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100% Cotton Queen Short Sleeve Custom Autumn Children's T-shirtMention metrosexual to Pa Deol, and probably you will get what you deserve: Kutte, main tera khoon pee jaunga. Heres the Punjab da puttar, a living endorsement of the goodness of lassi. It has kept him raw, earthy and very male, despite the soot black hair and perfect dentures. Thats the power of the real man. His manliness is never compromised by his attempts to hide his age or a manicure.

No one would believe Dharmendra has ever worn a pink shirt in his life or lazed at a spa. He has never felt the need to lower his voice and hold back the expletives or stop himself from saying what he wants to, even if it has embarrassed his wife Hema Malini and their colleagues in the BJP. Neither is Dharmendra expected to do the laundry for either of his two wives Hema Malini or Prakash, the mother of his sons, whom the world has never seen. Yes, he has only two, wives that is.

Son Sunny is no exception. The world hasnt seen his wife either, but everyone knew his girlfriend. Though unlike Daddy, who usually tamed baddies from the underworld, this sher roars mostly against Indias

neighbour country. Almost single-handedly, Sunny has made Pakistani a dirty word in Bollywood lingo.

Sunnys younger brother Bobby is the only relief. He can shout when he wants to, but has more tenderness (and we are not talking only about his soft, long hair here). He was quite adorable as the dumb, sentimental guy in Kareeb, and it is not difficult to imagine him giving in to his wife in real life. The point is, women (or rather some women) like Bobby, but men dont. Men like Garam Dharam and Sunny. Real men like real men.

Akshay Kumar characters

Not a chauvinist, but macho. Akshays characters are men who know how to deal with a flat tyre, a break-in or a natural disaster. This man is chivalrous, opening the door for a lady and generous in giving away his bus-seat. Macho is his middle name. Like all the characters that Akshay Kumar has played, this man will not think twice before jumping off a plane or throwing himself into a fight. The girls look to him for protection. He will never be queasy about dealing with a cockroach, smiles software engineer Nilanjan Dutta. He is often sighted neck-deep in beach beauties and may initially be reluctant to be a caring father (Heyy Babyy) and may mistake Katrina Kaif for a wild horse that needs to be tamed (Namastey London), but the redeeming thing about Akkis roles is that these men know how to laugh at their own excess machoness. Example: his brilliant cameo in Om Shanti Om, where he shoots from his gun with pelvic thrusts. You wont find him in the kitchen rustling up a meal, but talk about fixing a light-bulb and he will jump at the chance, says banker Arindam Mukherjee who prides himself on being a retrosexual in this mould. And who else could host Khatron Ke Khiladi, playing master to 13 beautiful women?

Mills and Boon men

Strong, broad-shouldered, brooding, silent, romantic, they hurt women with their seeming indifference, but eventually sweep them off their feet, quite literally, being very brawny. They might follow women to the end of the world, but will only snarl, or growl, when they meet in person. They will pamper women, and call a woman, Woman! They may sport manicured hands, but even in a three-piece suit, they will move with the restrained strength of a jaguar. With the changing times, they will not change. For the eternal feminine still likes to surrender to the MCP. It wouldnt be fun reading Mills and Boon if the men were not so very male. You cant have a romance novel with a metrosexual man. They are too refined to show passion and do not inspire any, says Devleena Chakraverty, a media professional.


Did the t2 cover bring a smile to your face? But beneath the antics, the squeaky voice and the exaggerated physical attributes, the macho prowess of this cartoon character is undeniable. Popeye is a retrosexual to the core. His USP is his strength and he is very possessive about Olive, says 30-year-old Prithwiraj Deb, who believes he is pretty retrosexual himself. The sailors one-eye, in later versions squinty, vision, is the relic of the most artful battle of his life.He has no qualms about using his fist to settle scores, though he does it only for the sake of justice. And though he lets Olive Oyl buzz around him, its all done with an air of manly tolerance. The secret of his macho appeal? Has to be the spinach.

Anil Kapoor

Never the average Bollywood pin-up boy, Anil Kapoors popularity yes, even among the girls stems from a certain earthy appeal. No namby-pamby roles have ever made their way to the Kapoor CV. The hard-hitting lawyer in Meri Jung, the outcast gangster in Tezaab or

the man caught between two worlds in Parinda Anil Kapoor has given a new dimension to the Bollywood hero, the rough, edgy, hairy guy-next-door who will not be cowed down under any circumstances. Most Anil

Kapoor characters apart from a Lamhe or an Eeshwar have that maar do ya khud mar jao stamp on them, says copywriter Sanjana Bhandari. Kapoor has probably never come within a mile of an epilator (I cant shave my chest for anything, he says). He has maintained a bushy moustache from day one and isnt apologetic about it. Many girls have told me that they find my moustache sexy, Kapoor has said. Proof of him being the ultimate macho guy? Even after 25 years in the business, he may well be playing brother to daughter Sonam. Jhakaas!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its Rajanikanth. The actor worshipped like a god defies human categories, and extra-human ones too, but if a label has to describe him, its that of the real man. Having started off as a bus conductor, he continues to portray characters closer to his past men who dont wither in the sun, men who dont turn up their noses at the stench of sweat, the tough underdog. And more. Rajanikanth can scale impossibly high walls, kill two men with a single bullet and wrap and spin his glares in a way that has spawned a whole genre of humour. He treats his leading ladies, who are usually 30 years younger, almost like his glares, and everyone loves him for it.

Even in real life, he is not a brushed and beautified dandy. In fact, he flaunts his bald pate and age. And though he may not go about beating people, his word is law. Other men can feel shortchanged. Everyone wants to be a hero, to be the male who is obeyed, feared and yet loved. But its not possible in real life. One has to think of the law and other things,says 27-year-old Argha Bose.

Gordon Ramsay

Does frequent use of the F-word make a real man? When it comes to Gordon Ramsay, chances are it does. The Michelin stars may have made him a celebrity chef, but expletives have made Ramsay a global face. On Hells Kitchen the no-holds barred reality cooking competition Ramsay is a tyrant. Abusive and unfeeling, Ramsay destroys contestants. Gordon Ramsay says it like it is. Etiquette be damned, laughs entrepreneur Amit Asher. There is no gender bias. Ramsay abuses men and women in the same language, without

discriminating at all. The Queen is the latest target of the chefs scathing tongue Ramsay has accused her of serving prehistoric food at Buckingham Palace that tasted like s. Ramsay also never adjusts his hair in between shots on the sets of Hells Kitchen. And gets paid handsomely for it. Mark of a man.


Maarbo ekhane laash porbe shashane (rough translation: One kick and you will drop dead at the burning ghat) someone nearing 60 can carry it off only if he is a real man. But Mithunda was the real thing from his first film Mrigaya, where he looked sculpted in granite, to Disco Dancer, to MLA Fatakeshto,where he mouthed the immortal line above. Who else can get away with saying this when he is around 60, except Rajanikanth? Sean Connery. But if we get into him now, it would run to the rest of the pages.


He is the real man among real men. There is nothing remotely delicate about the sea-faring captain, super sleuth Tintins bosom buddy. Haddocks dry sarcasm is an antithesis to Tintins idealism. He loves whiskey. No, thats an understatement. Haddock is sloshed most of the time. And he is more than temperamental. He has that you wanna fight, mate attitude that is so macho. Very few men can swear as effectively as Haddock. His billions of blistering blue barnacles and thundering typhoons are legends. He is truly courageous, not scared to risk his life for his friend in Tintin in Tibet. And he will not tolerate women, specially the ones who sing!

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