What Is A Green T-Shirt?

Back in the day, a green t-shirt meant simply that a t-shirt was green in color. Today, however, a green t-shirt means that a shirt is made with regard for the future – not just with tomorrow in mind.

Women's Cotton DRAGON KOI Short Sleeve  Tops TeesA green t-shirt is made using sustainable and socially good practices but it can also have messages and artwork related to “being green.” Being green needs no explanation. Basically anyone on this planet understands that being green means doing things that are good for humans and our environment.

Sustainable or eco-conscious practices are terms we have come to understand as they relate to our long-term well being, which is in direct relation to our responsible use of our natural resources. Socially good practices are also inherently understood. Treating people humanely and paying decent wages is certainly on our ethical compasses.

Wikipedia states that “humanity is living unsustainably and returning human use of natural resources to within sustainable limits will require a major collective effort.” I believe we all agree this is the case to differing extents and we are making a collective push to find alternate ways of doing things – beyond our present thinking.

The green pioneers that have grown the organic cotton, recycled bottles to make polyester fibers, sourced the fair trade labor, taken on the labor-intensive process of using non-toxic inks and dyes, and recycled paper to allow for the creation and packaging of green t-shirts have done the heavy lifting. You just have to choose to wear it.

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