Testosterone Based Fashion Mistakes

Randomness may sound obvious, but it is perhaps the major reason behind why some of us don’t always look as good as we should. It is understandable in the modern era of efficiency and productivity, because we just don’t have that much time, especially being a man. Taking time to prime ourselves is readily associated with words such as vanity and narcissism. Consequently, so many of us take a nice top, nice jeans and our favourite trainers then head off in to the sexy sunset incorrectly calibrated for the trends of today’s culture.

It’s easy really. Next time you see that bright orange tee, those sexy army khakis and the sweet 拢90 Nike Air-Maxs, Stop and think. Do I look like a traffic light? Does this go well together? What look am I going for?

I myself was once a victim of wearing red/orange wrist bands that support no good cause. But this was obviously excusable as these bands were the perfect shade to contrast against my skin. But remember, we are the lucky ones. Take a walk along Oxford Street on any given day and you will be exposed to numerous styles and trends (though many of which are necessarily good or flattering). Each one expresses its unique attitude and has a look which can help define a certain quality. Fashion today comprises of so many different themes and flavours that it is more than possible to get the look you are going for.

Afro hair, skinny jeans and styles from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are all viewed as retro and can be pulled off beautifully if done correctly. Do you want the baggy European look or the slim Indie band style? Be a ghetto bad-boy, or the 21st century Emo inspired man.

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I’m talking casual clothing of course, the baggy European look is hardly suited for a wedding – and as one French writer put it, ‘moderation is an ostentatious proof of our strength of character.’ So avoid overdoing any particular style to the point where it becomes theatrical and the end product is a character as opposed to an authentic human.

If you don’t know where to begin then I’m going to suggest matching clothes and colours which you think go together. It looks smart and fresh when a green t-shirt is complimented with a green belt and a subtle green streak on flattering converse all stars. Let us stay away from matching unnecessarily (red jeans with a red tee comes to mind), and keep it reasonable. Everybody is different, work this to your advantage. As the compliments come you will fine tune your look and know what works.

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