Why The Modern Man Loves To Dress Up

Making first impressions is the key to gaining a strong foothold in today’s world, be it in building a career or simply feeling good about oneself. If you don’t dress the part, then chances are you’ll stay on the sidelines rather than be the center of attention.

Dressing for success

Men's Cotton Alchemy 1 Short Sleeve T-ShirtMany fashionable males have learned to equate good grooming and dressing well with success. In fact, researches have shown that better-looking people do get hired more often and, on average, get higher pay than their plain-looking counterparts. Therefore, ordinary men in the corporate world are starting to dress well because they realize that rewards come eventually.

Silk ties are de rigueur accessory for upwardly mobile individuals. More so, if they are worn with three-piece suits! Marc Jacobs has a wide array of silk neckties designed with different patterns, such as diagonal stripes, hearts, geometric prints and plain solid colors. And with a well-tailored suit and a 100% silk tie, whatever the pattern, it would be hard to go wrong when you’re wearing Marc Jacobs.

Dressing to impress

But in addition to career rewards that come from being well dressed, there are also rewards in human relationships. It’s instinctive for animals and humans to want to put their best foot forward when they see a prospective mate. Psychology studies have also shown that women have a greater tendency to notice men who are dressed in well-fitting clothes, especially if they are designer apparel. A tailored suit is the surefire way to make an awesome impression when the occasion calls for it!

A silk tie is a luxury item that defines a very impressive ensemble. The highest quality of silk fabrics make the most beautiful and enduring neckties. Wearing one elevates a man to a certain level of panache. It earns him the admiration of many. It also makes for a perfect gift that would undoubtedly be appreciated by any stylish man who knows how to dress for success.

Green appeal

If you turn to the psychology of color, green hues come to the aid of attraction. Green is pleasing to the eye. This color is commonly associated with coolness, prosperity and calm. So in the game of attraction, the color green is your ace card. The color green evokes the concept of money as well. A stylishly garbed man in his 40s walking into a room could very well be considered a CEO or president of his own company. That’s just how the psychology of dressing up works!

A properly coordinated wardrobe gets much help-not to mention a burst of color-with a green necktie. Fortunately, green never goes out of fashion. In fact, if anything, green is more fashionable than ever! Color trends come and go, but green, being earth-friendly and all, is a staple. You can’t go wrong with a classic white shirt accentuated with a green tie. If you want more variety, go for a tie with a pattern. You might even be able to get away with patterned shirts paired with patterned green ties, but use a shirt with faint designs, such as pinstripes, in order for the tie’s design to dominate the scheme.

Versace has an excellent range of this type of neck accessory. Their green geometric patterns, in particular, are quite a hit among men who want a splash of playfulness in their wardrobe.

The changing face of men’s fashion

While some fashion houses have closed their doors on men’s lines – Miu Miu, for instance, discontinued its menswear production a couple of years back – other designers have reinvented themselves through new ventures. Stella McCartney has added a new feather in her cap by designing sports apparel for the British Olympians in time for London 2012. Donna Karan, once best-known for designing women’s clothes, has also been making a name for herself in the men’s line.

Through the years, the term metrosexual has sprung from the pens of fashion scribes and observers to describe a new breed of males who place a premium on their looks. The likes of David Beckham and Brad Pitt have been dubbed as style gurus when it comes to men’s fashion.

With all the benefits associated with dressing well, it’s no wonder men are realizing the benefits of dressing up. After all, if it gets you close to women like Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie, it must have its merits, right?

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