The Spiritually Deadly Game Of Religious Physical Life

100% Cotton Splaaash Series - Dandy Sir Ink Short Sleeve Customized Autumn Children's T-shirtIn one of my previous articles I prove through observations and personal deduction that the universe is under the command and control of an unseen power and authority.

The visible versus invisible relationship in the hierarchy of the universe shows that there are spiritual and physical components in the human game environment. By ‘invisible’ I mean a realm of being that cannot be detected by any means. There is a two-tier structure to the universe. What is the meaning of an interrelated, two-tier structure? The hidden aspect of the universe is the control organization that oversees, arranges and modifies the game scenarios for game characters (human beings) locked into the physical display environment. This hidden hierarchy can instantly manipulate elements and situations in the environment so that each player must make immediate decisions according to its orientation of wisdom-to the lie believed or to the native character of soul. Jesus taught Apostle Peter to walk on water which act can only be accomplished in faith of an unseen spirit (Hebrews 11: 1). We are told that we must pray and act in faith because thinking, and acting in faith are prayer. Peter, by sinking into the water, proved to be in the physical mindset of a spiritual lie believed, showing his lack of a true spiritual component necessary to have faith.

Now that we have a strong, stable knowledge of this hidden control organization, god, we must get to know more about it/him. Why is it hiding from us? What is different between us and god who insists on obscure invisibility? Where there is mystery there is a deceiver. We are visible, we do not deceive this god; he hides from us. He, on first and last thought, is a liar. Who else was talking about a liar in spirit? Jesus did in John 8. He calls the father of the Jews, who believe in this false god Jehovah, a liar; and Jesus says that this god was a liar from the beginning. What beginning? The beginning of Adam and Woman; when the serpent told these two a lie, and because of this lie they believed they died away from paradise and became aware of a false reality called physical universe. This father of lies was not Abraham for he was faithful. Jesus also says that he and his father always tell the truth. Jesus came to earth to contend with Jehovah, the serpent for the return of souls the liar stole from him in souls’ native realm paradise. Jesus told us the truth from the beginning. From which beginning? The beginning these two had in paradise when god told them not to be involved with a particular tree. The spirit in Jesus is that god who from the very beginning in paradise told us the truth! Jehovah, according to John 8 (among other sections in the Bible) is the serpent who lied from the very beginning and who is the father of lies because he never tells the truth.

I compare Peter (and others who want to follow in the way of Jesus) to a student in training to be a plane pilot. The student must learn all the control mechanisms of the plane he is learning to fly before he may proceed to link-training. He then starts the link-trainer and takes off to follow the instructions and orders for his flight. The student pilot is lucky. He knows all about the link trainer he is clocking time in and only does those things he learned prior to hands-on link trainer flying time. He can only do what he learned and knows. Peter, on the other hand, did not know how to behave as soul at all for Peter thought he was the link trainer unit and not the pilot in the unit.

People, at best, get the poorest training possible in just being human and no training whatsoever in being soul. We are taught wrong because the adults having authority over babes and children have no inkling of what truly is important in spirit and in life. Yet, spirit demands that we do our spiritual link-training period perfectly before we are set loose again in spirit. The true god wants to be absolutely sure about us knowing about ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’; so that we will never again make the mistake of believing a liar and to never tell lies. The true god will be content to let us sink through all the layers of hell if we refuse to come up to true spiritual capacity. We only have Jesus’ manner of life as an example because no other human being can think and take action according to the way the true father would want us to be. We must study his behavior and that behavior is highly suspicious because of his physical relationship with the liar, our immediate god.

I see the universe-physical body relationship like some sort of link trainer situation in which all souls are tested on the expertise of their performance in the training environment. The object, according to the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Bible, is to learn the spiritual values and demerits of Good and Evil (two gods), and the way each of these would want you to act through life-evil as souls pretending to be human in the control of god ‘Evil; and good according to the innate standard of a soul in true spirit. Soul is continually tested as soul in spirit and not in the role of some moral human being in a virtual game environment. The entire game environment, universe, will delude soul into taking the standpoint of human being, which is thus an automatic fail. Soul must think as responsible soul and it will pass the test. Jesus gave us the star performance. Follow him and you will be honored in spirit as Jesus is. To follow the spirit in Jesus, make the Comforter your master. He is your true god in spirit.

