The Place Of Plaid In Mens Business Fashion

Plaid shirts are going to be around for a long time. In history, tartan plaids were the colors you wore to show what Scottish clan you swore your allegiance to and which clan you would fight for until the end. In modern times, plaids have this lasting power in fashion because the patterns are of keen interest to the eye. The really good plaids are made from complimentary colors. There is a known scientific phenomena that certain colors “work” together better than others.

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Plaids come in various crisscross patterns and have been applied to everything from shirts to suits to shoes for men and skirts and blouses and jackets for women. It is the endearing charm of the plaid that turned it from an almost military insignia to a fashion pattern that can now be worn by almost anyone.

The plaid’s success comes from the elements of design. The plaid is usually woven to achieve its design, although there are ways now to stamp the designs out on the fabric much like someone would print something on paper. Either way, the effect is the same, you have lines crossing sometimes vertically, sometimes horizontally, and sometimes diagonally. Darker and lighter shades of complimentary colors make a visible pattern from their crossings. This is the appeal. Crossing lines and complimentary colors.

There are the classic plaid shirts that look great when worn under a jacket (not a plaid jacket!). The jacket should be a solid color so as not to take away attention from the plaid. Unless you are a comedian or someone trying to sell $99 info packets to get free government grants, there is no room for a plaid jacket in the men’s wardrobe. Stick with the high quality plaid shirts and you will be just fine. It is possible to get away with a set of plaid tennis shoes, the kind that are worn mostly for sailing, but that is really stretching it.

If you happen to be from European heritage or you can trace your ancestry back to the Scottish highlands then for certain you should wear the plaid of your ancestral Scottish clan. It will give you a sense of pride in the legacy that your ancestors left and also give you a neat thing that is not of the usual pick-up lines in causal conversation to talk about with any girls you may have a chance to meet. Girls really are attracted to a guy that is interested in family history.

This is because it means you are probably interested in settling down and starting a family of your own. When you tell them you have researched your roots, that means to them you think family is a very important part of human culture and that is a very big turn on for most women. You would be surprised how many men in USA can trace some of their ancestry back to the Scottish clans. It is a lot more than you might think and maybe that is the reason why plaids continue to be popular. Author Box Hendrik Pohl has 1 articles online

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