What Is This Other Than The Ubiquitous T

Women's Desgin Feed your head III Short Sleeve  Tops TeesWee not talking about the TV shows about supernatural occurrences; neither are we speaking about any of the films entitled Being Human. Wee speaking about something that has become a phenomenon in our country – the Being Human T shirt. Everyone one seem to have one: the trendy looking college guy with his spiky gelled hair just so, the young boy who grinningly hands you a steaming cuppa at the roadside chai kitli, wannabe starlets and also some of the top stars of the industry. So what is this – other than a t-shirt that is?

The Being Human Foundation

The Being Human Foundation is an NGO started by actor Salman Khan. This is a charitable organisation that helps the underprivileged in areas such as education and healthcare. The actor felt that he had so much and wanted to give something back; which is why he initiated this endeavor. According to the Being Human Foundation website, that while the actor continues to do his movies dhar udhar?his priority is charity. It is his dream to open hospitals, health care units and so on as well.

While anyone can approach the foundation for help with education and health care costs, the NGO subjects everyone to scrutiny before disbursing any amount. Background checks such as address verification and checking of the status of the illness are conducted – because according to Salman Khan he has been conned in the past and doesn want to be conned again.

Under the aegis of this foundation, 18 underprivileged children are being put through secondary school via Akshara School in Mumbai. The NGO Aseema and their education endeavors in Santacruz are also aided by the Being Human Foundation. The charity has also conducted free eye camps in Wai, Patiala, Waje, Nanded, Satara and in Mumbai.

Most recently, the foundation conducted a camp for treating congenital heart problems in Alwar, Rajasthan. Children were checked for heart defects at the camp and those diagnosed with operable problems will now undergo surgery at the Fortis Hospital in Gurgaon under the Little Hearts Programme. Find out more about the foundation from the Being Human Foundation website and the Being Human Online official Facebook page.

Being Human – The Clothing Line

Being Human is a line of clothing and the proceeds of this go to the charitable foundation – the reason why fans and non-fans of Salman Khan are seen to sport the logo of the foundation (we don know how many of the tees are 榞enuine? though). This fund raising activity is the most visible and glamorous part of the Being Human Foundation. Many stars have pledged their support and regularly appear on ramps for showcasing new collections of the brand. Salman Khan illustrious family also chips in with their support for the clothing line, as evidenced by Salman Khan picture here with father Salim Khan.

Mandhana Industries, in partnership with the foundation brings out clothing collections to help healthcare and educational initiatives of the foundation. The royalties from the clothing line goes to the charitable foundation. The clothing line is available not only in India, but also in Belgium, France, Spain, Nepal, Pakistan and many locations in the Middle East such as Jeddah, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and many more. The idea is that when you buy clothes from the Being Human label, you not only buy good quality apparel, you also have the satisfaction of knowing that youe done something to support a worthy cause.

Spring / Summer 2014 Collection

The latest collection from Being Human, the spring-summer 2014 collection was recently launched. Clothes can be bought from the retail outlets (stand alone store as well as mall outlets) or can be bought from Flipkart, Myntra or Jabong. The clothes are not cheap – so I do hope a significant portion of the money is going to those in need.

By – Reena Daruwalla

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Video courtesy Being Human Clothing YouTube Channel

Images Courtesy Wikipedia, Being Human Clothing Facebook Page and the Being Human Online official Facebook page.

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