The Importance Of Racing Helmets And Safety Gear

One of the most important & overlooked factors of bike riding is safety gear & motorbike helmets. Even if, safety gears can be weighty, awkward and disturbing but these are the only things that will protect you from the road accidents. Imagine sliding on the road by just only wearing half pant, t-shirts & sneakers, and not wearing the helmet. Such a horrible imagination, isn it?

Going from racing helmets to boots, here are important safety gears for the bike riding.

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The skull and brain are most defenseless to injury if a motorcycle accident occurs. It is very important for bike riders to recognize the risks of riding the bike without a helmet. If you are not like your old helmet then there are lots of stylish helmets are available online at very attractive price points.

Eye Protection

Protection of the eyes is must while you riding a bike, it not only keep the winds you from the watery eyes but works as a shield from flying insect, debris & dust on the roads. Even if most of the helmets have come with visors but many riders prefer more eye protection with specially made eyeglasses for the bike riders.

Ear Plugs

Are earplugs actually a safety gears? Yes of course! The heavy noise of the wind, while you are riding a bike can harm your ability to hear and distract your attention from the road which is very dangerous. For this ear plugs are the best safety gears for you.

But check the traffic rule & regulations of your country & state, in India, it is illegal to use earphone while driving.


A wide range of motorcycle jackets is available in online market or showrooms. There are lots of options when you are looking for upper body protection like armored race gear to bike jackets for summer & winters which do not only protect you from the major injuries but also look stylish on your body.


It’s an innate human reaction to defend your fall by with a cat-like pose of the arms and hands to protect your rest of the body from the direct hit. But it can damage your palms & fingers of your hands. To protect your palms & fingers in accidents it is very necessary to wear well-padded gloves that extend to the wrist.

No matter you are motocross riders, road racer or traditional bike riders, your feet also need proper protection from the road accidents. As well, don’t miscalculate the value of keeping your feet firmly planted on the pegs and shin guard from stones!

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