Jesus said something very deep. His father is always with him, even in the depth of hell in this universe, because he always does what his father tells him. Jesus came into the hell-hole earth and showed us how to live life according to his true father’s wish. Now it is up to us to follow suit in deed and not just according to the religious doctrines and the traditions of men. Jesus said that we can only have one master. If we want to again be accepted in true spirit does that mean that we must continue to obey the teaching of some priest or holy man; or must we obey Jesus who is the only one who can show us the way? We must only be taught by the spirit in Jesus, the Comforter. He told us that no one in earth is a teacher, master or leader. Jesus actually taught us to do things against the manmade and religiously established systems of law. We were not to seek justice but when slapped on the one cheek we must offer the other cheek to be slapped as well; and when someone takes your coat to give him your shirt as well; and to carry a soldier’s pack twice as long as demanded. In other words fling all sensible human standards to the wind and walk the hard way of spirit cast in flesh, exactly as Jesus did. Make your choice: behave like a creature of flesh or be a soul in spirit. If you choose your master, god of ‘Evil’ he will guide you in your flesh through a spiritual lie still believed by you; or god ‘Good’ in true spirit who fashioned your soul. Jesus taught that flesh does not have the capacity of “good” (only one is good); and that flesh never will receive any benefit in spirit.

If the flesh cannot ever get credits spiritually why do you keep praying for blessings for this accursed body? If you cannot be a sincere and observant follower of Jesus’ spirit please do not pretend to be a Christian, you are confusing flesh and spirit. It is an affront to the spirit in Jesus because you practice trying to love two masters (Evil and Good). Jesus demands that you choose one and stick with that god/master. That really is your only spiritual choice. If you seek the flesh you are truly caught in the routine of religious practice. You are obliged to worship the liar (Evil, Serpent, Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh, Brahman, etc.) and you may get credit for things accomplished in the flesh according to Jehovah in the Old Testament. The god Evil demands that you follow him solely and completely. There is no god before me, he says. He is lying. Choosing Jehovah you will be stuck with a god who does not keep his word, curses as easily as he blesses, and altogether keeps you in a state of kowtowing terror and insecurity.

If, on the other hand, you choose god ‘Good’, you will not have to show up every week in church, and you do not have to place money in the plate that is passed to you; you do not have to be a religious phony because you will never receive earthly blessings but curses all along from Jehovah, the good god’s adversary. Jesus did not; and he died on a cross.

If you want to walk according to true undeceived spirit you must not seek justice because that is against the wish of your true father in heaven. We must know that there are two gods and two heavens. Learn which is which and which heaven belongs to which god. Presently, you exist in a state of having believed a lie in spirit, so your life reflects the lifestyle dictated by some entity in spirit who has deceived you. Jesus never sought justice for the injustice done to him. You must be a true Pariah in earth. No one will love you! If you walk according to Jesus’ spirit, with him as soul master, life in earth will be miserable is but once you arrive in true spirit you receive honor and respect forever. The greater blessing is that you will like yourself wholeheartedly–forever.

Christians, for instance, are practicing to love two masters; so they insult both masters, and do not reap anything but curses, spiritual and physical. If you love the true spirit in Jesus, don’t ever expect blessings in earth, and do expect lots of curses.

From a human point of view, the way of ‘true spirit’ stinks up to high heaven; and as seen from a viewpoint of a soul seeking the ‘pure spirit’ the way of human life stinks all the way down to the deepest pits in hell. Every bureaucrat is trying to seek justice the authority’s way; so now you know that the authorities are always wrong as viewed from true spirit. Authorities seek laws and justice to preserve, first of all, their own criminal manner of keeping control. The true Jesus follower must be in constant mental opposition to that stance of the authorities. At any point in history that stance on life has been almost impossible to keep. If you treasure pure spirit you must walk this humanly almost impossible path back into all truth. It is not that impossible when you take the Comforter, the spirit in Jesus, as your only true guide. Never be guided in mind and spirit by man. Human teachers are lost and will always lead you into the ditch of perdition as they all have done to you up to now. Authority can force you into the normal human way of life, but you can always stay aloof in your mind and spirit to this treatment of the reigning authorities over you. Mentally and spiritually you must be opposed to all universal authority, actually you just pretend to obey earthly authority yet keep your own thoughts and understanding. You must be a non-joiner of anything civic or religious. Observe religious and secular minded mankind and learn not ever to be like it.

