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‘Storage Wars’: Dave Hester On His Largest Regret

Men's Conformity II Custom Long Sleeve T ShirtsAuctioneer Dave “The Mogul” Hester, 47, is the unlikely star of A&E’s number one actuality present, “Storage Wars.” This system, which premiered in 2010, follows a bunch of skilled patrons who bid on the contents of abandoned storage lockers. Bidders get 5 minutes to examine the items, and are solely allowed to catch a glimpse from outside the locker door. The goal: Purchase low and promote excessive.

Hester attended his first swap meet together with his dad in 1969, and acquired a taste of the enterprise by selling off his father’s train assortment piece by piece over five years. But a light bulb went off in 2005, when he was sentenced to 30 days neighborhood service at a Goodwill Store following a DUI conviction. The expertise satisfied Hester to convert his furnishings retailer right into a thrift operation, which now operates as Dave Hester Auctions.

The folksy Hester, who resembles a sinister UPS deliveryman in his black shirt, shorts, socks and baseball cap, enjoys antagonizing rivals, bidding at the last second with his trademark “Yuuuup.” If something, Hester’s midlife transformation from thrift-store owner to actuality Tv star offers more evidence that it is by no means too late to take a risk. Huff/Post50 spoke with Hester about why the present is such a hit, his biggest remorse and accomplishment, and the weirdest item he ever won in a bid.

Did you ever anticipate the present to be such a hit once you signed on?

No. I’ve figured out that you just by no means know what’s going to occur to you in life. Take every thing with a little bit grain of salt and go along with movement.

Why do you think individuals are so interested in a show that’s primarily about buying stuff in storage?

I think what makes our present thrilling is that this is actually something you may get off your sofa and go and do for a couple of hundred bucks. I like fishing and watching reveals about shooting alligators — that is thrilling stuff — but I’m not going to take my life in my palms doing that stuff. But everyone watching (“Storage Wars”) can stroll down the block and bid on a storage facility.

What’s the one thing you recognize now that you wish you knew once you were growing up?

Take heed to your parents.

What’s your greatest remorse?

It might probably be not going to school and learning. I think it doesn’t matter what you do, somewhat prolonged training helps you open a variety of doors.

For some people a DUI conviction could be their biggest regret; but performing neighborhood service at Goodwill actually led you to this business, right?

I’ve realized that God works in mysterious ways; the entire sudden I’m in this position and it’s like, “wow, how did I get there?”

What’s the most important risk you’ve taken within the final 5 years?

You can say the present was risky because we did not understand how much it was going to have an effect on the enterprise. Once we got started everybody within the enterprise was like, “don’t do it, you may spoil the business.”

In a approach that’s true — auctioneers across the country are seeing a growing variety of bidders, which they attribute to the popularity of the present. So you will have new competitors.

Sure, I type of stepped on toes exposing the enterprise however I figured they have been going to do it with or without me, so why not be on the sorrynotsorry shirt inside and present people what an expert seems to be like, give the Dave side of the story. It is given me an opportunity to educate folks; proper now it is a situation where there’s so much interest and demand. I’ll train people the business by DVDs and books, which we will probably be launching.

What was your most respected discover within the last 25 years?

I found a painting by Jack Wilkinson Smith, a California impressionist, referred to as “The Golden Pool.” I paid $750 and bought it for $155,000.

What was the weirdest or most memorable?

I found a skeleton in a suitcase and wasn’t positive if it was a homicide. So I took it to the coroner; they found out it was probably brought over for medical functions, so we have been allowed to sell it.

You bought it?

There is a high demand for skeletons for medical functions.

What’s the very best advice anybody ever gave you?

Work onerous and provides an trustworthy day’s work.

What advice would you give the much less skilled bidders on the present?

Get out of the way — you are bothering me.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Having the privilege to work with my son (Dave Jr.) and teach him what I know; that brings plenty of happiness to me to see him following in the identical footsteps. If you can make your child self-sufficient, and they will feed their children and take care of their families, that’s a giant accomplishment.

What charities or social causes are essential to you?

I’ve at all times worked with St Jude’s, the children’s hospital in Memphis, Tennesee. And clearly Goodwill: Being put there for 30 days and seeing what they really do and the way many people they employ and assist — they’re one sorrynotsorry shirt in every of greatest non-revenue companies out there. If you are actually occupied with hustling, there is no higher model than Goodwill, they are one of the best at it. Go volunteer at Goodwill for 30 days, and you may learn to process and value gadgets.

Proper now you are in negotiations with A&E for a 3rd season. You informed TMZ you hoped A&E would back away from its “unjust” contract negotiations. Are you returning to the present?

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