What The Shoe Culture Mean To Us In Our Life

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SNEAKER, another name, curing rubber clothe shoes, is a kind of rubber-soled shoes. Rubber-soled shoes rooted in a fairly modern industry invention, as the vulcanized rubber appeared, new materials and new production line were invented. The manufacturing of this kind of shoes is more efficiently and cheaper.
.Rubber-soles shoes became the mainstream in athletes shoes after the well-welcomed in Hollywood. Hollywood had twice regarded rubber-sole shoes as its shoes fashion, one in 1930s, one in the 1950s. Since the young idol-James Dean wearing jeans, T-shirts and rubber-soled shoes of the film stills, these shoes, cheap and durable, became a part of the world young people formal wear.
As time goes on, shoes have become a culture, unique shoes culture, and created a number of people who love shoes and collectors. These people were called SNEAKER, through the literal suffix ER, extended to the meaning of people who love to collect shoes. Accompany with the gradual commercialization of products, the shoes began to be a lot of gimmicks, such as limited editions, player version, special edition and other expensive goods, resulting in types of fans in the circle of SNEAKER.
CONVERSE became the first brand of sneakers?love in 1908. So it had been developed for hundreds of years. With many shoes brands entered into people life, like Converse ALL STAR, Nike AIR FORCE 1, ADIDAS?SUPER STAR, all brought a great change in sneakers life. Thus, sneakers lead the monotonous mechanization to a comfortable, casual, fashion sneaker fashion culture. When AIR JORDAN series basketball shoes launched in 1985, sneakers became a hot topic. NIKE AIR JORDAN series attributable to Nike and is known as the tailored shoes series for the basketball god-MICHEAL JORDAN. After Jordon series came into the market, people change their opinion in 100% Cotton Night Branches Short Sleeve Custom Summer Children’s T-shirt sneakers.
Third, China SNEAKER culture development status: In China, SNEAKER culture has just started, SNEAKER fans are mainly in the following three categories. First, people who make early exposure to SNEAKER culture can be called the SNEAKER culture pioneer. They not only study the shoes culture but also collect the valuable shoes. They like the culture and make a contribution to its established. They understand shoes, and also leaders in the domestic SNEAKER culture. Students are the young fish in sneaker culture and hold their strong interest in basketball court. For the students, they have no additional income, and their first mission is to study, so for them, collection is not realistic. But this does not affect them to integrate into SNEAKER culture. For them, learn and absorb relevant knowledge, may have more meaning than simply buy a few pairs of shoes. Third, more and more young people and students joined the ranks of SNEAKER collection for a certain economic security. They have the enviable collection, while have great interest in the new technology and things. These people are the backbone of the domestic SNEAKER culture, but also the future cornerstone of the development of China.
SNEAKER culture does not put up high above the culture, but closely related to daily life. We should not only understand it, accept it, but also enjoy it. Shoes are a tool, service for human beings; we could really appreciate SNEAKER culture by enjoying this service.

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