As an example of how souls are tested in spirit I give the following scenario. The equipment on board a new prototype plane is tested in actual flight operations before it gets status of commercial airworthiness. For instance, the automatic pilot instrumentation is tested by an on-board group of engineers that constantly try to throw the plane off course, off balance, and out of control and then see how the auto pilot will handle the unscheduled events. We see here the equipment operating under normal flight conditions but the instruments cannot see or gauge the presence of the test engineers. The auto pilot just does its routine job and then suddenly finds its control subverted without rhyme or reason that throws the plane out of its planned course. Not knowing why, the equipment simply corrects for the unplanned mishap and returns to course, altitude, heading, speed and other inputs it received when it was placed in control of the plane, only to have its control again thwarted. I know many people can have empathy for this autopilot because they feel life treats them in the same manner.

Yes, souls are tested in the same manner by spirit. We, as souls, are engaged in this virtual game environment, called the physical universe, to qualify for some greater purpose, which purpose has nothing to do with human bodies, physical environment and human destinies. Human authority can and will throw you off your spiritual course and stability, and people just react to these events and try to exist in the midst of this chaos. The trouble is that people have people goals and lack spiritual goals that strongly override the people goals. People goals always have first priority. This priority of the physical goals prevents almost all souls from considering spiritual goals at all. Physical life is a red herring to souls; so souls keep chasing the herrings and do not do what they are supposed to in spirit.

Soul must, somewhere along the testing course, understand that these physical interferences are mere empty distractions that have no significant part in doing the test. It must discount this physical interference and continue to track toward the spiritual goal. Soul must have the spiritual fortitude to keep going on the given course. Let the physical world do with your body according to the controls they have over your physical body. Your body belongs to human authority. It is not really yours. Allow them to manipulate you in doing things you cannot agree with–be thrown off course, over and again. Your soul is yours on a higher plane and physical life really does not affect soul if soul stays focused on soul and not on that body it is given control over. To hell with the body! Make sure your soul’s mental controls continue to follow the course set for arrival in the true spiritual realm; so return to course, speed and altitude and keep going. Do not let anyone throw you off course permanently. The universe is in your head. In your head you can keep it subordinate to your goal–arrival in true spirit.

You as soul lost control in paradise when you took the word of the liar over the word of the true god. You went right out of control and you are still spinning out of control in a dive that will obliterate your soul when impact is made. As long as you continue to believe the liar and keep listening to the advice of this liar and his minions ‘human authority’ your auto pilot has not had the necessary time and correct inputs to analyze the situation and to make the required corrections. Human life is an intense distraction to soul finding its innate purpose as soul. Human life is a squandering of spiritual existence. The average human life is the evidence of a soul derailed into believing spiritual lies and who is heading absolutely nowhere.

Jehovah told the Hebrews in the Old Testament of the Bible that a society or a person blessed by him will have an easy, financially-rich human life. To be blessed one has to align and subordinate oneself completely to Jehovah. His kind of blessing is based on an organized, rigorously-regimented, religious lifestyle. Such a lifestyle shows a hardness of heart to other nations and ethnic groups by Jehovah demanding the utter extinction of tribes standing in their path to and that occupied the Holy Land. Thus to be wise and religious in Jehovah’s sense one must be and do exactly the opposite of what Jesus showed us through his lifestyle. How do we know Jesus’ lifestyle conflicted with the Jewish religious way as understood from the Hebrew Scriptures? Jesus was constantly in conflict with the priesthood and other Jewish religious authorities about his deviations from the rules as setup by Jehovah-to such an extent that these authorities conspired and plotted (organized themselves) against him; and were able to have him sentenced to the most cruel treatment and death. So, we can see that Jehovah and this father of Jesus, this never known god in earth, are contenders for your soul: Evil and Good. Jehovah was known by Cain, Abraham and Moses.

I like to compare human life to some computer game where players control virtual game characters on the computer screen in competition with each other. The purpose of the game is to test the intelligence, reaction and decision abilities of the players. The players are outside the virtual environment but their attention, actions and observations must come from the characters and situations presented in the electronic game environment. Here is thus a two tier setup; humans controlling game characters in a virtual environment and planning and scheming actions for their game characters to defeat the opponent. The game characters have absolutely no knowledge of entities beyond the confines of the electronic game environment controlling their actions. It is the scenario of human life in the physical universe. Your soul in spirit is in control of you as a human game character, but you as human actually believe that you act on your human initiative. You are unaware of the control ‘your’ soul has over the actions in your daily life.

