The Latest Summer Trends In Designer Dog Collars

When planning a day out on the town, women typically try to look fabulous in the latest fashion trends. With the latest styles in designer dog collars, your puppy pal can too!

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With the appearance of shockingly bright colors, woven fabrics and bold graphic patterns, designer dog collars follow suit to ensure your pampered pooch stays up to date. For a complete ensemble, coordinate your pooches couture with your own.


For women bold graphic colorful patterns are huge on the runway this season,so why not deck out on your pooch in one of the designer collars available on the market? Some of the most popular looks this season are bright and graphic geometrical patterns or a delicate romantic floral inspired pattern. To enhance the impact of the pattern even farther, provide your dog with a matching leash.

In order to harmonize with your furry friend designer dog collars, wear a coordinating solid or light designer tie-dye dress. For an even trendier look, follow some of Hollywood hottest celebrities and pick up a matching belt or tie for yourself.

The high-quality designer dog collars available today look significantly better than traditional choke chains and provide more fashionable options like Cheetah patterns that are easily coordinated with human clothes and accessories.


Dressing in this season hottest colors is no problem for your pooch. Seek out designer dog collars in brightly colored jewel tones and shocking colors such as bright yellow, electric pink, and terracotta. For a casual look, don a matching bright T and designer jeans. For an evening out with your dog, try one of this season off the shoulder ankle length gowns that can be found on many of the world most popular runways.

For men, brightly colored silkscreen printed t-shirts are a popular casual look this summer. To match this pattern puppy-style, select designer martingale also known as sight-hound style collars for dogs that back out of their collars like Sight-hounds, or Bulldogs or dogs that pull excessively and coordinate a matching leash to the look. Or for a more conservative look try to select collars and matching leashes in in monochrome color pallets that range from the color of the dog to pale hues. With the popularity of patterns this season a pattern repeat in any way is big in either shocking bright colors or monochromatic hues.

Big and bold is definitely in this season and accessories are no exception. For your dog large colorful charms for his or her designer dog collar and a matching or coordinating leash is a must. Steer away from solid embellishments like studs, rhinestones or pearls as they can present a safety hazard if scratched out and ingested by your beloved dog, and lets face it dogs scratch even when immaculately coiffed its the nature of even the best beast.

Always consider your pets safety and comfort when choosing collars, in relation to size, always have a little adjustablility, and style either martingale/sighthound style or regular standard collars. Some manufacturers even go to the extreme of lining collars with satin to ensure your pets comfort and reduce hair loss. Washable collars are a must to keep your pet fresh and clean.

Your dog is an important part of your life, so why not indulge them? Doggie couture is one of the best ways to show pets you care and give them the prestige they deserve. With this summer newest fashion trends and designer dog collars and leashes, you and your dog will be having fun and look fabulous while you are out and about or simply hanging out around the house.

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