1, repeat around. (24)

20. SC-2-TOG, SC 1, SC 1, repeat around. (18)

Now can be a very good time to add your safety eyes if you are utilizing them. You might also want to stitch in your features if you don’t need to do it later.

21. SC-2-TOG, SC, repeat around. (12)

Stuff head with filling.

22. SC round, fasten off and depart an extended tail so you possibly can sew head to physique later. (12)

You can add features now or set aside for now. I have a tendency to like to attend until the top is attached to the physique in order that I can be sure that the face, hair, and other options are even.

Sew All of it Together
Begin by stitching your arms and legs to your body, conceal ends inside physique of doll.

Decide if you need the arms to be ready to maneuver forward and again or up and down. Forward and back motion makes it appear like the doll is giving a hug (which is why I prefer it).

In case you sew the legs on with the seams going through the front you can seat the doll or make it walk or leap or forward cut up. Should you sew the seams with the seams on the aspect you can make the doll do a facet break up…I do not tend to like this although since legs do not actually work like that.

You may also choose to not sew the arms and legs shut and stitch them on to the body so that they stick straight out. You may sew the legs on facing in entrance of the doll this manner so it’s in a permanent seated place.

Decide the tactic you like best.

Before you sew in your head, use this time so as to add on any little details to the physique you won’t be ready to include after the top is on–like a small necklace or one thing that wouldn’t be able to suit over the head or physique once it’s all sewn collectively.

Sew your head to the neck of the body and secure it. Weave ends by means of physique and trim off excess. In the event you did not add features before, add them now.

Click thumbnail to view full-size Hair
Hair is probably the most time consuming half of creating crochet dolls–at least for me. In my crochet mermaid hub, I realized a way from Annaboo that I actually preferred though utilizing a crochet “wig cap” then threading strands of yarn across the cap.

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sendingPhyllis Doyle Burns 3 years in the past from Excessive desert of Nevada.

A darling little Bunny ! I really like the versatility of this pattern. Your directions are simple to comply with and the pictures add too much to your descriptions. Thanks fr sharing this pattern. I bookmarked, voted up and shared.

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