Above it all is a spiritual judge to see how soul fares in the physical virtual game scenario. Does soul react according to the lie believed or is it again tracking according to trust in true spirit as Jesus showed us through the way he lived his life. Soul is tested alone, singularly, on its ability to consider others and to play the game with the absolute least interference (adverse or beneficial) of other kinds of computer-game life forms. By forming combines or corporate structures, by ambitiously seeking membership in one or more organizations, one will automatically score ‘fail’ and soul will have to play ‘life’ again through another reincarnation.

This game of personal physical life on earth is so much more personal and real than a computer game because our behavior is gauged and reported back to us instantly through our senses to give true life-like feedback to soul. Life played spiritually-fair will hurt the physical character in the display in innumerable ways, but life played the unfair and ‘the humanly smart way’ will make this virtual life as easy as eating cake. Our personal reporting mechanism is a backward reporting system. What is bad spiritually is reported by our senses as pleasurable and exhilarating experiences; and correct spiritual responses come across as demerits by being considered ‘stupid’, dysfunctional, to our disadvantage, and self-destructive to the electronic (physical) game characters.

We would do better (but not necessarily of a spiritually passing grade quality) by not taking physical sensations seriously; but that would be like trying not to play the game, and how can our spiritual judges then gauge our true sense of spiritual responsibility? Would one have to play the game ‘Life on Earth’ all over again, and in what sort of capacity–human or animal? Let’s face it, Jesus’ physical life crashed because he was constantly hounded by authorities, and died of torture and crucifixion. He showed us the successful game performance as seen from a spiritual perspective. Very few people since his death have been able to follow his lifestyle. He proved his correct principle of living by resurrecting-by showing that he as spirit still exists after human death; and because of his correct spiritual stance could come back in the game display without having to reincarnate as all other souls coming back into the physical display must do. He clinched that proof again by disappearing from our physical scene altogether after his resurrection.

We, as souls, have not been given any input as to how to operate the physical body. We followed the principle of action against us with a reaction against the aggressor. We never have had an original thought-out act in any situation in our lives. We are stuck with a hostile environment to which we are always in a position of reaction; and nothing the environment or its god can give us will set us free in true spirit. Our redemption must come from outside the sphere of physical materiality-true spirit-the Comforter.

We come into the physical environment ‘cold turkey’. We, as physical beings, know nothing of the universe when born, for the brain we get is empty of information. We must learn from parents, family, and teachers what to eat, what to do and how to behave while not one of our teachers really knows anything of life or the environment. We (mis)learn by trial and error, and our knowledge is nothing more than glib pretending. We learn that we must defend ourselves from predator attacks and from attacks from other groups of people. We learn to organize ourselves to protect and support the vile physical body and no one pays any attention to the real us, souls. Living physical life to the hilt surely is an enormous spiritual failure and disasters; and what we naturally learn, do and think in life is all wrong! To be dedicatedly involved in organizations is the most stupid thing a soul can do, yet it seems the best way to extract a living and even riches to the human brain. To live a long life is like heaven in earth but the shortest physical life is like heaven in spirit. Maybe infant death is a great spiritual blessing and a long life is the foreboding of a spiritual curse. A successful human life is proof of total failure in spirit. The goal of human life is to seek and find spiritual truth that we lost before we tumbled into this physical universe.

Having ambition towards status in the corporate structure will never lead you to a passing grade in the spiritual realm. Soul gets way too much involved in the frailty of physical bodies, which frailty is mentally and organically perceived as pain, sorrow, disappointments and death, and on another level also as pleasure, contentment, happiness, power, status and riches. Because of this fragile body arrangement a soul makes its remote-controlled body operate to be winners and achievers physically, while trying to circumvent pain, sorrow and disappointment. This is the first step in the training; to learn what will bring profit and what loss–to learn things the spiritually wrong way. Souls quickly learned that there is protection, power and honor, betrayal and dishonor for human creatures in being a part of an organized physical group, but spiritual truth can only be found in solitary guidance by the spirit in Jesus. Lots of souls simply will never see the light of true spirit again.

We as participants in human societies learned to apply our ingenuity and prowess in establishing tightly integrated highly controlled human groups in earth. We are on the wrong track. We are deliberately goaded to follow the wrong track for that is the purpose of the liar, Jehovah. We must learn that we will never produce the ‘spiritual good’ by participation as individual cocks and wheels in a group setting where we squander our individual powers of action, discernment and decisions to the leader of the group. Such a stance makes your soul powerless.

A human being is not soul. Soul must again learn to think and act as an eternal soul, not as a mere frail human prone to premature death or death by old age. Soul must drag itself from the mire of physical performance to again see itself as a spiritual princely being with responsibilities in spirit, not just with responsibilities on a virtual game-board in contest with other game board characters. Soul must choose its master–Good or Evil. This is a terrible choice. The lesser of these two seeming evils is to make evil, the serpent, your master and have an easy good life now and with the surety of a horrible everlasting spiritual death. It will be a spiritual death through cowardice to face up to one’s spiritual responsibility. It is by far the greater loss. It seems that we must chose between being fried in the pan or to be burned in the fire-two very bad choices. The choice of evil as master is hell not yet experienced to its full power, and the choice for Good is just a bit of hell now in this lifetime and a royal, everlasting existence as soul in true spirit. There is no escape; we must choose. Be brave and take the spiritually sane choice, suffer now, in this life time and be happy in spirit for ever.

A group, actually, is another organic being (just like a body is an assembly of billions of individual living cells). Group life (for example the US air force is a living, active organized being) demands organization, discipline, allegiance and blind loyalty from the individuals in the group towards the leader. In accepting certain terms and conditions to be part of a power-oriented physical organization soul forsakes its individual soul responsibility. Soul is then on a course of failure; it is sure spiritual death. Soul must learn to act in individual de-jure responsibility, not according to delegated fictional responsibility and duty. We cannot relinquish, sell or barter our innate personal capacities and powers to others and get away with it in spirit. Soul is always fully responsible to spirit for its inclusive talents and capacities. It is thus highly irresponsible for soul to surrender its innate responsibilities voluntarily. Do not join any organization if you do not have to; and only join when forced and no other alternatives are open to you; but then keep your mental integrity and remain in communion with the Comforter. As we can see from all human history, group actions in the end only produce inequality, corruption, betrayal, immorality, murder, war, pollution, destruction, mayhem and indescribable pains, hurts and sorrows and is the reason for the destruction or perversion of the group itself. There is no lasting solace in organization. It will further only your spiritual death; and physical death is a pleasure if one can prevent spiritual death. Keep heart, have faith in the long term goal of spiritual redemption. Hate nothing and love only the spirit in Jesus.

I say thus, that the Roman Catholic and all other organized denominational churches, organized non-Christian religious groups, national governments, international cartels and conspiring organizations are evil that in the end will produce no good but the full spectrum of horrors possible to those who join such organizations voluntarily. Unless soul finds an alternative to organization, soul will not graduate but slowly waste away through atrophy of its store of ‘good’ until soul death in true spirit will put an end to the pitiful charade. There is such an alternative and Jesus pointed to him, the comforter. Once you are in tow of the Comforter, nothing can prevent your redemption in spirit.

Your prerogatives cannot be aligned with organization and with ambitious careers in the corporate structure. I can tell you that a presidential candidate cannot see the light of spirit. Any enthusiastic candidate, for whatever office, is in the wrong frame of mind. He can only hope for blessings in earth and there are no lasting blessings in the universe, only lasting curses.

Earth is a virtual rehabilitation camp for deceived souls and this rehabilitation camp has a huge garbage chute through which endless streams of defective souls are abandoned forever. We, as souls, must learn, in spite of all our temptations (temptations to protect our human bodies from harm and live at the expense of others), to be humble, stay unattached from any group and to live in the full responsibility of our given store of understanding of good while. I strongly suggest that you stay completely aloof from allegiance to a sport, a sport’s team, political party, national body of citizens, religious organization, etc. Souls are so severely brainwashed by pretending to be clever humans that they have lost their spiritual insight.

Herewith, I place myself in the same position as Paul and Jesus. Jesus showed us the way in courage, patience and humility; and strongly interfered with the way the Jewish priesthood wanted the people to revere them and to worship their god Jehovah. Paul was persecuted because he adversely affected the worship of the goddess Dianna. I place myself with Jesus at the opposing side of anything of a governmental nature, the government-controlled corporate structure–from religion to business, manufacturing, private esoteric groups and all kinds of charitable organizations. However, I stand together with the spirit in Jesus and the spirit of courage in Paul; these cannot be defeated.

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